A Gift for the SGC

A Gift for the SGC

By: William S. Moore

"You have to push Daniel." Sam coached kneeling next to Daniel with a smile on her face.

"I am pushing!" Daniel growled out.

Daniel gasped for air as he clamped down and used all his strength to push. He was feeling this thing would never move. He wanted this to be over already, he was so tired he could hardly sit up anymore. This pushing and waiting and pushing some more had already been going on for what seemed like hours, but he knew that it was most likely only about half that time. This was going to be the longest day of his life.

Sam had just looked to see what kind of progress had been made, again, and was looking at Daniel with worry in her eyes. "You are going to have to give another push."

The whole thing had started just nine very long months ago while Sam and Daniel had been visiting in Atlantis. They had been exploring a recently discovered lab when Sam had gotten the big idea that this little "project" was something she wanted more than almost anything else in her life. The problem was, it was now or never to her way of thinking. Being that she was the woman he loved, Daniel had caved in to her wants. The two of them had started out with research and "tinkering" around.

After several days of fooling around, a little "accident" had happened and he was left carrying a little "package" that placed everything to do with the "project" in him. Jack had said that with the way things were looking, he was the momma and Sam was now the daddy. Daniel was not very amused with the turn of events. He found himself lugging around more "weight" that he was use to because he was not the "it" for the "project". Because of the toll it was taking on him, and the fact that once this whole thing started it could not be stopped, there were nurses constantly checking on him.

"It should have been you to carry this thing through." Daniel grumped to Sam.

Looking a little perturbed, Sam glared at Daniel. "Why? Because it is typically someone like me that does this sort of thing?'

"No!" Daniel gasped between pushes. "Because it was what you wanted. This baby was your idea. It is like some kind of cosmic joke that I am the one that has to go through this."

"Stop being so whiney, Daniel. It will be well worth it once this is all done." Sam said patting some of the sweat from Daniel's forehead.

"Just one more good push and it should be where it needs to be." Sam said with love in her eyes.

With a final shove, using everything that was in him, Daniel felt this little "baby" slide out and into the care of those waiting.

"Yeah!" Sam cheered giving Daniel a quick kiss on the cheek. "You have done it."

Sitting up from where he had fallen back onto the ground, Daniel looked over at Sam and his latest creation…it was beautiful.

"Wow, Daniel that is one hell of a baby." Jack said with a huge smile. "I am sure that the nurses and doctors around here are going to go crazy with it."

Daniel watched as Sam walked over to their newest creation and looked it over to make sure nothing was wrong with it; that the delivery process had scratched or dented it in any way. Seeing that everything was as it should be, Sam looked at Daniel beaming.

Finally getting up off the ground and dusting himself off, Daniel stepped out of the crate and looked at the newest addition to the infirmary. He was sure that this new Atlantean scanner bed would get a lot of use.