"For My Ambition" – By: Kiba Inubake

Story development is basically all this chapter is. It's nothing special, but at least you won't have it interfering with the plot in the next chapter.

Chapter 4: "In the Meantime…"

Zabuza loped through the forests of Kirigakure. He was returning to the bridge after separating from Haku. Bounding along the soft ground, he soon made his way to an opening close to his destination.

'Haku…let's see how you fared…' The Mist-nin darted atop the open sea toward the bridge. Once he had leaped onto it, however, he saw not his companion, but two immobilized Genin. Zabuza laughed sadistically, then proceeded to follow Haku's trail of wet shoeprints, once he had noticed it.

Meanwhile, the one being searched for was in search of the one searching him. (A/N: I just had to write that, haha.) Every sprint Haku took only distanced him farther from his companion. Finally, the effeminate ninja reached an open field of saturated tall grass. '…I think I'm lost.'

Over by the bridge, the radiation from the Sun had begun to take its toll on Haku's jutsu, for the boys were just about free from its effect. 'Just a little more, and…' Sasuke thought. He had gained mobility of the muscles of his face, and was using a weak Katon jutsu released from his mouth to help speed up the thawing process; and to his luck, the ice coating him had melted away, and he had now regained complete control over his body, although he was still shivering occasionally. He glanced over to his blonde teammate, who was still inert.

Sasuke sighed. "Guess I have no choice…" He made the dragon hand sign, and then slid his right hand away while holding the position with his left. A puff of orange fire swirled as it formed in his right hand, which he then gradually waved over the frost blanketing his comrade. Moments later, Naruto had as much mobility as Sasuke. They nodded in unison, and took off in a dash into the forest, in search of Kakashi and Sakura.

In the intervening time, Kakashi and Sakura had been washed far away from the battle site. If Kakashi hadn't grabbed onto a low branch, who knows however far they could've been sent; but he hadn't loosened his grip, and they were now jumping atop the trees. Fortunately, being so high had granted them the advantage of being able to see where they were heading, so at the least they weren't lost in the maze of nature below them.

"Kakashi-senseiiii, how much longer until we reach…wherever we're going?" Sakura whined.

"Oh my God…! How much longer 'til you shut the hell up?! You fucking piece of trash!" Kakashi snapped.

Sakura's eyes widened. –End of Chapter.

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