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The winds blew fiercely and harshly… the world seemed grey and nothing seemed alive at all. A sea of dead bodies laid there and blood was splattered everywhere. Searching frantically through the sea of bodies were Mikan and Ruka desperately shouting out the names of their loved ones.

They both had tear stains on their faces from crying. The sun was setting but to them the world had no color… everything was just shades of grey and black.

" Ruka… it's no use… you saw what happened you wont find them," Natsume said trying to cheer him up. He as well had pretended to search for her and was kinda tired from acting.


' ok… how should I act… well, they are so suppose to be dead… ok… acting lessons from before actually paid off...' he thought he started to tear up as well and shouted, " EXCUSE ME BUT SHE WAS MY MISSION PARTNER SHE RISKED HER LIFE FOR ME TWICE… SHE WAS LIKE A SISTER TO ME… HOW COULD YOU SAY I DIDN'T KNOW HER, AS FOR MARK HE WAS MY RIVAL ALRIGHT BUT HE WAS LIKE A BROTHER TO ME AS WELL…"he shouted with 'tears' on his face.

This comment actually made Ruka even angrier… but before he could explode, Mikan sensing his anger rushed in front of him and said, "Ruka… You know Yu- she doesn't like you fighting with people who you aren't assigned to kill!" Mikan shouted unable to say her best friends name. Her hair was messed up tears stains and her eyes… they weren't her usually happy cheerful eyes filled with hope, they were dull and emotionless.

Hotaru just stayed far away watching silently… she knew how much Yuri loved Ruka and knew that Ruka loved her ten time more then he could ever love her, she knew that now… she remembered a time before they broke up… something similar happened and she was kidnapped but… his reaction was not like this… it was something far less.


" MOVE! Out of my way!" Yuka say running beside 2 stretchers in a public, hospital, She knew that she could undo the 'spell' that was cast on them… and she didn't have enough energy left to heal them after the battle she just had with the two strangers that took Yuri and Mark before the AAO could.


The explosion occurs and suddenly before Yuka could motion the two people she had chosen to take the two away another two people jumped in and took them away in a flash.

Yuka immediately panicked think what was happening. So she quickly followed them in a flash, she found them in a place that she didn't even know that existed on earth…. But then again she wasn't even sure if this was earth or not. The technology was far better there were millions of people walking around but none of them seemed to realize that she was there, then I hit her… the person had just walked through her… so this is all an illusion.

" Who are you and what do you want with them," she asked in a deadly tone.

" Our master has sent us for them on more specifically her…" One of the weirdo's said.

" She is destined to battle to our master, if she is reunited with THEM our master will once again perishing into the nothingness," the other one said.

" It took thousands of years for our master to reform… and now our master fears that they or specifically she will kill them again, but now we've said too much…"

" I'm not giving them up without a fight!" Yuka shouted. She quickly teleported behind them and used her hypnotizing alice to find that it wasn't working so she tried the sleeping alice, to find it was working as well…

" So you still don't understand… that is our specialty you can't use those types of alices on us…" the enemy said with a smirk. So quickly she used her fire alice on to be countered by another attack, the enemy had shouted, " BLizzardga!" and immediately a large explosion occurred and the impact somehow made Yuri scream.

" WHAT IS HAPPENING?" she asked…

And then she just saw them two on the floor and their condition was worse than before… especially Yuri… the stranger were gone!

Yuri had finally woke up and so did Mark, he went to stay with Marco and Melinda . Yuri went to live with her adopted family on to find her mother died 1 year ago, her 'father ' had remarried a mysterious women with two children, twin girls to be exact. Yuka went back to the AAO headquarters but not before leaving her phone number and contact details. As Yuri requested she seal up their strength, speed and alices so they would just be as normal as everyone else. Another plus to that was so the Academy could find them. Youichi and Jed visited them every day in the hospital as well as her non-blood related siblings.

Ok... so this was what had happened.

The hospital had call her father informing him of her condition and the other idiots went to see her… then they took her home… which was by the way transformed into a mansion... turned out the money that Yuri had sent them on her missions gave him enough money for business which then turned out to be a huge success and they suddenly got super rich. Her father had agree to let Youichi stay with them… as long as he doesn't cause any trouble… Now you may think that everything is now peaceful and sweet right… well what they didn't know is they evil lurking about behind them…

Who were those two strangers that were trying to take Yuri and Mark…. What was that place….

Well… that is all a mystery waiting to be solved but that's just another story… Yuri wondered, will this really change their fate… the fate of Mikan and Ruka are they not going to die because of me , well that's what I hope…

But I'll definitely miss them….

Wonder what her life will be now?

What will Rukas life be now… and Mikans….

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