AN: Here is the first chapter to my first Naruto/W

AN: Here is the first chapter to my first Naruto/W.I.T.C.H. fusion. I got another version where Will is in Gaara's position. If want to know more about it, go check out my forum, all my Naruto/W.I.T.C.H. ideas are in there in their own topics.

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Twelve years ago, a nine-tailed fox appeared. It laid waste to everything in its path and was heading straight for ninja village called, The Village Hidden in the Leaves.

The village's ninja fault a valiant battle against the beast, but they were not strong enough to defeat a force as powerful as the nine tailed fox. Only by sacrificing his life to do so, did the Fourth Hokage defeat the demon.

A demon of the fox's level of strength could not be killed, so the Forth Hokage did the next best thing. He sealed it into a newborn baby, whose umbilical cord had just been cut. Only such a vessel could imprison the demon and save the village.

Though village is safe from the fox, it was not the end, far from it. It was actually only just the beginning.

Chapter One: Enter: Will Uzumaki

It was a normal day in the Hidden Leaf village, the sun was out and the fairly warm and humid. Though unlike many other hidden ninja villages, it was a fairly lively place, especially since they had...Will Uzumaki, the resident prankster.

"Will, you have gone way too far this time!" One of two chuunin shinobi yelled out, as they pursued a young girl with short red hair, brown eyes and had three 'whisker' marks on each cheek. The girl wore goggles on her head, a bright green jump suite with the picture of a frog on the back and was carrying a bucket of paint in one hand, while she ran from her pursuers.

"Give it up! You're just mad because you don't have the guts to do what I do!" The girl who the two Chuunin called Will, yelled back. She took a brief moment to glance probably at her greatest prank ever, putting graffiti all over the Great Stone Faces of the Hokage.

Will smiled at her handy work, before she really pored on the speed and led the two following her on a marry chase. After a few minutes of running around, Will used a jutsu called 'Magic Cloak' to hide from the two Chuunin chasing her, by blending in with a section of a near by wall.

When the two ninja ran past, Will dropped the special cloth that hid her and laughed out, "Ha! That was too easy!"

Too bad for Will, her fun was about to end when someone appeared behind her and growled out, "Oh really!" This made Will jump a bit and spun around to see her sensei from the ninja academy, Dean Collins; was the one behind her.

"S-Sensei w-w-what are you doing here?" A very scared and nervous Will asked, knowing she was in big trouble now that Dean-Sensei had caught her.

"I should be the one asking you that! You're supposed to be in class!" Dean Collins stated and quickly grabbed Will, tied her up and dragged her back to the academy.


Back in the classroom, Dean was lecturing his student before the whole class. It was very embarrassing for the redhead, especially since she was still tied up and sitting on the classroom floor.

"Will, you have failed the graduation test two times already and tomorrow you have another chance, but you're messing up again!" Dean ranted, but was clearly get a look of 'I don't care' from his most troublesome student.

Getting annoyed by this, Dean pulled out his trump card and said to the whole class, "Since you missed it Will, we will review the transformation jutsu!" This got the majority of the class groaning in frustration and annoyance, knowing this meant they had to pay for Will's mistakes yet again.

After a few students took their turns performing the transformation jutsu (using their teacher as the person to change into) it was Will's turn. 'I'll show you sensei. Let's see how you handle my killer secret technique!' Will thought and quickly gathered her chakra.

"Transform!" Will called and was quickly engulfed in a puff of smoke when it cleared, instead looking like her instructor, she looked like an older, sexier and very naked version of herself. The only thing hiding certain 'key' locations was the remaining puffs of smoke; it caused every male in the room to have blood shooting out of their nose.

After Dean fell over anima style, Will changed back to her normal self and was laughing up a storm. "Hahaha! Like that sensei? That was my Sexy Jutsu!" This fit of laughter was quickly ended when Dean sprung back to his feet and yelled out, "Cut the stupid tricks! This is your last warning!"


After class, Dean had Will hard at work scrubbing the paint she put of the Hokage Monument off. As Will grumbled in that this sucks and calling her sensei a loser under her breath, Dean called down from the spot he was sitting at, "You're not going home until you remove every drop of paint!"

"So what?! It's not like there is anyone waiting at home for me!" Will called back and went back to work at scrubbing off paint. This made Dean look down at his student sadly, recalling some his own stunts when he was Will's age.

After thinking about it for a moment he called down, "Hey Will?!"

"What do you want now Sensei?" The annoyed redhead asked, looking up from her work to see what the man was bothering her for again.

Dean looked up slightly while scratching his nose and replied, "How about when you clean all this up, I take you out for some ramen. The good stuff. What do you say?" Dean then glanced down to see Will have an excited expression growing on her face.

"Now that's some serious motivation! I'll have this cleaned up in no time!" Will called back up and started scrubbing much harder then before. With ramen as the reward, nothing would slow the redhead down.


A few hours later, Will and Dean were at the Ichiraku ramen stand and Will was digging into her first bowl when Dean asked, "Will...why did you do that to the Hokage Faces? You do know the Hokage are right?"

"Of course I do." Will said as finished slurping up some of her noodles and put her chopsticks down before continuing. "They were supposed to be the greatest ninja of their time right? The best of the best, undefeated ninja champs."

After saying those words, Will paused for moment before adding, "And the Fourth Hokage was the one who saved the village from the nine tailed fox. He was the most amazing of all the Hokage."

"Then why did you..." Dean started to ask, wanting to know why Will vandalized the monument to the past Hokage if she seemed to respect them so much, if her tone was any indication.

But Will answered this question for Dean, when she cut him off and stated, "Because I'm going to surpass them all. I'm going to be the next Hokage and then everyone will stop disrespecting me and look up to me!"

As Dean stared at his most troublesome student with a surprised expression and he slurped up some of his noodles, while Will asked, "Um...Sensei...can ask you a favour?"

"You want another bowl?" Dean replied, but was surprised to see Will shake her head no and say in a begging tone of voice, "No I want to know if I can try on your headband. Pretty please!"

Dean chuckled lightly and stated in a friendly tone, "Sorry Will, but only a full fledge ninja can wear one of these. You'll have to pass the test tomorrow like everyone else, and then you can have one."

This got the Academy teacher a grumpy look from Will who whined out, "That is so uncool!"

This got prompt question from Dean if that was why Will took off her goggles when they sat down at the bench of the ramen stand. The question only annoyed Will more and got her demanding for another bowl of ramen, which Dean got a good laughed at and happily paid for. It was the least he could do since he could not grant Will earlier request.


The next day was the graduation test and Will had taken it as seriously as she could. This was the year she swore she would pass and be one step closer to becoming Hokage. Too bad for her, she still did poorly in all the portions of the exam.

Her Taijutsu was weak and her skill at throwing kunai and shuriken was equally pathetic compared to her classmates. Then there was the written exam, which was probably her worst area of all the academy tests. Or that was true until she heard her sensei call out the name of the jutsu for the final test.

"This year's jutsu will be...the clone jutsu." Dean Collins said as he read from the paper in his hand and heard the familiar sound of Will banging her head on the desk.

'Why couldn't it be any other jutsu?! The substitution or the transformation jutsu I could pull off, but the clone jutsu...I'm doomed!' Will screamed in her mind, while everyone ignored Will's banging.


When it was Will's turn, she had serious and determined expression on her face when she entered the testing room. Both Dean and Mizuki sensei were waiting at desk with several leaf headbands on top of it. If Will could get the clone jutsu to work just this once, then one of those headbands would be hers.

'Okay Will, just calm down, focus your chakra and just do the jutsu. You can do this!' Will thought so herself as she molded her charka and did the hand sighs for the clone jutsu.

"Clone Jutsu!" Will called out as wisps of blue chakra swirled around her, then a cloud smoke appeared where the clone should have been; only to reveal moments later a deformed looking dummy instead of a complete replication of Will.

Both Will and Dean stared at the pathetic clone, but the teacher was the first speak about what had happened, which were the two dreadful words Will did not want to hear. "You fail!"

Will looked devastated until Mizuki spoke up. "Dean Sensei, though she is a bit off, Will moves are not bad and her physical conditioning is well beyond most students. Plus she did hang in there replicate, something she has not been able to do before. This is her third try so we know she really want to become a ninja, so we could cut her a break and pass her." Mizuki told his follow instructor, which made Will's hope rise considerably, but were knocked back down by Dean Sensei's next words.

"Mizuki Sensei, all the other students produced at least three effective clones, while Will could only produce one and look at it, it's pitiful. I can't pass her." Dean replied to Mizuki, his words hurting Will more then any weapon or jutsu ever could.

Tears forming in her eyes, Will ran out of the room, wanting to get out side a let out a few good sobs before the students exited the school and get congratulated for passing the final exam.


Later, Will sat on a swing just out side the academy and watched the parents of the other students congratulate their children on passing. She was so depressed, she did not realize Mizuki was standing right next her for a moment.

"Will, please come with me." The instructor requested and led Will away, while Dean and Himmerish, also known as the Third Hokage, were speaking to one another.

"Dean, we need to speak later. Come by my office when you get the chance." The third told Dean who nodded that he understood.


On the one of the roof tops a little ways off from the academy, Mizuki and Will were having private chat, which started with Mizuki saying in a reassuring manor, "Dean Sensei is tough, but he is not against you."

Will, still looking very depressed did not seems believe that and asked, "Then why...why only me?"

Mizuki looked away from Will and thought for a moment before answering Will's question. "He wants you to be strong with all his heart. But that won't happen if he goes easy on you."

"But this time I really wanted to graduate." Will replied in a quite tone, but Mizuki still heard it very easily and that was when he decided to say something that would change Will's life forever.

"Then that means I have to tell you then." Mizuki said with a kind smile on his face, which drew Will's attention.

Will waited with quiet anticipation for Mizuki to continue, hoping it would help her finally become a ninja. "It's a secret, but I'll let you in on it." Mizuki finally said and told Will what she had to do.


Later that evening, Dean was lying on his bed, think about what the Hokage had told him earlier. About why Will was always pulling pranks and getting into trouble, it was so she could get attention.

Because she was an orphan, she had no family to provide that, so she needed make the village see her by any means possible. It was much like what he did after the nine tailed fox attacked and killed his parents during the battle to save the village.

As Dean was thinking all this, he heard Mizuki's voice call out form outside, "Dean Sensei! You have to wake up!"

Dean quickly got up and went the door of his small apartment. Upon opening it, Dean asked Mizuki, "What's the matter Mizuki Sensei?"

"Its Will! She stole the Forbidden Scroll! You have to come to Lord Hokage's right away!" Dean's fellow instructor answered and made Dean's blood run cold, before running towards the Hokage's Tower with Mizuki.


Mean while, Will was in a hidden spot in the woods and was opening the scroll. "Lets see…the first one is…Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu. NO! NOT A CHANCE! IT'S MY WORSTED JUTSU!" Will screamed out and moved onto the next move on the scroll.

The name peeked her interest and quickly read the instructions on what to do.


Back with Dean, Mizuki and the other ninja gathered before the Hokage, they were all panicking on what to do. The Forbidden Scroll, contained secrets know only to their village and if the wrong hand got a hold of it, it would spell disaster for the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

After thinking about the gathered ninja's complaints, the Hokage finally said, "Very well then. Bring Will here at once. She is to be unharmed though!"

"Yes Lord Hokage!" The ninja all said and vanished in a cloud of smoke.


Will was panting heavily from her training when Dean arrived in the small clearing. "Got you!" Dean said and let out his traditional evil laugh at catching his trouble-making student. What surprised him though, was that Will laughed back as if it the end of the usual chase.

"Found me already Sensei? Your quick, I only had time to learn one technique!" Will said with a big smile on her face, while Dean looked on in surprise. He could tell she had been training hard, but then noticed her hand looked a little bloody and was about to ask about it, when Will spoke up.

"Okay Sensei, all I have to do is show the technique I learned and everything will be okay, right? Anyone who learns a jutsu from this scroll passes, that the rule, right?" Will asked, looking very excited.

"W-W-Where did you get that idea from Will?" Dean asked in total shock. There was no such rule, so how did Will come up with it? It made no sense to Dean and it worried him. He needed to find out the source of this influence and set the redhead's facts straight.

'Plus, it might give Will a defence against those who will be upset with her for steal the scroll. Its a serious offence and could cause her a lot of trouble, unless we come up with something fast!' Dean thought in his mind as he waited for Will to explain.

"Mizuki Sensei told me! He told me about where the scroll was and this place and..." Will started to say, but stopped as she saw the look of confusion and fear on her Sensei's face. The older ninja knew this could only means a few things and none of them were good.

Just then, Dean sensed danger and quickly grabbed Will and threw her aside, then braced himself as a barrage of kunai came flying at him. Some impaled him leg and side, but none hit a vital spot, so Dean was in no danger of dying. Not yet anyway.

"I see you found our little hideaway." Dean and Will heard Mizuki's voice say and they both looked up to see him kneeling on a tree branch. He had two large shuriken on his back and an evil looking expression on his face.

"So that's how it is!" Dean growled out as he clutched the handle of one of the kunai in his leg and tried to pull it out, while Mizuki looked over to Will and called over, "Will, give me the scroll!"

But the confused redhead looked back and forth between both if her teacher and asked in a stuttered voice, "W-What's g-g-going o-on?" She was feeling very scared because she could not figure out what was going. This was supposed to be an extra credit assignment so she could pass and become a ninja. But instead, Will was watching as the two people who trained her, staring each other down.

"Will, don't give Mizuki the scroll! It contains forbidden jutsu that could put the village in danger. He used you to steal it so he could claim the scroll for himself!" Dean called out to Will as he finally pulled one of the kunai free from his leg and tossed it on the ground.

Hearing this Will grew angry and glared hatefully at Mizuki. She could not believe one of her own teachers, who she had trusted so completely, had used her to harm the village. She felt like a fool, she wanted to be a ninja so bad, that she did not think stealing a scroll that was so heavily hidden and guarded was wrong.

'I thought they were there to make the test as close to a real infiltration mission as possible. I can't believe my Sexy Jutsu nearly destroyed the village.' Will thought with a mix of shame and embarrassment that she used her joke jutsu on the guards.

For some reason, it made an effective move for taking out adults, mainly for those of the male gender. Unless she used the second version of the jutsu of course, that tended to take out female opponents as easily as the first version took out males.

"Will, you shouldn't listen to Dean Sensei. He is just trying to scare you because he does not want you to have the scroll." Mizuki said in a casual manner and once again confusing Will. The redhead glanced towards Dean, hoping to see something that would either prove of disprove Mizuki's words.

"Stop lying Mizuki!" Dean growled at his former workmate and looked over to Will. "Don't let him trick you Will!" Dean called over to his student, so she would not lose focus and would be able to protect the scroll from the traitor.

Mizuki just laughed at Dean's words and said, "Oh I'll tell you who's really lying." These words made it clear what Mizuki planned to do and Dean tried to put a stop to it.

"No Mizuki!" Dean called out in horror, but the traitor ignored Dean's plea and continued. "They have been lying to you your whole life Will, since the decree twelve years ago." Mizuki told Will.

"W-What decree?" Will asked, her voice trembling at her former Sensei's words.

"Everyone knows about it, except you. Even now, your Sensei would do anything to shut me up." Mizuki replied and further led Will down the path to asking the one question that would change her life forever.

"What is this decree? Why does everyone else know about it?" The second those words left Will's mouth, Dean tried once again to try and stop the pain that was to come.

"Don't tell her! It's forbidden!" Dean yelled out, hoping to stop Mizuki from speak the horrible truth, but the former teacher ignored it and responded to Will's question with an evil grin on his face.

"The decree was that no one was to say the nine tailed fox is in side you! The demon that tried to destroy our village twelve years ago has taken over your body. You are the Nine Tailed Fox!" Mizuki stated, Will's eyes widening with fear and was shaking like a leaf.

"Stop it!" Dean pleaded but it was futile, the secret was out and Dean knew Mizuki was just rub salt into the wound to make Will feel worse and less able to protect herself.

"Didn't you thin it was strange how the villagers treated you? Like dirt! Like you did something wrong for just being alive!" Mizuki added, just as Dean had expected, and Will was clearly hurting from the harsh statement.

Will kept whisper the word no, while tears flowed down her cheeks, despite shutting her eyes as tightly as she possible could. Will's inner anger was so great, chakra swirled around her.

"Will!" Dean called out in a vain attempt to offer support to the distraught redhead, but she did not hear him, the inner pain was far too great.

Mizuki was not done though with the harsh words and further added, "That is why you will never be excepted in this village. Even your beloved sensei hates your guts!"

Mizuki then took one of the two large shuriken off his back and stated spinning it in one hand to gather momentum to be thrown. "Now die Will! You out lived your usefulness!" Mizuki stated in a sadistic tone and launched the deadly weapon at the poor redhead, who was stumbling away in hopes of avoid the attack.

"Will, get down!" Dean called out and in reflex, the redhead obeyed. The next thing Will knew, she heard a cracking sound and noticed someone was above her. She looked up from the spot she feel to the ground and found Dean Sensei had used his own back to shield her from the giant shuriken.

The chuunin vest her wore just barely blocked enough the weapon to save his own life as well and was now on his hands and knees above Will, ready to further shield the girl from further attacks.

"Wh...why did you..." Will stated to ask, but then saw her sensei was cry. As tears dropped down his face and on to hers, he replied, "Because we are the same." This made Will looked stunned while waited for Dean to continue.

"When my parents died, I was all alone. No one else had time for me, so I became the class clown, so people would notice me. But when that was not enough, I did crazy things, which I paid for in the end." Dean explained to the redhead, who seems to be affected by her teacher's story. Like she had found someone who truly could understand her; which was proven by Dean's next words.

"You feel lonely and your hurting inside and I...could have been there for you more." Dean added and it seemed to have helped, until Mizuki jumped in and made Will feel bad again.

"Don't make me laugh! Dean has always hated you. He was orphaned because the nine tailed fox killed his parents and now the demon is sealed in you. He would say anything to get the scroll from you!" Mizuki cruelly called out to Will. Since Will was still heavily shaken by the night's events, she easily believed Mizuki's words. The idea of being lied to yet again seemed realistic to Will, since that was all everyone seemed to have done to her all these years. Why would things change now?

Will dove out from underneath her sensei and ran, despite Dean's attempts to call out to her. As Dean tried to get up, Mizuki jumped down from his branch and laughed while saying, "You know very well that once she makes up her mind, there is no changing it. She'll use the scroll to take revenge on the village. You saw the look in her eyes; those are the eyes of a beast!"

As Dean finally got back to his feet, he pulled the giant shuriken form his back and said, "No...Will is...nothing like that!" With those words, Dean threw the giant shuriken at Mizuki, but the traitor sidestepped the weapon's flight path and it flew by harmlessly.

"Ha! You're a joke! Once I eliminate Will and get the scroll, I'll be back for you." Mizuki said before heading after Will, so to carry out his promise.

As Mizuki left, Dean forced himself to follow. He would not allow Mizuki to get his hands on Will or the scroll.


In the Hokage's office, the Hokage was looking into a crystal ball and had seen all that had transpired so far. He was greatly worried about Will; Mizuki's word had hurts her to an extant she had never felt before. If she continued to tamper with the scroll, it could unlock the power within her and might even release the nine tailed fox.

The Hokage knew if that happened, the village would very well be badly damage by the fox before the Third cold seal it away again, assuming there was a new child they could use to perform the sealing.

'I doubt it would do much good, even if I could seal the beast away once again. Will would most likely die upon the demon's escape and so thus no one would be left to understand the new container's situation. I would also be gone and the village council would either kill the new container or turn the child into a weapon. Considering everything, if the fox gets loose, there is nothing we can do stop in the end. Either way, the village would be finished, either by destruction or by falling into darkness,' The Hokage thought as he watched to see what would happen next.


Back in the forest, Dean had caught up with Will and quickly called out to the young girl, "Will! Everything Mizuki said was a lie! You give me the scroll, before Mizuki arrives to try and take it from you!"

To Dean's great surprise, Will tackled him and sent the academy teacher falling to the ground. Will then collapsed up against the truck of a near by tree, panting heavily.

"How Will? How did you know...that I was not Dean?" Dean asked, then in a puff of smoke change into Mizuki, making it clear he was using a transformation jutsu to look like Dean.

Will let out a small chuckle and suddenly a puff smoke engulfed her as well and revealed Dean had done the same thing. "I think I know who is me, Mizuki." Dean said with a victories grin on his face, despite feeling pretty weak from his injuries. He could not defeat Mizuki in his condition, but he could at least stall him, so Will could hopefully be found by loyal Leaf Ninja and be brought to the Hokage. He would protect her, of that Dean was sure.

"Why are you protecting her? She was the one who wiped out your family!" An annoyed Mizuki demanded, getting very angry at being fooled so easily and at the idea of Will getting further away.

"I don't care what you say; you are not getting your hands on that scroll." Dean responded. What neither ninja knew was that Will was near by and hearing everything the two said..

"As if you could stop me! Besides, haven't you realized it yet? Will is just like me?" Mizuki stated, while Dean just stared at him and asked, "And how is she anything like you?"

"She wants the scroll for her own power and vengeance. She'll use her rage to motivate herself to master all the forbidden jutsu it contains and then destroy everything. That is how beasts are after all." Mizuki said in an arrogant tone, thinking he knew Will perfectly.

After moment of silence, as if thinking Mizuki's words over, Dean replied, "Your right, that is how beasts are." This made Will's heart stop in shock, fear and anger. The one person she thought she could connect to and trust thought she was monster as well?

Just as Will was about to get up and run, she heard Dean continue. "But that is not who Will is, she is nothing like that." Those words made Will stop and continue to listen as Dean told Mizuki off.

"Will is one of a kind; she works hard and puts her whole heart into everything she does. True, she messed up sometimes and everyone one jumps on her for it. But her suffering only makes her stronger. She is nothing like the nine tailed fox. She Will Uzumaki, of the Village Hidden in the Leaves!" Dean stated with great force and was making Will cry tears of happiness. She had someone accept her, even though by all rights, he should despise her for what the demon inside her did.

Meanwhile, Mizuki looked pissed. To him, he was hearing the word of a man who had clearly lost his mind and planned on putting said man out of his misery. "What garbage! Do you really believe that dribble? No matter, I was going to save you for later Dean, but I change my mind. Your finished!"

Mizuki pulled out his last large shuriken and started spinning it in one of his hands and charged forward. He would use the spinning motion of his large weapon to cut down the wounded ninja in half and then going hunt Will down.

Just as Dean closed his eyes and prepared to meet his maker, Will leapt into action to save Dean. She delivered a powerful kick to Mizuki's chin and sent the traitor flying back; making the large shuriken go flying off into the forest when Mizuki lost his grip on it.

"Will!" Dean stated in shock from the fact Will had been near by this whole time and that neither chuunin level ninja sensed her.

Will paid her teacher no mind though; she was more focused on dealing with Mizuki. She needed to stop him before he tried to attack Dean again. "If you ever lay a hand on my Sensei...I'll kill you!" Will stated, her expression showing she was deadly serious.

"Such big words from such a little pest; I could destroy you with a single blow!" A furious Mizuki stated as he nursed his jaw and got ready to attack Will, who had a kunai in her hand.

"Just try it you fool. I'll return it back to you a thousand fold!" Will shot back and to both chuunin's great surprise, Will used her kunai to slash the palm of her own hand! But Mizuki was too focused on destroying the redhead instead of thinking something was up. This would be his biggest mistake of all and was about realize that any second now.

"Lighting Style: Thunder Aeon Jutsu!" Will called out and raised her hand to the sky. Lighting and wisps of chakra shot out the cut and a large bird like creature made out of lighting, appeared overhead.

The lighting creature then sent lighting bolts raining down towards Mizuki, but surprisingly enough, they did not strike him. They instead formed an electrical dome around Mizuki, trapping him inside it.

"So this is the jutsu you learned from the scroll huh? Not all that impressive really. All you have done it is create a cage in an overly dramatic way!" Mizuki called out in a mocking tone to Will, while he tried to think of a way out this annoying little trick.

"Who said the jutsu was done? My new friend up there has yet to attack!" Will stated coldly to the one dared to try and kill her Sensei and watched her lighting creature land down on the barrier that had captured Mizuki.

The lighting bird then gathers electrical energy where its 'beak' would have been and fired a powerful bolt of lighting down into the dome. The bolt passed through dome like it was not even there and headed for the ninja inside, but Mizuki dodged it. This did not matter though, since the shock wave created by the bolt of lighting hitting the ground sent Mizuki flying back into the barrier it self and shocked him senseless.

Dean had watched in awe as he saw Will use such an extremely advance jutsu. He knew full well she deserved to stand there proudly as she stood over the defeated Mizuki, though she also looked embarrassed while she said, "Guess I over did it a bit, didn't I?"

Dean just smiled as he thought in his mind, 'She says she is going to surpass all the Hokage and I'm starting to believe she might actually do it.' After think this, Dean called Will over, saying he had something to give her.


Back at the Hokage's tower, the ninja were panicking they had yet to find Will. The Hokage quickly put these fears to rest as he approached the ninja and said, "Don't worry, the scroll is safe. Will will be back very soon."

The Hokage could only smile to himself as he walked back into his office after that. He could tell that girl would go far, of that he was certain. 'She's got too much of her parents in her to not be anything other then a truly great ninja one day.' The Third Hokage thought proudly, and waited for the young girl to return with the scroll and with the traitor she had defeated and captured.


"Can I open my eyes now?" Will asked, feeling silly to have to close her eyes as he sensei did what ever he was doing.

"Almost done Will...there, now you can open them." Dean responded and Will opened her eyes. She was surprised to see her sensei with out his headband around his forehead and it took Will a few moments to realize it was around hers!

"Congratulations Will, you graduate! And to celebrate...we are having ramen tonight!" Dean said proudly, but quickly started wincing in pain when he felt Will hug him. He did still have several injuries after all.

Eventually, the two got up and headed for the Hokage, just as the sun began to rise. It was a symbolic momentum because it was the dawn of new day and the birth of a new ninja for the Hidden Leaf Village.


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