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"Okay guys split up!" Jay told them ", Atlanta, you go north your the fastest, but don't try taking it down on your own Odies got the net. So Odie you and Herry go East. Theresa, you and me will go south. Archie Neil go west and start setting go the traps. Everyone ready?"

The team nodded. "Okay, GO!"

The team split Atlanta running ahead. She slowed when she got away from the others. Carefully she made her way through the forest looking for prints or snagged fur on branches.

"Luckily the forest isn't too big" she muttered to herself. A few seconds later she heard a rustle and saw something yellow dart up a tree.

Slowly she reached for her PMR trying not to disturb whatever was in the tree, "Guys, I think I found it. I'm sending my coridantes."

"Good job, Atlanta, throw the tracking device on now!" said Jay loudly through the PMR. The yellow thing jmped down from the tree and started to run. "Good job Jay! It knows we're tracing it now!" she whispered angrily. "Sorry," replied Jay meekly.

Atlanta took off after the shapeshifter. "Atlanta, chase it towards a trap," Odie told her through the PMR. Atlanta shifted slighty and got closer she couls see it was a leopard now. It had a large metal collar around its throat. It quickly looked behind and changed into a cheetah, picking up speed. Atlanta was growing more confedent as she herded it towrds the others.

"Here comes Atlanta!" cried Theresa. Atlanta raced towrds them a cheetah ahead of her. It was panting and quickly shifting into mutiple hooved animals every few seconds.

"A few more steps..." whispered Odie. Theresa heard a sickening crunch and the Shapeshifter back in cheetah form yowled in pain.

It struggled shifting into bigger, and smaller animals but Odie designed special traps. Amazing what the little genius could do in 2 hours.

Archie was frozen in shock he didn't like seeing anything in pain. "Come on Archie throw your net! It's just a monster!"

Archie snpped out of it and threw his net on the struggling beast. It looked at him with angry,hatefilled eyes. Archie did a double-take. It had human eyes! Bright blue and brimmed with tears. Before e could do anything, herry wrapped a rope aroung its muzzle and hind legs. Odie undid the trap, and Herry started to drag the cat in the direction of where the gods were waiting.

Storms POV

She wasn't asking to be caught. She was minding her own bussniess. Even worse than the death threat she could be facing that deer is going to go to waste, she thought to herself as she was dragged by the women into another forest. The archer clicked a metal collar around her throat and undid the chains that were were wrapped painfully tight aroung her hands. The moment the collar was placed on her she shifted into a leopard. The backed away and disappeared before Storm could attack her capture.

Where am I? She started to wander to find a good tree to sleep in untill night. She leaped up into a solid Oak tree when she heard a loud voice close behind her. She didn't pick up much but she did hear the word "tracking device" and that was never a good thing. Ignoring the pain around her wrists from being dragged a few miles she started to run. Slowly at first, regular humans weren't very fast. Soon she spotted a shorted haired girl who was moving towards her at a inhuman pace. Storm shifted into a cheetah and put on speed. Still the girl kept chasing.

What did I ever do to have a day like this! she cried in her head. Her legs really began to hurt and she shifted ranpidily from a cheetah to a horse,gazelle and deer trying to find the fastest. decideing cheetah was till best she kept running. Unluckily for her she stumbled into a trap, which closed around her hind leg. She heard a loud crunch, marking hert leg as broken.

The pain kicked in a few seconds later. Dammit! What the Hell? Crap,Shit..." she yowled. The pain in her leg was growing as she turned into different creatures., but the trap grew and shrunk staying painfully trapped aroung her leg. She looked around at her captures.

They were kids here age with the weirdest hair. One right in front of her with purple hair threw a net on her, while his large muscled friend bound her with ropes. She glared at the kids she could she what she hoped was with a mneacing look. It did look like she scared the purpled haired freak.

She let out a gasp as the trap let go of her only to be grabbed by the biggest freak int the group and dragged away again!

Only one thought passed threw her head as she was dragged away. Shit I'm hungry