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Chronic's Lair

In a room shrouded in darkness, the only light that could be seen came from where elite minions stood. A figure who was turned away from his audience, but so ever present waited patiently for answers. A hauntingly beautiful voice addressed the occupants in the room. "Do I dare ask, as to why was I called to the surface?" Wiseman spoke up confidently knowing his master didn't like whining. "My lord we were attacked." "By what those mortals in their inferior machines," he asked calmly "No the Sailor Senshi" Chronic turned his throne chair slowly to face the soldiers below. "The Sailor Senshi here?" he asked astound

"Ye- Yes my lord"

"Show me wizard, for if you lie. a pity of wasted talent you will be." Wiseman magically projected images of the senshi.

Chronic cringed as he saw the image of Sailor Moon. "Make the image bigger wizard." Wiseman quickly accommodated his master in fear of his wrath.

"That young women Queen Serenity."

"No my lord" Prince Diamond interrupted "She is the Queen's daughter, future ruler of Crystal Tokyo as Neo-Queen Serenity," he said with admiration.

Chronic noted the tone in Diamond's voice "I wonder if your feelings on this matter are clear Diamond." Diamond's piercing eyes shifted downward "Crystal clear my lord." Chronic averted his attention back to the image.

"I remember now, her mother locked me away for over a millennia ago in total darkness. Serenity should have known I feed off darkness. I feed off it so long, I freed myself. Well if I can't lock the queen away, I'll just lock her daughter away with those four. Death would be too convenient for them."

"Master what about the other four?" Wisman asked franticly.

"What others the Death senshi are dead. I'm sure of it Queen Serenity wouldn't risk her daughter, the other princesses or the Universe's safety at the hands of them."

Wiseman quickly projected the images of Jupiter, Mars, Uranus and Saturn.

An evil sly smirk graced Chronic's features and his eyes flickered like a out of control fire, with excitement.

*My precious children. So Serenity saw fit that they lived.* He thought with amusement

"Master?" Galaxia asking in a questioning manner for an explanation.

"Leave me plan your next attack or something useful" he said still admiring his exotic angelic beauties.

Galaxia glared at Chronic with disgust for not giving her the explanation she wanted. The minions quickly filed out of the dark room.

"Well, well, well it seems like my girls have taken their place in the light" he said disapprovingly. I'm afraid Serenity that will not do, they belong to me, and they will come to me."

Chronic continued to watch the projection, with his lips curled inward.

While Chronic was plotting his plan, at the same time others were plotting theirs.

"Have your fun Chronic, for I will get the last say in this matter," Diamond promised. Not to far a women in her golden fuku fumed quietly. *I saw the way you looked at them. You never shown that much emotion, not even around me. I'm sorry Chronic but I will not those four ruin what I worked so hard for.*

(Quatre's Mansion)

Zechs stepped in Quatre's ballroom looking for Setsuna. She was franticly working setting up the last minute details.

"Need any help," he asked hoping he could help.

"No I'm almost done here," she said harshly, not even looking up to acknowledge his presence.

Zechs wondered why the bitterness in her voice. *Perhaps what happened between us earlier had something to do with it or what she told her friends or her confession she made earlier.*

He looked back at her. Her body looked fatigued, her eyes filled with sorrow, although she hid it well. If he had to guess he'd say, it was a combination of all of them.

"Setsuna" he called her again.

Setsuna's frustration finally had gotten the better of her. "What!?" Setsuna looked at him with cold eyes. Setsuna had recognized her rudeness, and sighed, after a few deep breaths she retracted her harsh tone. "Sorry"

"Come here" he ordered


Zechs grabbed her had and dragged her to a chair and sat her down.

"What are you doing?" she asked as he poured her a glass of water.

"Here you look like you need a break, you've been at it all night," he said sympathetically

Setsuna immediately made a protest by getting up, only to be pushed back down. "Sit!" he barked at her. Setsuna eyes shifted to meet his gaze a look of stern determination glazed his eyes and his face was set in stone. Setsuna knew she was too tired to fight him so she complied with his orders.

Setsuna sipped her water while Zechs prepared her something to eat. She ate only a swallow of food, then quickly tried to get back to work. Zechs grabbed her shoulder and felt how tense she was.

"Milliardo please I must finish my work if we are to make this journey," she pleaded her case

"You want make the journey if your exhausted, especially if your powers are guarded." he countered

I-he cut her off "At least let me relive this tension in your neck and shoulders."

"Fine if that would get you off my back!"

She sat back down and closed her eyes. Zechs gently moved her thick forest green hair aside. He started a relaxing massage to Setsuna who showed her appreciation by releasing her uneasiness and allowing him more access to her shoulders. He continued for several minutes by time he was done Setsuna didn't move. Zechs moved around to the front of her, he noticed the bothered expression across her face. Setsuna have never been vulnerable so it was hard to say what she really wanted to say.

"That face you make, it's the face of soldier filled with anguish."

"It's nothing," she lied unconvincingly

"Are you sure? Setsuna for the first time in your life your not in control, you're a dead stick flying blind, and that doesn't bother you?"

Setsuna's face remained passive.

"I see" he stood up from his chair retreating to the door. As he walked he spoke "It's call being mortal Setsuna, you've never tried it because you're afraid of it." As he reached the door, he heard Setsuna feebly call his name.

"Milliardo... I have to talk to you, more like I have a favor to ask of you." Zechs heard the significant urgency in her voice. He immediately sat down with serious look that he only wore during battle. "I'm listening."

Haruka stood in the bathroom that was connected to the room Quatre let her use starring at the mirror that reflect herself physical state but not her mental state. She had been up all night contemplating herself. Her doubts and fears were starting to show itself. The mysterious voiced had intimidated her, something she wasn't familiar with. Some how she knew she had to shake it off to get through the journey. She immediately transformed and left for the ballroom.

Not so far down the hall the youngest senshi stood in the shower against the cool marbled wall, trying to let the water was away the anguish she had caused in the Silver Millenium and in her present life. Hotaru thought how she could be evil in both her lives. "I have to make it right, I don't want to be evil. I want to be free from it. I have to show them I'm good, and the only way is to kill Chronic myself."

Meanwhile in the ballroom, Setsuna was finishing her request from Zechs.

"Can you promise me you'll do it" she asked

"It seems extreme," said while contemplating his answer

"Please promise me," she asked again

Still doubting the situation he was in, he gave her his word. He took her hand "I promise princess."

"Thank you," she said as a slight tint of redness could be seen in her cheeks.

At this time the senshi, pilots, and Relena stormed the room like a raging stampede.

Usagi spoke for the group behind her "Setsuna we're ready, are you?"

"I am"

"Are you sure you don't need a rest, you have been up all night?"

"I'm sure princess. Chronic isn't going to wait to attack now that he knows we're here, and we can't afford to wait."

"Okay everyone stand in a circle. Moon I need the Ginzuishou"

Pluto removed her crystal ball from her staff and replaced it with the crystal that floated in the middle.

"Okay clear your heads concentrate all you energy into my time staff. Your head most be absolutely clear for this to work, so whatever doubts you have please refrain from thinking of them." The pilots, Mamoru dressed as Endymion and Relena were on the other sides away, from the dangers that could occur if it went wrong. In so the senshi begin, their ritual. With their eyes closed and their thoughts focused on the time staff, a wild brisk wind came out of nowhere, the senshi in the room with long hair tousled around their petite yet womanly frames. A surging light expanded brightly through the room THEN?