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Yep. It's me. Bringing you a Harry Potter crossover. It's unique though, I swear. It's after Deathly Hallows. Heck, it's after the epilogue of Deathly Hallows. Plus it's not your generic Ed-teams-up-with-Trio-to-fight-Voldemort-and-Envy-at-the-same-time thing. And it's not during the Fifth book. That makes it triple-unique. The problem with most crossovers is that they could be so good but then they end up so cheesy. I swear this won't be cheesy. Ed won't blow up at thestrals then forget completely about them the next chapter, among other things. I give you, The Alchemist, The Wizard, and the War.

Major Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist as of a couple years ago, stomped- okay, stormed- down the hallway in Central Command, for once in his uniform. The reason of the storming was in the form of the uniform arriving in a package suddenly from Mustang, with a note that said, If you don't wear it I can't guarantee your life.

Reaching the door he was headed to, he threw it open, fully intending to wreak chibi havoc in the way only he could. He was stopped in his tracks though by the apparent disarray and mild depression prevalent in the office.

Hawkeye was pacing back and forth, eyes on the ground; Havoc looked mildly worried, Fuery and Falman more so, and for once Breda's jacket was buttoned up. Hawkeye looked up as he entered, stopping in her pacing. "Edward, he's expecting you."

Ed's words caught in his throat. "What's… what's going on?" Then, everything clicked into place. The uniform, the note, the worry… along with everything else that had happened in the past few months. "The war… they're not… they're sending the alchemists in, aren't they?"

The silence was all he needed for a confirmation. Havoc slowly nodded his head slightly. Hawkeye spoke up again. "We're all going. The Colonel's been given more men in an order to lead an attack on one of their strongholds."

Ed looked down, thinking. Then he looked back up. "I'll go tell Al and I'll be right back. I have to convince him to go to Resembool."

Hawkeye nodded. "I understand."

Ed left, shutting the door behind him and no longer storming. He should have known the order would come sooner or later. He had heard from soldiers recovering that the enemy used some form of alchemy, but with sticks and no apparent equivalent exchange. And he knew that leaving a good commander such as Mustang in the background was insofar a stupid thing for Fuhrer Bradley to do. But it still had come as a shock to him. He had always wondered what would come first: Al's body or orders to go to war. Well, now he knew.

Sighing, he opened the door to their dormitory room. Al immediately jumped up from the lower bunk upon which he had been sitting. "Nii-san! You're back! What did the Colonel want?" Then Al noticed the worn look on Ed's face. "Nii-san?"

Emotionlessly, Ed stated, "I haven't actually seen the Colonel yet, but Hawkeye's told me enough. The Fuhrer's given the orders. All State Alchemists are to be mobilized and Mustang's unit is to lead an attack on one of the enemy's strongholds. I'll be leaving."

"… So we're going to war Nii-san?"

Ed sighed. He knew Al would say that. "Not we, me. You're going to Resembool to stay with Winry and Granny Pinako."

"But, but Nii-san! You promised we would always be together! You-"

"Yes I know I did Al!" Ed shouted, losing his temper. "But you're not part of this damn military; I am! We never know when they might launch an attack! You are going to go to Resembool and you are going to protect Winry and Granny Pinako if they ever get through the defenses! Understood?"

Al resigned. "Yes Nii-san."

Ed smiled sadly. "Good. Now I can go and confront that bastard without worrying about you and the others."

Ed turned to leave, neatly closing the door behind him, but not before hearing his brother's whispered words. "Good luck, Nii-san. I know you will, but come back anyway."

Ed made his way back to Colonel Mustang's office, ignoring the others as he moved through the middle room. Once reaching Mustang's desk, he saluted then stood stiffly. Mustang looked at him, surprised. "That's not strange, Fullmetal."

"This is war, Mustang. What, are you complaining?"

Mustang smirked. "That's more like it. You're the only alchemist I've been assigned, so I'm going to brief you here and now on your alchemical duties and then you can join me when I brief squad leaders."

Mustang pulled a map out of a drawer and spread it out on his desk. "Morally, I don't agree with this, and I know you won't either. But I think you'll agree with me on the fact that it is an excellent tactical strategy and will severely weaken the enemy."

Ed raised an eyebrow. "Spit it out Mustang. What are we attacking?"

Mustang sighed, and for once Ed could see dark shadows under the man's eyes. "A school."

"Please explain why this would be a good tactic other then to slaughter innocent kids."

Mustang looked up from the map, surprised that Edward had responded so calmly. But he wasn't so surprised once he saw the raw anger in the teen's eyes. "From intel and interrogations, this is the most respected school they have. It spews out countless people every year, most of which go on to fight our forces. If it could be shut down, then their supply of soldiers would be drastically limited.

"But it is also home to many powerful enemies, and the students themselves know quite a bit of defense. That's why I have asked for more State Alchemists, but the Fuhrer seems adamant that he can't spare any."

Ed's frown deepened. "Not even a sap like Armstrong?"

Mustang had to smile. "No, not even a sap like Armstrong."

"It sounds almost as if the Fuhrer wants us dead."

Mustang later thought that he would never know whether Ed was being serious or not.

Ed and Mustang spent the train ride carrying the troops to a close enough drop-off point in a private compartment studying maps of the castle in which the school was located and the surrounding grounds, putting together a battle plan with the squad leaders. Once the train arrived at its destination, they had put together enough of a plan to not get ground to a pulp.

They then marched in strict formation until they met the enemy. The Amestrian forces took heavy losses at first until Ed constructed a low wall for them to hide behind. Slowly they moved forward after that, with help from such able snipers as Riza Hawkeye as well as Ed and Mustang's alchemy. The smell of gunpowder and burnt flesh and blood rent the air as many-colored lights flew above the head of the kneeling soldiers.

The gently sloping lawn leading up to the castle had become a bloody, gory battlefield, strewn with bodies and wounded soldiers. Slowly the sun sank below the horizon, but the two different factions kept fighting, the land lit up by the lights flying everywhere. Mustang knew that they would soon need to get inside the castle, otherwise they wouldn't be able to see at all. "Fullmetal! Travis! Breda! Quincy! Hawkeye! Havoc! Maneuver sixteen, go now!"

Suddenly a great roar came up from the Amestrian forces as they charged the castle. The enemy, thrown into disarray, didn't know what to do and was quickly pushed back. Much of the fighting still took place outside the doors, but a few Amestrians had gotten inside the castle itself.

But Mustang noticed that something was wrong. Looking around, his eyes sought out Fullmetal and his men. The men under Edward's command seemed to be fending for themselves, not really sure what to do and mimicking those under Havoc's command. The Fullmetal Alchemist himself was nowhere in sight. Mustang fought his way over to Ed's second-in-command, Falman. "Falman! Where's Fullmetal?"

Falman didn't even bother to look up, firing off shots as he replied. "I don't know sir. He told me that I was in charge now, and I haven't seen him since."

Mustang searched for Edward again. "Dammit Fullmetal," he whispered under his breath. "Don't do anything stupid."

"Look, one's broken away from the fighting. Edward Elric?" the oldest boy asked, his messy black hair falling into his bright brown eyes.

"Nope, not on the list," the older red-haired girl answered.

"Dad would flip if he knew we were doing this," the younger black-haired boy pointed out.

"But he doesn't. So come on then Al, Rosie."

"Hey, what about me!"

James Potter turned to his younger sister. "You are too young for this. We three will take care of this."

Lily Potter glared at her older brother, fury etched in every square inch. "I'm going to help you!"

Albus Severus Potter joined his brother's side. "He's right Lily. This is dangerous. You are only a first year."


James turned to Rose Weasley. "Rosie?" he begged plaintively.

"Petrificus Totalus."

And with that, James roughly folded up the moving map. Albus and Rose followed him towards the portrait door. Opening it up, they slipped down the hall.

"You do know that Marie will have our head if she finds out, and will definitely tell Mum, Dad, Uncle Harry, and Aunt Ginny." Rose pointed out.

"Then we'll make sure she won't find out." James could almost feel Rose rolling her eyes. "Quit it, Rose. What if he's planting a bomb?"

"Hah. As if."

The trio skidded to a stop at the voice. Looking up, they saw a boy only a few years older then them. His blond hair was pulled up in a long ponytail, and he was wearing the uniform of the enemy. James looked down at the map, and saw that they were indeed looking at Edward Elric. He glared at the boy. "What are you doing here, Edward Elric?"

The boy returned the look with an equally hard glare. "So I'm guessing that paper you have is some magic of yours that gives you people's identities." He plowed on without waiting for an answer. "I'm guessing by the looks of it that you three are only thirteen or fourteen. The rest of the soldiers will get here soon and you need to find your friends and get out."

James, Albus, and Rose stood silent, slowly regarding the stranger. Then James stepped up to the plate. "Give me one reason I shouldn't smite you right now."

Edward rolled his eyes. "Oh please. I'm not stupid, and I know that third and fourth years such as yourselves wouldn't be able to take down a fully qualified State Alchemist such as myself. It was in the briefing."

"Oh really? Aguamenti!" Within seconds Edward was drenched. "Team Potter-Weasley 1, Team Elric 0."

Edward clapped and set his hands to his clothes, causing the water to fall to a puddle at his feet. Then he looked up, and saw that the taller black haired kid had a smirk on his face that reminded him way too much of Mustang. He sent back one of his own. "Sorry. Wrong alchemist." Clapping his hands again, he caged the two wizards and the witch. The red-haired girl ran up to the bars.

"What do you have against us!" Rose shouted.

Suddenly two figures ran up the hallway behind the cage. "Away from the bars Rosie!" Lily shouted. Rose jumped away from them as Lily Vanished the cage.

Hugo Weasley wasn't far behind her. "Serpensortia! Go at it, Al!"

Albus jumped in front of James and Rose. "Attack Edward Elric!" But of course all anybody else heard was strange hissing.

Ed quickly transmuted part of the floor into a sword and, after dodging once, cut off the serpent's head.

"More snakes!" Al shouted.


Suddenly Ed was surrounded by four snakes. "MORE!" Al shouted.

But Ed had quickly cut through the snakes and was jumping towards the nearest brother. He quickly had the blade at James's throat. "Nobody move."

"Jamie!" Lily cried out for her older brother. Albus said nothing.

James smirked. "I'm not so easily cornered as that." With that said, he did a low backflip away from Ed, who followed and swung, knocking the wand out of the wizard's grip.

"Checkmate," he hissed.

James smirked again. "And Al said that martial arts is a useless hobby. I propose a duel. No magic, no alchemy. Just you, me, and our fists."

Ed smirked, waiting to play his ace. "I accept." He transmuted the sword back into the floor so that nobody else could use it and adopted a fighting stance. "Bring it."

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