"For My Ambition" Kiba Inubake

Featuring Zabuza Momochi in all his ambitiousness.

Chapter 1: "Master & Weapon"

A man with a Kirigakure headband and bandages covering the lower-half of his face stopped to look at a young boy slumped over on the side of the road.

"Pathetic!" The man squatted. "Look at you… A foundling. An orphan. Thrown away. Unloved and uncared for…"

He continued on, "…Soon, you'll die here, by the side of the road, with nothing to show that you lived or died and no one to care what your dreams were…"

The dark-haired child smiled, confusing the man who talked down to him. "…I…can see myself in your eyes. We have the same expression!"

The man stared with wide eyes. "…Come! From this day on, you belong to me, body, soul…and blood!"

The boy was elated, standing up and following the man with a grin wider than he had ever shown in his entire life.

"I am the demon of Kirigakure, Momochi Zabuza…" The man added as they headed off.

With a face that was practically inscribed with newfound hope, Zabuza's new cohort replied, "And I am Haku."

Zabuza had led them to a cliff that overlooked Kirigakure. "I have bad news for you, Haku… I'm leaving this land tonight. But…! I've sworn an oath to return one day…as a conqueror, who'll crush them all beneath my feet!"

He turned to his companion and continued, "And to do that, what I need from you is neither love nor affection and support. What I require is—"

"I understand," Haku cut him off. "I am your weapon and your tool. Keep me beside you, and I'll strike where you tell me to strike, kill whom you tell me to kill."

Under his bandages, Kirigakure's demon smiled. "Heh… Good boy."

After about 5 years, Zabuza and Haku had returned to the same cliff they had been standing on before they left. "Haku…it's time."

"I understand," Haku replied.

Zabuza leered down upon the village below them. He looked over it, in an attempt to find the bridge he had heard rumors about. Finally, he had found it. "That construction must be stopped, for my ambition to come to fruition. Haku, let's go."

"Right." The two vanished from sight. -End of Chapter.

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