The Punishment



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Chapter 1: Aftermath

A thick smog of air was clearing up and eleven figures were starting to appear from the fog that grazed everything within a 15 miles distance. The smoke disappeared. The eleven figures, looked around still in fighting stance in fear of their enemy may still be around. The looked around at the carnage, of the attack they and their enemy had just performed. Finally, the forest green hair woman spoke. "It's over Chaos has been vanquished." The other senshi soon dropped their fighting stances. They gave each other a job well done look, because they know they had finally attained peace. Later that night they celebrated, despite their injuries. Everyone was happy and smiling except, the one lone senshi Setsuna, who held a distant look in her crimson mysterious eyes.

"Setsuna what's wrong?" called a small sympathetic voice.

"Oh don't worry yourself Princess, just have a good time tonight I believe you've earned it. All of you have earned."

"Please Setsuna don't call me princess, if you call me that I'll have to call the rest of you princesses."

Setsuna smiled weakly "Sure okay Usagi"

"Setsuna what's wrong? Whatever it is, you can tell me. And if you don't tell me I'm really going to go Princess Serenity on you, and make you tell me." she said teasingly.

Setsuna sighed "I goes I can't hold it in forever, and your going to find out anyway, so I'll be blunt about it. One of the other girls has a twin brother."

Usagi eyes widened and her jaw dropped from shock. "That's impossible I mean I'm the only senshi that has a brother." She said in a hushed tone so not draw attention to herself and the older women.

"In this dimension yes, but she has a brother in an different world."

"Who is it?! And why didn't you tell them?!"

"You and the others will learn this all in due time, but for right now let's keep it between us. Right now, I must think of a way of breaking this news to her without actually killing her. And another thing princess, you may be tested in this time of peace, but don't let it break you or your spirit."

Usagi nodded wondering who it could be, and thinking how she wished she had never asked now. She looked around the room at her senshi who were as well as her friends and silently prayed for their soul.

GW World

Screams could be heard throughout the Winner mansion that belonged to at the moment a frightened pilot, who was now being chased by a katana wielding 17-year-old Chinese pilot.

"Come back you coward so justice can be served!" Wufei had backed Duo into a corner as the silent pilot Trowa looked on.

"Trowa a little help would be nice, like now." Trowa all to knowingly that Wufei would never hurt Duo by killing him, just simply closed his eyes and leaned back on the wall. "Thanks for nothing buddy!" they were all interrupted by the sound and a bullet that passed only millimeters from them. (A/N: We all know that could be only one person) They all looked toward the hanger door watching Heero as a shadow covered his face. With an icy glare , he spoke in his usual monotone. "We've got a mission to do."

Duo thanked the gods that Heero knows they right time to butt in. Heero was the only person Wufei would listen to. Wufei unleashed Duo's shirt, "This isn't over Maxwell" Wufei threatened. Duo swallowed hard as Wufei walked away.

All the pilots loaded up into their respective Gundam and started them up. The eyes of the Gundams came to life as the flashed a brilliant green. The Hanger door above them opened casting in artificial light from the colonies sky dome.

"All systems are go, Wing Zero, Deathcythe, Heavy Arms, Sand Rock, and Altron (Shenlong/Nataku) You may deploy" said the mechanics.

"So Heero what is our mission," Quatre asked

"I'm not sure, but I do know Zechs went in 3 hours ago. He radioed in to what seemed like a distress call, but he was cut off during transmission."

"If Zechs had problems I wonder what those things have in store for us," asked a unsure Duo.

"Let's just get there first Duo"

(A/N: I suck at fight scenes.)

The five Gundams landed at a deserted part of the city.

"Zechs come I this Heero." Heero tried his radio for several more minutes. Static came across the radio and a bloody Zechs appeared on the screen.

"Get out, get out while you can. You don't stand a chance here," Zechs weakly said while coughing up blood.

"We're taking you with us," Quatre insisted

"No you most get out now," he said as he blacked out

"Quatre locate Zechs"

"I got a lock Lateral Grid 9 Sector 216.2-C."

"Let's move," Heero commanded

The Gundams came across what was left of the Epyon. Quatre and Wufei were attempting to get Epyon up. Duo was looking at a red dot on his scanner, but before he could inform anybody, there were over a hundred dots were now there.

"Heero we got company."

"Duo please tell me their mobile suits."

"I don't think so, and they're closing in fast.

"How much time do we buy," Heero asked

"None there right on top of us!"

Trowa looked on his screen. "Duo are you sure I've got nothing."


"You're suit must have a malfunction somewhere, Maxwell. Huh what the"

"Wufei what is it?"

"Something just came cross my screen." "I saw it too Wufei." Quatre said

Silence over took them, which seemed forever of waiting and anticipating an attack. They all snapped back into reality, when Gundam Heavy Arms fell to the pavement.

Trowa! Quatre cried worried about his comrade.

The human size creatures tearing and ripping into Heavy Arms' armor stunned the other pilots. Heero quickly came to his fallen comrades aid, knocking as many of them as he could off, with out injuring Trowa. Yet, he didn't see the ones jumping him from behind, also knocking Zero down as well.

Trowa, Heero you guys okay down there.

"Duo you're not going to get a response they've shredded their communication signals, Wufei responded.

"Guys stop talking and help me!" Quatre said irritably

"Yeah Wufei, we had better start fighting or…" Duo never got to finish his statement, due to one of the human-size creatures blasting him. Duo gritted his teeth together. " Nobody fires on Shigami!" Duo slashed a great number of the creatures. Only to find they had regenerated themselves. Wufei and Quatre faced the same effects when they attacked. Now all of the pilots were down, struggling to regain control of the situation. Heero at the time was typing on Wing Zero's computer console for an answer. Heero was desperate for an answer, as sparks started flying inside his gundam.

"Finally," he said. He had two options, and he didn't like neither.

One: Self-Destruct.

Two: Fire his thrusters and risk burning his teammates alive and blowing them up anyway.

"Alright I got to do this fast if I want to bring everyone back alive." Heero fired his thrusters burning Heavy Arms extremely close to the cockpit and he burned Sand Rock's leg completely off. All the creatures fled due to the 5,000 degree heat of Zero's thrusters. Heero saw them flee but knew they would be back.

Quickly Heero and the others who could stand started to pick up what was left of Zechs', Quatre's and Trowa's gundams, and let their Gundams lean on them for support. They didn't bother if they were okay because Zero monitored their physical conditions, and Heero would have told them if something was wrong.

"We have to regroup."

"Did Heero just tell us we have to retreat, and live to fight another day?" Duo asked

"That's exactly what I'm saying Duo." With having saying that, They flew Heavy Arms, Sand Rock and Epyon out of the abandoned city.

Back at the colony, Heero showed an angry emotion something not usually seen by him, by punching a fist through Quatre's very expensive wall.

"Doctors what are those things?"

Doctor G answered "We don't know Heero? "Doc those things nearly killed us, and Zechs is injured pretty badly and Trowa's hurt, so I suggest you guys find out before they destroy this place." Heero left the infirmary, with Duo, Wufei, and Quatre trailing behind him.

About 3 A.M. that night Wufei tossed and turned in his bed. Beads of sweat were streaming down the sides of his face and chest. In his sleep, he saw all the creatures being defeated by shadowed figures. He was standing beside them when the ground collapsed underneath him. Wufei along with one of the shadowed figures fail in what seemed to be a fiery pit of lava. He looked up and someone had reached out their hand to him. For some reason he trusted the hand of the person. He grasped the hand that held his fate. When he heard voices tell the person: "You're duty comes first, You have a responsibility, You took an oath, You pledged your life to her, You swore to protect her, Even at the cost of your life." The figure took back the hand and extended to the other shadowed figure. While he fail into the pit to his death.

"Wufei, Wufei"

Wufei woke up to the sight of Duo looking him closely in the face.

"Maxwell, what do you want!" he said pushing Duo out of his face

"You were screaming Wu-man."

"I was not," he argued.

"But I heard you," Duo said innocently

"Screaming is for weak onnas"

"Whatever Wu-man"

Wufei put his hand under his pillow and pulled out several knives he threw one at the door were Duo's hand was.

"My name is Wufei not Wu-man not W-Man but Wufei Remember"

"Whatever Fei."

With that last comment Wufei threw several other knives praying one would hit Duo.

Luckily for Duo he was already out the door, but always adding insult to injury, Duo stuck his head back through the door and licked his tongue.

"Don't be surprised your tongue is gone by morning," he shouted

Wufei got out of bed and walk to the window and looked at the moon. "That dream seamed too real. What does it mean?"

That same night in another dimension two senshi fighters had a similar dream except all three of them fail in the lava pit.

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