A.N: This is what happens on a Sunday night with nothing to do but play Guitar Hero. Just a series of drabbles about Indiana Jones, centered on Mutt and Indy. So sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy.

I don't own Indiana Jones or any of its characters.

Jones Drabbles

"Dad, you're lying," Mutt said, exasperated. "The Ark of the Covenant, there's no way!"

"Mutt, it's true. I can barely believe it myself, but it's true," The elder Jones replied.

They had been discussing Indiana's past adventures, and Mutt couldn't seem to believe the fact that Indiana Jones, his own father, had discovered the Ark of the Covenant, AND saved it from the Nazis!

"But it's impossible! You got past Nazis, including Hitler himself, and found the Ark?!" Mutt waved his hands wildly in the air.

"Well he did think I wanted his autograph,"


"You know, Junior, I'm pretty surprised. You traveled across the world in search of your Mother and Ox, sword-fought between two moving vehicles in a high speed chase, witnessed extraterrestrial beings fly into another dimension, and you can't seem to grasp that I found the Ark of the Covenant. Why is that?" Indiana questioned with genuine curiosity.

"I don't know. I guess it's because it's, well, God we're talking about here, and He's, like, well, GOD! That's pretty big!" Mutt tried to explain himself, but he ended up waving his hands around some more.

"If you think that's big, wait until I tell you about the Holy Grail," Indy said with a smile.

"DAD!" Mutt exclaimed, collapsing on the couch.