The Adventures of Emily Black

Italics are thoughts.

Chapter 1

October 31 1981

Nine-year-old Emily Black watched in amusement as her godfather, James Potter fought with his one-year-old son to gain possession of his wand. Young Harry Potter had picked up the wand from the coffee table and stared at it for a few minutes. Emily had seen the raven haired child pick up the wand but kept her mouth shut, wanting to see what he would do.

Harry had looked from the wand to his father and back again before scrunching his face up in concentration. Emily had dropped the book she was reading and clapped her hands over her mouth to cover the laughter threatening to burst out. Before James could notice what had occurred Emily had pulled out a camera and was subtly taking photos.

James Potter's normally black hair had turned neon green with silver highlights, and he hadn't noticed. Harry flicked the wand again and James suddenly found himself with a long green and silver beard to match his hair. Emily couldn't help it and burst into laughter.

James had turned around and immediately spotted Harry and the wand. That had led to their current position of James trying to pry his wand away from his son and Harry clinging to the wand with no intention to let go.

Emily stayed on her chair with her camera snapping pictures. James turned to her, saw the camera and growled.

"A little assistance please Emmy!" he growled, but the smile on his face let Emily know that he wasn't really angry.

"But he's having so much fun!" Emily protested pointing to Harry. "Would you deny him his enjoyment?"

"He's had his fun!" James cried as he continued to struggle. "I need my wand back!" Emily sighed and put the camera in her pocket.

"You're no fun," she said pouting but managed to get the wand out of Harry's small hands by tickling him mercilessly. Harry laughed as Emily lifted him into the air and danced away from James.

"Uncle Prongs is unhappy that he was beaten by a baby," Emily said to Harry laughing. James, also known as Prongs, pouted and fixed his hair and beard. Emily continued to twirl away from him least he decided to attack her.

Emily, while being nine years old, looked closer to the age of a seven year old. Her wavy black hair, so like her father's, fell down to her elbows and her bright blue eyes sparkled with mischief. Her father, Sirius Black, was out fighting the war with Voldemort and her godfather had offered to babysit. Her mother, Christine Black, had died during childbirth but Sirius often commented on the fact that his daughter had inherited her mother's beauty and intelligence.

"And Padfoot laments over the fact that you don't have a sense of humour," James muttered pocketing his wand. Padfoot, Sirius Black's nickname, was a prankster, one of the best according to him. Emily usually just raised her eyebrows at him in skepticism.

"Daddy doesn't understand that I have a different sense of humour to him," Emily said having overheard James' mumbling. "Isn't that right Pronglet?" Harry gurgled happily at being addressed by his own nickname.

"Well, prank him then," James stated. "Live up to the name Padlet! Join the Marauders! You can still read if you must, your Uncle Moony was the bookworm in our group." Emily merely shook her head sadly.

"I don't want to," she said with a nine year old's logic. "I'd rather be like Aunty Lily."

"See James, you couldn't corrupt a little girl." Emily turned around and saw her godmother, Lily Potter, standing in the doorway leading to the kitchen. Her red hair was pulled back into a bun and her green eyes were glittering with amusement.

"Aunty Lily!" Emily cried happily. Lily plucked baby Harry from her goddaughter's arms and ruffled the little girl's hair.

"I think it's time someone went to bed," she said. Emily nodded.

"Uncle Prongs is looking tired," she agreed. James spluttered denials in the back ground while Lily laughed.

"I think we should all go to bed," she amended. Emily nodded again and screeched as her godfather crept up behind her lifting her clear off the ground. Emily turned in his grasp and made herself comfortable on his hip. She gave him a strong hug to show that she still loved him and looked out the window briefly.

Her body tensed as she screamed in fright. James turned around and followed her gaze before swearing.

"James!" Lily scolded, not having seen what the other two had. James put Emily on the ground and pushed her towards Lily.

"Lily, take the kids and go! It's him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off!" James said turning around and heading for the door. It was then that Lily spotted the cloaked figure strolling up the front path. She paled and ran up the stairs, grabbing Emily's hand as she did so. Emily ran after her godmother, confused and frightened.

"I thought daddy was keeping you safe!" she yelled as the sounds of vicious fighting drifted towards them.

"No, it was Peter!" Lily answered as they entered the nursery. She slammed the door shut and began looking for a way out.

"Uncle Wormtail!" Emily gasped. Lily nodded angrily but continued looking around the room, holding Harry to her chest tightly. Emily leant against the wall and noticed that the sounds downstairs had been silenced.

I hope Uncle Prongs is alright, she thought. Her hopes were dashed though when the nursery door burst open explosively, burying her in rubble. She couldn't even scream at the suddenness of the attack.

Emily hurriedly scrambled out from the rubble in time to see her beloved godmother drop to the ground dead from the Killing Curse the Dark Lord had thrown at her.

"No," she breathed in horror. Harry was sitting in front of the Dark Lord, completely defenseless. The Dark Lord only looked at him, unconcerned with the lives he had just destroyed, the family he had broken, the lives he was still planning on killing.

Emily jumped forward as the deadly green light once again burst forth from his wand. She threw her right hand out as if to block the spell from hitting her cousin and god brother. The curse hit the edge of her wrist, sending mind-numbing pain throughout her body, before bouncing up and hitting Harry in the forehead. Harry screamed as the curse hit and the light was reflected back to the Dark Lord. Emily puzzled why Harry wasn't dead after being hit before realising that she couldn't move.

The pain in her wrist had disappeared as if it hadn't been there to start with and her body had unwillingly gone limp. She was on her side and could see Harry looking at her, tears running down his cheeks. She wanted to get up and cuddle him but her body wasn't obeying her.

Am I dead? She thought before dismissing it. If she had been dead she wouldn't have been aware of what was going on around her…right?

Harry crawled up to her and took her hand like he always did when he wanted something. His hands were warm, far warmer than she could remember against her rapidly cooling skin.

When she didn't move or make any sign she noticed him, Harry curled up against her chest and fell silent. A fire was burning in the background and the house was damaged greatly.

The wards should have fallen, Emily thought as she listened to Harry's steady breathing. Someone will be coming soon, and then I'll be able to find out what happened. Satisfied with her decision, Emily waited and listened.

Time passed slowly. The nine year old had noticed that she wasn't breathing and was growing more and more concerned with what had happened. Harry's breathing had steadied out, signifying that he was asleep, but he was still breathing and that made Emily feel better.

Heavy footsteps thundered on the stairs up to the nursery and the loud sobs of a large man echoed in the dead house. Harry woke up and turned to look at the newcomer. The footsteps came closer and two large hands lifted Harry off the ground.

Harry! Emily thought in fear. Her body was rolled over so that she was on her back and she got a clear view of Hagrid, a close friend of hers who she hadn't seen since she went into hiding with the Potters.

Hagrid was sobbing as he stared down at her. He was mumbling but his sobs made it indecipherable. Hagrid turned and left the house, leaving Emily alone, this time without Harry to keep her company.

She listened to Hagrid's footsteps receding and wished with all her might that she could scream out for him to come back. She wanted her father there to hold her and tell her that it would be alright.

The sound of a familiar motorcycle appeared in the background moments before the hurried footsteps of a man running up the stairs began. Emily tried to turn her head and was distressed that she couldn't.

"Emmy," a distraught whisper came and Emily knew that it was her father in the doorway. His tear-streaked face came into view as he lifted her off the ground and onto his lap. He began to rock her as he cried heart-wrenching sobs. Emily wanted to comfort him but couldn't, no matter how hard she tried.

Sirius was mumbling but unlike Hagrid's mumbling, she could understand him easily.

"I'm going to kill that rat for doing this," he said with growing anger. "I'm going to hunt him down and make him pay."

Daddy, no! Don't leave me! Emily thought in desperation.

"I love you Padlet," Sirius continued, oblivious to her internal screaming. "I will never stop. Goodbye." He laid Emily back on the ground, her hands arranged on her chest neatly. As a last sign of affection before leaving, he closed her eyes.

No! Daddy! DON'T LEAVE ME! Emily thought in fear. Don't leave me alone in the dark. Sirius' footsteps receded just like Hagrid's had. The distant sound of disapparation echoed briefly before silence fell once again.

A small tear fell from under Emily's closed eyelids. She was alone.

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