To anyone that might still like my stories, though that's hard for me to imagine after all this time away from fanfiction, I am going through my old works.
I will be rereading everything and either:
a. editing minor spelling/grammar mistakes if present and post it on my new account on ao3 b. reread and completely rewrite stories if I still like the idea and then repost it to my new account on ao3 c. completely delete it if I have absolutely no interest in it any longer. All twilight fanfics will likely fall into this catagory as I no longer like twilight; self inserts are also on the chopping block.

I will try to leave this authors note up for at least a week, if anything gets deleted before the end of the week then it fell into catagory a and has simply been moved to ao3. I will not be posting this to every fanfic because that would be annoying. I will try to keep it to the multi chapter works because I'll be getting to them last, if it ends up in a one or two shot it means that there are no other fanfics by me for that fandom.
I will also not be posting this to fanfics that were given up and adopted by others.

Once I've deleted all my works from this account I will likely delete the account itself.

Have a good day/night