Uh, hi, everybody

Uh, hi, everybody. I'm not here to write, but to discuss something. A flame. On my profile, I posted a list of stereotypes in the world. I posted them for people to read and UNDERSTAND that there is stereotype in the world, and to acknowledge it and help rid the world of it. It meant no harm at all. Unfortunately, I got a flame today for it. I don't understand why…here's the flame:

Your username is so stupid it isn't funny, your fanfiction is pretty much

below mediocre, and you don't even respect people for the fanfiction they

right. If that atheist could type, he can write all the Jesus/Hitler yaoi he

wants to.

And worst man in history? How stupid are you?

Hitler was the first man to create the first breast and lung cancer

foundations, he was kind to women and never saw them as sex objects, everyday

he would stop his work for a few minutes to pay attention to his dog Blondi,

He left the Israel Jews alone, he loved children and animals and tried to keep

the German people from smoking.


Name ONE good thing that Stalin, Mao, Jong il, Pol pot, or Casto did for his


Are those viens popping in your forehead yet, getting off for no reason?

Mad just because I'm right? :)

Stereotypes exsist because it's something that people actually do. Most Gays

DO have aids, Most Indians DO own convenience stores, and most black people

ARE on welfare. The term "Stereotype" is just used to make people fell better

about what they do.

Grow a sense of humor that isn't incapacitated and moronic and get the

over the world, it take all kinds to make a world, ALL kinds.

I don't know why this person did this, but it upsets me greatly.

To my loyal readers: I. DO. NOT. STEREOTYPE. I put those on my profile to show people how terrible it is.

To the Flamer: YOU. HURT. ME. I cried because of you. I hope you feel happy about that.