Harry Potter and the Jedi

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Chapter 1

Lily Potter nee Evans danced around the room with her one year old son in her arms. Her red hair twirled around her thin form and her vibrant green eyes were half closed as she hummed a lullaby to the child in her arms.

Her husband, James Potter, was lying on the couch half asleep with a little girl sleeping on his chest. His glasses were lopsided, his hazel eyes closed and his hands stroking the mop of black hair, similar to his own, on his daughter's head.

Lily smiled as she looked at her family. The twins had turned one three months ago and were happy despite growing up isolated from the world. Her son, Harry James Potter was a small prankster, like his father. He had raven black hair stuck up in all directions, the Potter Curse James fondly called it, and emerald green eyes like his mother's. Harry's twin sister, Hailey Lily Potter was the opposite. Her hair, while black like her father's and brother's, was softer, more like her mother's. It didn't stick up in every direction in an unmanageable mess, and had traces of red from the roots, natural highlights. Hailey's eyes were also a vivid green but flecks of hazel could be seen as well. James often commented that she was a perfect combination of her parents.

Where Harry was the prankster, Hailey was the angel. She took after her mother but there was no doubt that she was her daddy's girl, without the pranks.

James opened his eyes as felt his wife's gaze and smiled at her. He looked at the one year old on his chest fondly and then back up to Lily and Harry. Harry was almost asleep which is why Lily held him. It was common knowledge in the household that Harry always fell asleep in his mother's arms and Hailey in her father's.

James sat up slowly, holding his daughter protectively. She stirred but kept her eyes closed. James smiled warmly, looked at his wife and felt the blood drain from his face. Lily was standing in front of the window to the front garden and it was by chance that he spotted the cloaked figure strolling up the front path.

"Lily, take the kids and go! It's him!" James said hurriedly as he put Hailey into her mother's arms. "Go! Run! I'll hold him off!" Harry and Hailey both woke up and stared wide eyed at each other. Lily held the twins fearfully and began to move towards the stairs.

"I love you," she whispered to James.

"I love you too," James replied. "Now go! I'll see you soon!" Lily heard the quiver in his voice but obeyed. She charged up the stairs as the front door was blown off it's hinges. As she entered the twins' nursery she started to curse the stupidity of her actions in running up the stairs.

Should have headed for the back door, she thought in hindsight. The sound of James screaming caused her to turn around and stare at the closed nursery door in fear. When the screams were silenced she didn't know what to think. She hoped that it was only because the curse was lifted but knew instinctively that her husband was dead.

Hailey started to cry, knowing also that her father was dead. Lily did her best to calm her but knew that only James would be able to sooth her, just like she was the only one who could calm Harry.

Footsteps echoed on the stairs as someone slowly ascended them. Lily put the twins on the floor and drew her wand. She aimed it at the door in preparation but the sudden blast disarmed her effectively. Her heart sank as Lord Voldemort in all his glory entered the room. His red eyes were cold as he spotted her but lightened in malicious anticipation as he spotted the twins.

Lily placed her self in front of them in the hopes of shielding them from the pain that was sure to come. Voldemort laughed at her attempts.

"Not the twins, not Harry and Hailey, please not them!" she pleaded.

"Stand aside, you silly girl…stand aside, now…" Voldemort said motioning with his wand for her to move.

"Not the twins, please no, take me, kill me instead –"

"This is my last warning –"

"Not Harry and Hailey! Please…have mercy…have mercy…not my children! Not my twins! Please – I'll do anything –"

"Stand aside – stand aside, girl –" Voldemort lost patience with her continuous pleas and cast the fatal curse at her. Her body dropped to the ground, a shield in front of the children she had tried to save.

Harry started to cry at his mother's death, just like Hailey had done when James had been killed. The twins moved closer together for comfort but the act of compassion increased the Dark Lord's eagerness to kill the two.

"Goodbye, Potters, you may have been worthy adversaries one day. Shame really," Voldemort raised his wand again but was torn with indecision of who to kill first. In the end he decided to aim for the middle of them, they close enough for the curse to hit them both at the same time.

Hailey raised her hand across her face while Harry turned his head towards his sister. The two had their green eyes shut tight in preparation.

"Avada Kedava!" The sickly green light erupted from the end of the yew wand and sped towards the two cowering twins. Hailey felt the spell hit her wrist and her eyes snapped open, the green flaring brightly. The spell bounced off her left wrist and hit Harry on the right side of his forehead. Harry's eyes also snapped open, flaring bright green like his sister's had. Voldemort was still laughing when the curse rebounded back at him and killed him.

Harry and Hailey screamed as the house around them seemed to shudder. Fires sprung up everywhere as Voldemort's body was reduced to ash and a dark vapor hung in the air where he had been. The vapor disappeared hurriedly as the twins continued to scream.

Harry stopped screaming first. Blood was dripping down his face from a cut on his forehead where the curse had hit him. Hailey was whimpering as she held her wrist. It too was bleeding and she was shaking badly. Harry laid down beside his mother, grabbing her now cold hand for reassurance.

Hailey fell silent suddenly as Harry's head snapped up. Their eyes glared bright green simultaneously and a part of the roof began to fall above the female twin. Hailey looked with bright green eyes and stared at the falling slab of plaster.

Just before it hit her she looked into Harry's eyes and disappeared in a flash of fire. Harry stared at the place his sister had been in previously. The rafter from the roof sticking out of the floor in her place, a scrap of clothing the only remnant that she had been there.

Harry started to cry again. It would be many years before he would see his younger sister again for she had disappeared completely. She had left Earth and appeared on the planet of Corasaunt in a galaxy far, far away…

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