Hi everyone Thankies for the reviews hope you enjoyed the first chapter

Hi everyone Thankies for the reviews hope you enjoyed the first chapter. Sorry I took a little long been busy with college stuff hehe

DarkAce: You sure did take your time

Me: You better be nice or else

DarkAce: or else what you going to fight me with your keyboard Ninja girl

Me: No ill make you die in this chapter or worse have you marry snipe

DarkAce: Have Mercy

Me: hehe that's what I thought now on with the story…


Radarr was in the bay of the condor trying to fix up his part of Aerrows skimmer it was in pretty bad shape from the last battle. He screeched and hid in the seat as he saw a Skimmer land in the bay, it seemed to be Finn accept something was different; a light purple aura seemed to be disappearing around him.

DarkAce parked up Finns skimmer. His Eyes were no longer crimson Red but sky blue, his jet black hair had turned completely blonde.

"HaHaHa! Taking down that blonde was too easy" DarkAce chuckled to himself and slipped his hand into his pocket to reveal a sheet of paper and a pen. "Take down a hawk. Check. Now onto step two. Find the control room, but first I want to pay a little visit to a certain crystal specialist".

Raddar screeched who was this person it sure wasn't Finn. Realising he may have just given away his hiding place Raddar held his hand (paw) to his mouth to keep quite.

DarkAce turned his head towards Radars hiding place but saw nothing what was that!?.

DarkAce walked through the halls of the condor with Raddar close behind; he stopped; Raddar froze.

"Looks like I have a little stalker….YOU!" DarkAce span round, Radaar screeched he had no time to react, before he knew it DacrkAce had one hand over his mouth and the other grasping his ears.

"I hate rats!" DarkAce flung Radaar into a nearby box and locked it (like in best friends forever) "Now back to business"

DarkAce slowly crept towards the door were Piper was Training

There she was.

His vision.

Piper wasn't wearing her usual uniform. It was much more revealing. She wore three quarter shorts and a tight t-shirt with came just above her stomach showing her belly button. Every time she did a high kick or jumped her top will slowly lift up and DarkAce could see her toned flat stomach. Her hair was back in a ponytail with lose strands of hair falling near here face each time she moved.

DarkAce watched with great interest I had no idea Piper knew Sky Fu.. DarkAce grinned oo now I want you even more

"I know your there Finn, you can't hide from me" Piper Stood with her back turned

Dark Ace's eyes widened how did she no I was here

DarkAce walked towards Piper until he was a few feet away from her. He stopped and eyed her taking in the beautiful image that stood before him.

"Umm aren't you going run" Piper raised a brow and stood with her hands on her hips.

"And why would I do that" his eyes still locked onto Piper.

"Because you're a dead man, you really think ill just forget about the whole diary incident that just happened like an hour ago"

Looks like that Blonde got her angry "Im sorry Piper ill never do it again, I was stupid and childish. Ill do all your cores for a month. Promise"

Piper was slightly surprised by Finns sudden change in behaviour

"Who are you and what have you done with Finn?!"

She's a quick one "Oo beauty and brains I like very much, your right Piper im not who I seem to be lets just say im a Talon who shows no mercy"

Piper eyes widened in shocked and she took a few steps back "Dark A…"

Before she could finish DarkAce had her in an arm lock with one hand over her mouth. Piper felt something sharp touch her skin and her eyes soon become heavy.

"Well done Piper but looks like im going to have to put you to sleep just for a little while. Can't have you spoiling my plan". Dark Ace carried Piper and placed her delicately on the bench; he planted a small kiss on her cheek before making his way to the door, he paused to look back at Piper.

"Ill be back my sweet love" with that DarkAce made a dash down the halls.


"Hey Finn wait up"

Finn!? Who does that big buffoon think he is calling me a… ahh yes im in disguise"

DarkAce tried to calm himself "Yes"

"Have you seen Raddar?. id said ill help him fix up his and Aerrows Skimmer"

"How would I no were that pesky rat is, go find him your self you big dufus" damn I shouldn't have said that. Me and my evil tongue

Junko's eyes slowly began to water, DarkAce smirked at this.

"Aww what you going to cry, how pathetic"

"You're not Finn he would never say such evil things" Junko stuttered trying to hold back his tears.

"Well looks like you're not as brain dead as I thought you were. But now you know im going to have to dispose of you". DarkAce pulled out his sword (yes he still has it) and pointed it towards Junko.

Junko charged towards DarkAce but he dodged it and shot a bolt of red electricity at Junko and he was left on unconscious.

"This is way too easy. Three down, two to go. Think ill go after the Sky knight next seeing as I need that Merb to steer the ship for a little while". DarkAce walked through the halls but he stopped when he noticed his hands glowing.

Damn. Looks like the disguise is wearing off DarkAce was about to search for another clocking crystal but was stopped when he herd footsteps. o great just my luck DarkAce held his sword close and hide around the corner.

What is with Finn I can't believe… What the… !

DarkAce Jumped out from the corner. Aerrow had no time to react before he knew it Dark Ace had his sword held near his throat.

"DarkAce!" Aerrow hissed through his clenched teeth

"You know you really need to get some better security"

"What do you want" Aerrow tried to stay still one sudden move could get his throat cut.

"To take down you Storm Hawks of course .And o yes, you don't mind if I take Piper along with me too do you?"

Aerrows eyes widened and his blood began to boil "What do you want with Piper!"

"Just to get her to join Cyclonia and to for fill my needs" DarkAce smirked.

Aerrow wanted to tear his limps apart. How dare he talk about his Piper like that. Piper would ever be with him, suddenly he got the image of DarkAce and Piper Kissing it made him sick to his stomach.

"Enough talk. Im ending this now" DarkAce was about to moved his sword until he felt a shock of pain overtake his stomach.

"I don't think so Ace. Piper would never betray us" Aerrow took out his twin blades and got into his fighting stance.

"O so u like her do you?"

Aerrow felt his cheeks burn DarkAce saw this and made his attack using the end of his sword it made contact with Aerrows head and he plummeted onto the floor.

Aerrow was about to get up but was soon pushed back down by DarkAces foot; and held his sword near his face "Well to bad she's mine now" with that DarkAce shot a bold of electricity at Aerrow. Aerrow screamed in pain it felt like his hole body was on fire.

"I won't… let u …. get away with this" Aerrow whispered between breathes

"I already have" DarkAce took out a crystal; a purple aura surrounded him, his hair was now Red and his eyes a emerald green "And now if you excess me I have a ship to destroy and a girl to kidnap".

Aerrow could only watch DarkAce disappear into the shadows soon his eyes became heavy.


And he blacked out.


DarkAce opened the doors to the control room now were do I start….


Pipers eyes fluttered open ooo what happened why does my arm fell numb.. "Dark Ace!" oh no I have to see if the others are ok

Piper ran down the halls in search off her team mates, she started to get worried when she couldn't find anyone but her mood soon changed when she saw someone with red hair walking out the control room.


DarkAce spun round Piper!? Perfect timing my sweet.

Piper embraced him in a hug "Aerrow im so glad you're ok, I saw Dark Ace and ..."

"..No time for that, we need to go now" Dark Ace grabbed Pipers hand forcefully

"What about the others, and why are we rushing"

"Their ok. Infact their already on the terra below us .Now lets move!"

"Aerrow?!" Piper was getting irritated he was hiding something.

DarkAce pulled her close and whispered in her ear "Trust me"

Piper was surprised never had she been held like this by Aerrow, she started feeling butterflies in her stomach. "Ok" was all she could managed to say.

"Good now lets go" DarkAce took her hand and the both ran to the bay.

Piper obeyed her leader but she just couldn't help but wonder something is not right

DarkAce and Piper arrived at the bay Piper Started up her heliscooter while DarkAce started up Aerrows.

He turned to Piper "Are you ready"

Piper nodded

"Great now lets go"


Aerrows was awakened by the sounds of alarms and flashing lights. He covered his ears to block out the load sounds. Whats going… "DarkAce!" Not wanting to waste anytime Aerrow jumped onto his feet ignoring the injures left by the DarkAce he whent searching for his team mates … and Piper.

I can't believe this. He was on my ship. Disguiseas one of us. How could I be so stupid?!. I may never see Piper again and tell her…


Aerrows thoughts were interrupted when he saw Junko call his name and run towards him.

"DarkAce is..."

"I know Junko his one the ship and he has Piper with him. We have to gather everyone and get of the condor its going to crash land"

The Condor was falling full speed and had tilted side ways so it became much more difficult to move. All the equipment and boxes were falling, a box headed straight for Junko.

"Junko Look out!"

Junko punched the box and the lock slipped open to reveal Radaar

" Raddar !? … Good to see you buddy now we just have to find..

"Their you are I've totally lost control of the condor were going to crash land were all doomed"

"…Stork" Aerrow Finished

"Stork Calm down"

"Calm down… Calm down. How can I stay calm when were plunging down towards an uncharted terra"

"STORK! That's enough. Everybody follow me were getting out of here".


DarkAce and Piper landed on the terra bellow.

Piper's eyes began to water. Her eyes still locked in the direction of the condor she saw her home crashed on the terra into pieces. "Oh no Aerrow who could have… DarkAce this is all his fault"

"Now aren't you being a little too hard on him, after all he did save you"

Whaa what!? Piper Turned her head"DARKACE!?"

"The one and only" DarkAce stepped forward

I knew something's wasn't right, that means oh no the guys...Aerrow, their... Tears started streaming down her face. She turned to face DarkAce"Why did you kidnap me if you think im going to join cyconia your wrong I'll never join you. I already told master cyclonis"

DarkAce walked towards her pulled her close and whipped her tear away. "I didn't just get you because master cyclonis told me to. I did it because I love you I always have and always will"

Piper's eyes widened who was this man. This couldn't be the DarkAce, the man who showed no mercy at tried to kill her and her team maters was now holding her in his arms. Piper pushed him away the touch of him made her skin crawl" Get your hands of me you monster, how dare you.."

"..Ill dare anything I damn well please" DarkAce Grabbed Pipers arm and pulled her in from her waste Piper struggled but he was to strong she was soon pinned to the floor with DarkAces face inches apart hers I cant believe this is happening Aerrow were are you . She didn't like it he was close, to close "You're mine now Piper whether you like it or not". She could feel his breath on her lips and the gap between them became smaller.

To be continued…


Oh no does Aerrow and the others make it out alive? What will happen to Piper? And were exactly is Finn? Send me reviews and find out hehe

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