Well after reading the chapter myself a few times, I also realize this feels a bit fast. So I tweaked it a bit, changed a few words and added alittle more content, just enough I feel to make it feel not so...rushed. Most of it is still the same though, so...yeah...here you go.

It just occurred to me that some of you guys are totally lost about Warhammer and its lore, so here's some background for ya. I will continue to add as I introduce more stuff.

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Sigmar: The first emperor of the Empire, and deified later on into a god. His holy symbol is the hammer, and he has many devotees through the Empire. The most fanatical are the dispossessed zealots and the disciplined warrior priests.


War of the Beard: A war between the High Elves and Dwarves, fought mainly over the injustice the dwarves felt they endured against the elves, but was sparked when a dwarf emissary had his beard shaved. In the end, the dwarves won by attrition and after killing the Elves' Phoenix King, but at heavy cost to both sides.

Greenskins: Not just Orcs or Gobbos, but a singular race developed from fungal spores. When they die, their corpse releases spores into the air that sprout into mushrooms in dank, moist places, drawing in nutrients from the ground to develop the greenskin inside. When completed, a greenskins will 'erupt' out of the ground, fully capable of speech, and all the knowledge it needs to know about the WAAAGH! There structure of greenskins is squig, snotling, goblin, and then Orc. However there are also variants, such as gnoblars, hobgoblins, night goblins, and Black Orcs for examples.


WAAAGH!: This is more than just a warcry. It is the epitome of Greenskin Culture. The WAAAGH! Is when numerous greenskin tribes put aside their differences and unite under a single leader (da Boss) and sweep in a crusade of sorts with no real end, with no goal other than to find an enemy and fight/kill them. A WAAAGH! Can smash aside whole armies with their sheer numbers and will only stop when the boss is killed, and no new leader takes his place. Then the tribes break down back into fighting each other and the WAAAGH! disperses. However the damage done by a WAAAGH! is devastating, as whole forests are stripped down for their weapons, whole herds of animals slaughtered for leather, and nations devastated by their trail of ruin.

Ogres: This isn't like you're a 'Shrek' kind of Ogre. They are bigger than humans, stronger than most Orcs, and more humanoid in appearance save for slightly pointed ears, shark like teeth, and a massive gut. Ogres respect two things: wealth, and gut size. And the bigger the gut, the better off you are, as it means you can afford more food. And anything organic, sometimes also inorganic, is considered food for an ogre.


Gnoblars: The gnoblars to the Ogres are the goblins to the Orcs, slaves, spare soldiers, cannon fodder, assistants, and emergency food. They are twice as sneaky and treacherous as their goblin cousins however and are extremely possessive, including of their ogre masters. If a gnoblar thinks another gnoblar is winning the favor of its master Ogre, it usually kills the rival in a fit of jealousy.


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Chapter 7

Edd was beginning to learn that a High Elf noble was just as annoying as a grumpy dwarf. Belianna found something to complain about constantly, the condition she was forced to travel in, the state of the world, the state of her people, the foolishness of man, switching between Reikspiel and her own Elf tongue, which had a nice melodious tone, despite her anger. Edd tried to drown out the complaints but it seemed to reach his ears no matter how hard he tired to cover them. The dwarfs he sat alongside fared no better, listening to the elf prattling, while nursing hangovers.

Rolf seemed much better however, strange considering he downed just as much beer as the dwarfs. However he happily led the mules on, singing a dwarf tune.

Oh say does your beard hang low, does it dangle to and fro,
can you tie it in a knot,
can you tie in a bow,
can you sling it over your shoulder like a silly manling soldier,
oh say does your beard hang low"

Bolger glared daggers at Rolf while Molger tried to stick his head further into his helmet.

Ed was happily nose deep into one of his books, reading on the best ways to gather troll guts for various potions, bookmarking a particularly interesting page about the effects of Chaos trolls with an 'evil eye' mutation that can blink you to death.

Bjorn stopped looking miserable for just a moment and looked at the Eds. "What's got your beard in a knot manling? Even though you don't got a beard." He directed at Edd.

Edd turned suddenly surprised that the dwarfs were talking, since until then, all he could get out of them were groans and curses in Khazalid that he gratefully did not understand. "Looking about Bjorn," he replied "this is the perfect spot for an ambush."

"And what makes you think that human?" Belianna sneered, her ears picking up their conversation, despite their distance. Her guard looked slightly relieved that she stopped her complaining, but they quickly hid it.

"Look around us. Those rocks could easily provide archers with a vantage point that we could not reach. Bjorn might with his gyrocopter but he will be wide open to retaliation if we can't fire back. And the ridges can easily hide a sizeable army from view until we are surrounded, so we couldn't even know about the attack unless it is too late." He noted. Belianna glared at him, partially because she knew Edd was right, partially because she didn't figure it out before him.

"Well I sensed nothing human, you can rest your head there will be no-BOOM!

A cannon shot drowned out her rant, as a handful of Elf spearmen exploded into the air. BOOM! Another shot, it went wide and exploded nearby the Elf archer formations, but the shrapnel it kicked up killed two and wounded several more.

Edd looked up in the direction of the shot. Right where he predicted, there were the assailants. They looked something like humans, but bigger, and fatter…and had sharper teeth. One held a torch between its teeth and tilted its head to the side, lighting the fuse of a cannon it was holding like a rifle. It went off with a BOOM! And a billow of rock and dirt went up dangerously close to his cart. Behind these strange humans was something even fiercer looking, with various swords jutting through his skin like piercings, half his face painted red. With a gesture and a bellow, more of the humans came rolling down the slope. Edd would have found it slightly funny how they rolled up like balls if it wasn't for the fact they were attacking him.

"OGRES!" yelled Bjorn, pulling the sheet off his gyrocopter and getting it ready for flight. The Ogres bowled into the army, tackling horses and mules, swatting aside elves with meaty fists before jumping in with massive slabs of sharpened metal, that looked little different from orc weaponry…but looked all the more fearsome in the hands of these ogres. Elves, testament to their skill despite their novice abilities, formed a defensive wall, spears jutting out front in an attempt to stop the ogre charge. However holes were already forming as ogres bowled through, cackling as the spears pierced their flesh.

The dwarfs, forgetting about their hangover drew their weapons, spitting curses at the ogres. Bolger drew his two handed axe, and swung it into the gut of an ogre, near bisecting it. Molger drew out his two hammers, bringing both down on the skull of another. However, this one had a metal plate grafted into its already dense skull, and the impact merely disoriented it. Before it could recover, the dwarf grabbed the ogre's fallen weapon and swung straight for the creatures exposed neck. Before the Ogre's head dropped he was on another, swinging one hammer between its legs and the other into the face as it leaned over to clutch its groin. All the while Bjorn pulled the sheet off his gyrocopter, and struggled to get it started.

Ed seemed to calm down amazingly and began to sway, muttering a chant that was drowned by the din of battle. And ogre thought he'd be an easy target and moved to bisect him, but Rolf thundered between the two and swung his massive club into the ogre face, sending it careening over the cliff side.

Edd fired a shot off at the ogres hoisting the cannons. His shot hit one, but instead of falling, it staggered chuckling, despite the shot to the head. Again, this also had metal grafted into its head. However the shot it was about to fire went wild, and ripped a tree in two. Many of them suddenly went down, clutching at their heads. Edd turned to see Belianna on top of her cart, weaving a spell, and pointing to the ogres, her retinue fighting with all their might to keep her safe.

Bjorn managed to get his gyrocopter into the air, its engine belching smoke, and began to fire his mounted weapon at the ogres on the ridge, the superheated steam punching even the tough ogre hides. Some of the cannon wielding ogres fired at Bjorn but with little success.

The elves on the whole were struggling with the massive ogres, matching their brute ferocity, with tact and skill. Every time they tried to attack however, they found even their master crafted weapons not strong enough to pierce the thick gutplates. Every time they tried to stab anywhere else, the ogre would shrug off the wound, snapping the spear like it was a twig before backhanding his assailant, sending said attacker spinning. However it changed when Ed finished his chanting, and the hard steel of the ogres suddenly turned to soft copper, the elves' weapons suddenly cutting through it like wet paper. Edd smiled inwardly thinking that it looked like they could win this. Then he remembered he hadn't fired a single shot yet and resumed firing, his shot hitting the side of an ogre's head, this one had no grafted headgear and it fell. A bellow from beneath him notified the presence of an ogre crawling towards him, its legs shredded by a cannon shot that was too close. He grimaced and dispatched it with a clean shot between the eyes. Yes, Edd thought as he began to reload, we might win this after all.

Well this was a setback Murg pondered. Normally such frail little things would have broken under his lighting assaults. However this was starting to look bad. First there was that annoying pointy eared elf thing making a mess of his leadbelchers. That had to be taken care of. And then there was that stunted thing's flying machine shooting really hot water at them. Really, REALLY hot water. That also had to be dealt with. And then there was that other human wizard thing turning all that hard metal into soft, chewy metal. That was worst of all. Three problems needed fixing. And he just so happened to have three solutions.

He gestured to Broff to begin his spell weaving. The butcher came forward to get a better glimpse of the battle. On one of his many meat hooks hung the head of some Dark Elf noble that died when Murg accidentally sat on him. The butcher grabbed the druchii head, and wrenched the scalp off. He scooped out the decaying brains and stuffed them in his mouth, swallowing the grey matter with a loud gulp. As it reached his stomach, his gut growled and lurched as the digestion tapped into the winds of magic, connecting the Butcher for a brief moment to magnificence of the Maw. He yelled and pointed at the elves, and suddenly he broadcasted the very nightmares, and horrors the late Dark Elf had experienced into the minds of every elf on the battlefield. Many of the elves wailed and grabbed their heads, clenching their eyes shut and clawing at their faces, not accustomed to the depravity of the Druchii.


He barked to Grik, who in turned barked, which sounded more like a squawk, at several teams of gnoblars manning various ramshackle looking devices. Grik screamed again and the Scrap launchers unleashed their ammo into the air. The ogres received a sizeable haul from that raid against the dark elves, and they had with them much Druchii war gear. However, as nice as it all looked, Groff even wore one of the pointed helmets as an ornate headdress, they were nigh useless for the massive ogres too tiny to wear as anything more than fancy hats, and the gnoblars were too tiny to wear the armor or swing the weapons, so they were loaded onto the scrap launchers and hurled right back at the enemies of the Steelguts. The gyrocopter was able to dodge his leadbelchers, but it could not stand to a rain of ordnance and after a glancing blow from an elf's loin plate destroyed his gun, the dwarf was forced to fly his gyrocopter away from the ogres.


Murg grabbed the fallen mammoth horn from the limp fingers of a dead ogre, an arrow sticking out of his eye socket, and a bullet hole where his left ear used to be. He put the horn to his lips and blew a loud blast. At first nothing, then from the top of the mountain came the Yhettee, riding an avalanche down the steep cliff. The wave of snow thundered past the ogres and into the elf lines, smashing elves aside, as the Yhettee, distant, hairy cousins of the ogres, swung their massive clubs at the enemy, the tree branches covered by sharp permafrost.


I jinxed this I know it. Edd thought dismally. The ogres managed to not only incapacitate Bjorn's gyrocopter, but also turned half the elf army, Belianna included, into gibbering wrecks, and a bunch of sasquatches came hurdling down, surfing an avalanche fighting alongside the ogres. It was a real mess.

Ed now strained to keep the army safe from the falling ordnance, but there were many holes in his protective ward, as an elf was suddenly impaled by a falling sword. Rolf was joined by Bolger and Molger, who combined were barely holding off the ogres trying to reach Ed. The abominable snowmen were tearing into the Elf lines, their hides even thicker than the ogres and their clubs killed and elf with each swing. And then there was that really scary looking ogre, covered with gore, he suddenly yelled and Belianna suddenly fell screaming. In fact many of the elves were doing just the same, making the giant furry sasquatches' job even easier. Her retinue staggered from the mental attack, but held true defending her against the giant snowmen and ogre alike.

Edd sighed hopelessly as he took aim for the cannon ogres again. Might as well take as many down as I can, at least then I can say I tried. It was then he noticed that the ogre leader took one of the cannons from the fallen and was aiming it, at Belianna's coach with her still on it! Without even thinking, he ran for her, dodging ogres, ignoring the shouts of the Rolf and the dwarfs, dodging between the legs of a sasquatch, firing his last shot at the confused creature's face. He clambered up the coach and scooped up the elf's limp form and jumped off just as he heard the massive BOOM!

And suddenly he was airborne, hurling over the ridge into the dense forests below. He held the elf girl tightly to him as he felt himself hit something hard. Consciousness slipping from him, he plummeted to the ground. Saving some primpy, spoiled brat of an elf. Edd though humorlessly as his vision started to fade. I suppose there are worse ways to die.

And that's where I'm ending this one. Nice little cliffhanger for ya.