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Chapter 20

Ulrich woke up to find his parents staring down at him, as well as a doctor. His parents breathed a sigh of relief, and his mom had to sit down to keep from fainting.

The last thing Ulrich remembered was seeing the police running at him when he was on the ground. Why had he been on the ground again? ...That's right: he had been shot in the knee. Oh yeah, and Yumi had been… No, wouldn't think of that. Not right now.

"How do you feel?" the doctor asked him after giving him a few moments to get his bearings.

"Fine," Ulrich replied.

"The painkillers must be working then," the doctor said, marking something on a clipboard. Ulrich debated on whether or not to tell him that the last time he had felt real pain had been before he was thrown off a cliff. He decided not to mention that.

The doctor left, as well as Ulrich's father. Ulrich rolled his eyes. He had been kidnapped, again, shot in the knee, (and also the leg now that he thought about it), and his father just cared to know that his son was awake before leaving.

"Where's he going?" Ulrich asked.

"Well, he has to take on some extra hours to help pay the bills," his mom said. Yeah, that sounded like his dad alright.

"Do you know if Yumi's awake or…" Ulrich didn't finish the statement.

"She's alive, but she's in a coma. They don't think she'll wake up for another week," his mom said. Leave it her to already be onto the fact that her son was in love and to already have an answer.

The door opened, and Jeremy, Odd, and Aeilita walked in. They smiled when they saw that Ulrich was awake.

"Hey buddy!" Odd said.

"Glad to see you awake!" Aeilita said.

"How long had I been out?" Ulrich asked.

"Only five days," Jeremy replied. Ulrich opened his mouth to ask something else, but Jeremy beat him to it. "You passed out from lack of blood."

Well, that made sense.

The group talked for awhile about things going on with school, his mom putting in her two cents about home. When she left to go back to the motel, Ulrich told them about what he had learned.

"So that's what Xana is up to. He partnered with someone to take us out and to take over the world," Jeremy said.

"That also explains why we hadn't been able to find the vortex; where Xana would have put it himself isn't where this Chase guy would have wanted it," Aeilita said.

They started strategizing after that, thinking of places to look in the future and ways to shut it down. The group was shooed out of the room later by an angry nurse who found out they were there after visiting hours.

A week later Ulrich was back in school, using temporary crutches to move around on because of his shattered knee cap. In time it would repair itself, but that would take at least 2 months.

Surprisingly, Ulrich was able to keep up in school. He'd already caught up on his missing assignments, and he was (shocker) passing any and all tests that came his way now. He was almost doing as well as Jeremy and Aeilita; almost.

The four teens were currently working on homework in Yumi's hospital room after school. They weren't really discussing anything, just an occasional question every now and then. Being in the room with Yumi while she was like this set a depressing mood to the atmosphere, especially to Ulrich, now that he knew how she felt about him.

Four sets of heads jerked up as they heard a quiet moan from Yumi's bed. They got up and stood on the sides of the bed, Ulrich at the foot of the bed. And for the first time in two weeks Yumi opened her eyes. She smiled slightly when she saw Odd standing next to Jeremy. She looked on her other side to see Aeilita beaming down on her.

Yumi's eyes moved on to Ulrich, and her smile disappeared and was replaced by confusion. She looked Ulrich up and down, taking in the two scars on his face and the crutches he was using. She looked at the new black jacket over the old green shirt and his denim jeans. Yumi couldn't see the knee brace though.

She focused on his face, going through all her memories in her head.

"Welcome back Yumi," Aeilita said.

"It's so good to see you awake," Jeremy added.

"Yeah, and wait till you see Ulrich's grades!" Odd said. Yumi looked at Odd with a puzzled face.

"Who's Ulrich? And who's over there?" she asked, motioning her chin to the figure at the foot of her bed.

-End of Chapter 20—End of Kidnapped-

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