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Current Story on P.a.t.r.e.o.n : Earth and Sky

Earth and Sky is about three young men-Owen Franklin, Gaudet, and Gill Montero-who hike the Appalachian Trail together and fall in love.

Owen Franklin trained for months to get into the best shape of his life so he could hike the Appalachian Mountain Trail with his best friend. But after a terrible falling out, they part ways. Owen stubbornly decides that he will still go on the hike, even if he has to hike it all by himself. Then he meets Gill and Gaudet, and his stoic plan to hike the trail alone is abandoned.

Thomas Gaudet, known by his friends as "Gaudet," works hard, has two jobs, graduated with good grades at a small high school in Hot Springs, North Carolina, and just got outed as gay by his pastor to his mother. After withstanding three months of intervention, Gaudet escapes next-door to the Appalachian Trail, where he surrenders himself to the goodwill of strangers in the absence of his family's.

Gill Montero never felt right in his own skin once he hit puberty. It's only during his final year of college, when he participates in a Drag King competition, that he explores his gender identity. Instead of filling out an application for graduate school, he takes a year off from school after graduation to live as a man and to train for a Thru-Hike of the Appalachian trail.

Disclaimer: The story takes place on the Appalachian Trail, so real locations will be mentioned in the story.

Trigger warnings:

Gender dysphoria, body dysmorphia, eating disorders, homophobia, transphobia, family abuse, gaslighting, suicidal thoughts, historical reference to a real-life hate crime

Other warnings:

Occasional blood (because the Appalachian Trail can be brutal), sexual content, adult and mature themes, a fair bit of swearing.

Things to look forward to:

Hiking, nature, bears, deer, birds, tents, showers, Zero Days, bad and good weather, campfires, cooking, jokes, lame humor, food, friendship, singing, music, and, of course, love.