Disclaimer: I do not own Code Lyoko

Disclaimer: I do not own Code Lyoko.

I'm not sure how this is going to go, or even if there's a real plot to it. I'm still working out the kinks.


Chapter 1

(This is Yumi's dream)

Ulrich was walking Yumi home. Something weird had been happening at night and Yumi was a little freaked out, especially at this time of day. Ulrich keeps glancing over his shoulder, which does not do much to help Yumi's nerves.

"There's a van following us," Ulrich whispered. Yumi looked to see a black van behind them, going slowly at first, and then sped up to the corner that was 15 yards in front of them.

Two people jumped out and grabbed Ulrich and Yumi, pulling them into the van.

It was a blur on what happened next. Things went too quickly to be comprehended.

The next thing Yumi knew, she and Ulrich were chained against a tree with some guy coming towards them with a chainsaw.

This was where Yumi would wake up screaming. This had been a continuous dream now for a few days. It was the same thing every night, but Yumi could never remember it. All she knew was that she was terrified. The worst of it was when walking home from school. After the first dream, she barely made it home in one piece. It was freaking her out that much. Hiroki usually didn't leave at the same time Yumi did, so Yumi had asked Ulrich to walk her home for a few days.

Ulrich jumped at the opportunity, but this boy was pretty clever in street smarts and knew something was up. He was also smart enough not to ask about it. He gave Yumi her space, and that was all she wanted right now. She didn't want to be alone either, but she didn't want to be with anyone because she knew that they would know something was up.

Last nights dream had gone farther than usual though. She had learned that there was a specific reason she and Ulrich were being attacked, and that the evil plot was thorough. After using the chainsaw to separate the body, the murderer would then drive to an ocean and drop the weapon to the bottom of the sea. Then he would move out of state and change his name. There would be no evidence; it would be an unsolvable case.

Yumi was practically in tears as she started to remember the dream now, and she even noticed Ulrich glancing behind his shoulder a few times.

"What is it?" Yumi whispered.

"Nothing, I just have this strange feeling that we're being watched," Ulrich said. Yumi let out a sigh of relief. Her dream –ahem, nightmare- was just that, a nightmare. Dreams don't come true.

Ulrich's cell phone rang.

"Hello? Hi Jeremy… again? Alright, we'll be right there," Ulrich hung up. "Xana's at it again, we're needed at the factory. Something about killer dolls."

"Like that?!" Yumi cried, pointing at an army of miniature dolls coming after them.

"Yeah, that would be my guess. Run for it!" Ulrich said, running in the direction of the factory. Yumi was way ahead of him though.

On Lyoko…

"Jeremy, I need more arrows!" Odd called.

"They're on the way!"

"My arrows or Yumi and Ulrich?" Odd asked.

"Both actually, Yumi and Ulrich got caught in the army, they're fighting their way out, or in as the case may be."

"Stop trying to do jokes Einstein, that's my thing," Odd said. "Where's Princess?"

"She's about 20 paces from the tower. She's dealing with a few mega tanks," Jeremy informed.

Odd and Aeilita were on the forest sector of Lyoko trying to save the world from an attack of dolls that were barely higher than your ankle. Some were special though and were a few inches shorter than you knees. Hard to believe that the great mastermind Xana came up with this plot all by him self. (That was sarcasm, in case you didn't get it)

"Never mind, Aeilita entered the tower. You can take a break now Odd," Jeremy said.

"Okay," Odd said, and actually sat down on the ground while he was surrounded by kankralots and hornets.

"Return to the past now!"

-End of Chapter 1-

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