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Storm yawned and stretched. Slowly hauling herself to her feet. She didn't get far because she had a dog collar around her neck and was apparently tied to a bed.

She heard gentle snoring coming from the bed and saw a tuft of purple hair sticking out form under the covers.

She groaned and remembered where she was. Her skin prickled an effect of shifting. She changed into a snake and quietly slide out of the collar.

The collar was a sign that they didn't know the full extent of her powers but then neither did she. She had trouble changing into anything bigger than a horse and mostly stuck to basic animals.

She quietly opened the door and went down the hallway. Her previous escape attempt failed so she figured stealth was the way to go.

Her stomach growled loudly and she cringed thinking it would wake someone. She changed into a cat and slunk down the hall. She figured they would look for her if she left and they were obviously more than normal humans. If she stayed here they would go out to look for her and then she could get away.

Quietly she went down stairs and waited for the heroes to leave.

Archie yawned and blinked slowly waking up. He could feel Jay shaking him.

"Archie? Wake up..."

Archie sat up and growled at the leader. "WHAT?"

Jay pointed to the empty collar at the foot of his bed.

"YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO WATCH IT!" Jay yelled at him.

"She." Archie said.


"You said it. It's a she."

"She then. Just get ready, we've got to find her before the gods come." Jay told him sternly. Archie noticed Jay was already prepared with a sword and PMR. He sighed and went to get his whip and change.

"So Odie... what do you think of this?" Atlanta said casually.

"Of what?"

"You know having a monster in the house."

"Well from a scientific point of view she's very interesting. I grabbed some of her hair while she was sleeping and I've been scanning it. As far as I know there are no Greek myths about shape shifters. It's incredibly really. I mean how to her bones handle the stress of expanding to the size of an elephants for example."

Odie looked at Atlanta who had already tuned him out and had gone to talk to Archie instead. Odie sighed and waited for Jay.

Finally he spotted Jay coming up from the basement. Jay motioned for them all to follow him and quietly. They all crept as quietly as they could down the stairs. Jay motioned for them to look in the laundry room. Cautiously they did. Odie saw a pet cat crouched on one of the shelves. It looked comfortable but it's tail twitched back and forth giving away it's alertness.

"Okay guys. We need to go back upstairs and get some weapons. It can just change smaller to escape normal rope. Archie and Atlanta you guys stay here and watch it." He whispered quietly to the group. Slowly they went back upstairs leaving Atlanta and Archie alone.

Is this right? Archie thought. He was confused now. They had been taught monsters were bad. Capture, destroy. Why was the Shape Shifter raising these feelings. Was it because she looked human. It didn't feel right.

What if it's the same with the Giants and all the other monsters we've fought? They might not have a choice. Did they deserve to be treated that way. He briefly remembered the way Ares sometimes looked down on the heroes as insignificant mortals.

"Are you okay?" Atlanta whispered quietly. He had been sitting there almost motionless for a few minutes. Archie nodded and saw the others come down the stairs.

"Well the gods are mad, but it's mainly Ares. Apparently this thing is supposed to help us train,." Jay said pointedly. "So don't let it escape." He looked at Archie who shrugged. Jay gestured for Herry to block the stairs and positioned the others.

"One..." Jay whispered. Theresa and Archie hid beside the door.

"Two..." Atlanta crouched, preparing to rush through the door.


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