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Chapter 3: Team Selection

The next morning, Will woke up and hopped out of her bed a whole hour before her alarm went off. She then proceeded to grab several cups of instant ramen; a pot full of water and a carton of milk. After making sure of the expiry date, Will poured herself a glass, while she waited for water to boil.

Once Will was done with her meal and dressed, she headed for the academy, her headband around her forehead for all to see. She wanted the whole village to know she was now a ninja and with luck, Will could use her new status to prove herself to all of them.


Upon arriving in her classroom, Will sat down her usual spot and waited for the other students to show up. Will kept her forehead down so no one would see her headband: she wanted to shock the class all at once by showing them she had passed after all.

A few minutes later, the one person Will disliked the most entered the room. This person was Elyon Uchiha.

Elyon was the one everyone paid attention, just because she was the last of her clan. She got recognized just for that, while Will got ignored all her life. It always infuriated her that Elyon had every boy, girl and teacher doting on the last of the Uchiha.

Of course, now that Will knew why many ignored her, she did not resent Elyon as much as she once did, but Will still wished she got half the attention Elyon received.

'Especially from Matt,' Will thought in a dreamily manner, while other students started to enter the room.

Surprisingly enough, no one question Will's presence until Shikamaru, a boy who Will thought was the laziest person in the universe, passed by and asked, "What are you doing here Will? Only those who passed are allowed in here."

Will raised her head, giving Shikamaru a fox like grin. Pointing at her headband, she answered; "See this Shikamaru? Its regulation headband and it meant I passed after all."

'Will passed with her level skill? What a drag. That meant I could have put less effort into this.' Shikamaru thought, while Will bragged how great she looked wearing her headband and that it felt like it was made for her.

Meanwhile, Elyon was also listening to Will's boasting and thought, 'Please tell me this is a nightmare. That loser couldn't possibly have passed.'

Just then, there was a noise in the far corner of the room, and most in the class turned their heads to see what it was. They saw it was two people fighting to get through the door to the classroom. One was Cornelia Hale, the second most popular girl in the class and leader of the female branch of the Elyon fan club.

The second person was the one who had Will's full attention. It was Matt Olsen, the hottest guy in class in Will opinion. Unfortunately, he was the head of the male branch of the Elyon fan club. It was yet another reason why Will hated the petite blond with an attitude; she got all of Matt's attention!

But much to Will's surprise though, Matt looked right at her with a smile; it made the young redhead blush; thinking Matt finally noticed her. 'He's smiling at me…Matt must think I look good in this headband.' Will thought, as Matt started walking in her direction.

Assuming he was coming over to talk to her, Will stood up and said in a cheerful tone, "Hi Matt!"

To Will's great disappointment, Matt just walked right past her as she didn't exist and asked: "Is this spot taken, Elyon?"

'Elyon again! What makes her so special?!' Will growled mentally. She was about to say something, but was pushed aside by Cornelia before she could.

It made Will land hard, face-first onto the ground, making her annoyance grow even bigger, which wasn't helped by Cornelia's next few words:

"Hold it Matt! I got here first; I should be the one to sit next to Elyon!" The blond protested, while Will got up and was using all of her mental strength not to reach for a shuriken. The redhead was seriously temped to Thunder Aeon both Cornelia and Elyon straight to Hell. It was her fear of hurting Matt that stopped her at the moment, but it wasn't much considering how angry she was.

Meanwhile, Shikamaru was inching away from the scene, since he was one of the few in the whole room that could sense Will's surprising level of killer intent. 'Since when was Will this scary? She is the dead last for crying out! She should not be this intimidating!' The lazy Genin mentally gasped, and then quickly headed toward his best friend Chouji's seat and sat next to him.

"Please tell me that just someone using a transformation jutsu to look like Will, because if it is Will, then I might retire from being ninja right here and now." Chouji squeaked out, for once not stuffing his chubby face with chips. If something was so scary it managed to stop a member of the Akimichi clan from eating, then it was serious.

Shikamaru silently agreed with Chouji, but verbally said, "Too much hassle to quit. Besides, girls are normally scary when mad, no matter if they are civilians or ninja."

Chouji reluctantly nodded his head in agreement and prayed the hyperactive Will came back soon. The idea of possibly working with the current one on a mission was not a pleasing thought.

Back with Will, she had decided she had enough of the fawning over Elyon session, which had grown in number since Matt and Cornelia's initial debate. More students had joined in and were saying they should be the one to sit next to Elyon, which had made the redhead even more pissed.

Will jumped over the crowed of ten students, and landed on the spot of the desk that was in front of Elyon. Will then knelt down and glared at Elyon, which the petite blond returned. This was getting shouts of protest from those in the small mob, since they did not approve of anyone who did not show Elyon 'proper respect'.

Too bad for both girls, a boy who was sitting right behind where Will was crouching down on the desk, accidentally bumped Will and her face fell right into Elyon's. Their lips met for ten seconds, once the shock of what happened wore off, the two broke away and started acting like they had been poisoned.

Both male and female branches of the Elyon fan club were stunned at this as well. But once they recovered, rage started to swell up inside them. They were outraged that someone like Will had stolen Elyon's first kiss. The fact that Will was the same gender as Elyon also disturbed the group slightly.

Meanwhile, Will was still trying to recover from what happened when she suddenly sensed blood lust in the air. The redhead turned to see the mob of Elyon fans cracking their knuckles and had murderous look in their eyes.

"Will…." Matt started to say, while Cornelia finished the sentence, "…you are going to pay."

The mob then dove at Will, but the redhead was already on the move. Will jumped from desk-to-desk trying to keep ahead of the students that were out for her blood.

At first, Will's plan was to head for one of the two doors that led out of the classroom, but the two branches of the Elyon fan club were one step ahead of Will and had blocked those off. Those who were not cutting off Will's escape routes, were trying to herd Will into a corner, but Will was proving to be very good at avoiding for as long as possible.

In the end though, Will found her self on Dean-sensei's desk, surrounded by those who wanted to send the redheaded kunoichi to an early grave.

'No choice but to bring out the big guns, but I hope Matt won't get too hurt by it.' Will thought, as she pulled out a kunai and got ready to use the Thunder Aeon Jutsu, when voice a called out, "Alright that is enough!"

The whole class turned to see Dean Collins standing on the doorway closest to his desk, which still had two 'guards' in front of it.

The teacher looked down at these guard and issued an unspoken command for them to go sit down, which they did. The look fell on the rest of the class as well and once everyone was sitting down quietly, Dean Collins cleared his throat and started to speak.

"As curious as I am figure out why the heck you were all giving off so much blood lust that I sensed it from down the other side of the academy, let's focus on what we are here for." Dean Collins said, making the students who were not out to kill Will silently giggle, the ones who were trying kill Will glare at said redhead and made Will just cower in her seat from fear and embarrassment.

Dan cleared his throat again so to get fan club students to stop with the death glares, then started calling out the teams. After listing off teams 1 to 6, Dean called out "Team 7: Will Uzumaki; Matt Olsen…"

Will was getting ready to jump joy that she got Matt on her team and Matt was starting groan of disappointment, until their teacher called out the final name of their team. "…and Elyon Uchiha."

Upon hearing this name, Will and Matt's did a complete turn around. Will dropped back into her seat and started banging her head against her desk, while Matt was barely containing his excitement at being on Elyon team.

"Dean-sensei, how come a great ninja like me gets put on the same team as stuck up girl like Elyon?!" Will demanded, not wanting to the one the same team as the girl who would take up all of Matt's attention.

This comment made the Elyon fan club give off another wave of intent to kill toward Will, but the redhead ignored it this time, more focused on getting her answer from her Sensei, who was letting a sigh before responding to Will's outburst.

"Will, these team are created by looking at each students skills and balancing them out with others. Elyon had the highest scores in the class, while you Will, had the lowest. In others words, we put the best student with the worse student." Dean stated firmly, which got Will laughed at by the class.

Dean had not intended to humiliate Will, but he needed to crush Will objections to the line-up. All the teams were approved by the Hokage himself, so they couldn't be changed even if Dean wanted to.

'Will's true skills might be higher then her official record states, but Hokage has to have reason for insisting on this team combination. I'm sure after a few missions; Will will warm up to Elyon and vice versa.' Dean thought to himself, before calling out the next team.

"Team 8: Hay Lin Hyuuga, Irma Inuzuka and Taranee Aburame."

Will knew a little about those three and wished she could trade places with anyone of them. Or even better, trade Elyon for any one of them.

Hay Lin was a very quiet and petite girl; one Will could get along with even if she did not know her very well. The completely white eyes of said girl had creeped Will out a little when she first saw her, but Will had eventually gotten used to them.

Irma on the other hand, Will knew fairly well. The two had had a small friendship, she knew the girl was playful and sometimes even louder then she was. Will also liked Irma's canine partner Akamaru, who she played with during lunch break everyone once and a while.

The one person of the three who will was unsure about, was Taranee. Taranee was even quieter than Hay Lin. The dark skinned girl often preferred solitude instead of being with her classmates. To add to the mysteries aura the girl already had, was the long gray coat with the high collar and the sunglasses she always wore. It made it hard to tell Taranee could even smile, let alone talk!

'Still prefer Taranee over Elyon, though.' Will thought bitterly, while she heard Dean-sensei skip Team 9 since he had a team with that number, and instead had called out Team 10.

"Team 10: Shikamaru Nara, Chouji Akimichi and Cornelia Hale" Hearing Cornelia clear disapproval of this team choice for her, made Will feel better about getting paired with Elyon. At least now she was not the only one did not like certain teammates.

Just as Dean finished calling out all the team assignments, the lunch bell rang.

"Alright, after lunch, you will meet up with your teams' Jonin instructor. I wish you all the best of luck." Dean told the class, before heading for the staff lunchroom.

Elyon also leaving the classroom, when Matt stopped her and asked, "Elyon, since we are on the same team, why don't we have lunch together?"

To Matt's great disappointment, Elyon just ignored him and kept walking, which Will tried to take advantage of.

"I'll have lunch with you Matt, since we are on the same team as well." Will offered happily, thinking Matt would accept since it was following the same idea Matt had.

Unfortunately Matt's reply was, "Not a chance!" and he went in search of Elyon.

'What does he see in her?!' Will screamed in her mind, hating how Matt ignored her so much for that stuck-up blond.

Just then, Will got an idea and decided to find out why Matt liked Elyon so much and show the little snob who the better ninja really was.


Elyon was having her lunch in a quiet corner of the school, which was next to an open window. She thought this would give her a moment's peace from all the annoying fans, but it was also giving Will the chance to carry out her plan.

Will climbed to window, and then dove in, to take Elyon by surprise. Since Elyon was the Rookie of the Year though, she was not so easily surprised. She grabbed Will's arm, while she, in mid leap, threw the redhead across the room into an ear by wall.

What happened next though, was not something even Elyon could predict. Just as Will hit the wall, there was a puff of smoke and large section of a wooden log appeared where Will had been.

"A substitution!" Elyon gasped out, just before she heard a series of battle cries above her. Will and four wind clones rained down on Elyon, quickly hogtying the petite blond, who was seething inside at being taken down by the class clown.

'I will get you for this Will!' Elyon screamed in her mind, as Will used a transformation jutsu to look like Elyon and then jump out the window to carry out the next phase of her plan.


Matt sat down at the bench and started eating his lunch, since he had finally given up on looking for Elyon. He was not sure how hungry he was though, since he was depressed that Elyon was still so cold towards him, even though they were teammates.

'Who am I fooling; Elyon is the last of the Uchiha. She would probably have certain standards she wants to have a person meet, before she even thinks about choosing them to be her boyfriend.' Matt thought sadly, but looked up to see 'Elyon' leaning up against, smiling at him.

In reality, this was actually Will, but Matt was so focused in the image of Elyon, he did not see through Will's transformation.

"H-H-Hi Elyon." Matt said, as a blush appeared his face while 'Elyon' walked over to where he was sitting.

"Mind if I sit down?" 'Elyon' asked, which Matt replied, "O-Of c-c-course!"

Once 'Elyon' sat down and was comfortable, she asked, "So Matt, why are you so cold to Will? She seems to like you a lot."

Matt was a bit taken back by this question, since he never expected 'Elyon' to be concerned about the likes of Will Uzumaki. But once he recovered from his minor case of shock, he replied, "She does not understand me and always getting in the way of things I'm trying to do. I wish she would just back off and leave me alone."

Will felt hurt by these words, but was using all of her skills to keep up a 'mask' to keep from revealing who she really was. "Well, we are all on the same team now. Learning to understand each other is pretty important I would think." 'Elyon' suggested, hoping to convince Matt to give her a chance, instead going after the real Elyon all the time.

Matt was silent for a moment, as if think over 'Elyon's' words, then saying, "I guess you right Elyon. But since Will is not here, how about we start with each other, and then work things out with Elyon."

Matt then took 'Elyon's' hand, which made 'Elyon' blush. The way Matt was looking in her eyes it made Will almost lose control her transformation jutsu, but she quickly realized this and got out of there.

This left a confused Matt behind, wondering if he had come on too strong. 'Well…guess since we are teammates now, I should consider a slower approach.' The clueless boy thought, still not suspecting he had been talking to an imposter.


Once Will was far enough away, she changed back and breathed a sigh of relief. "Managed to get away with out Matt finding out it was me and not Elyon he was talking to. Too bad I probably made him like Elyon even more." Will grumbled, but the realized something.

'Unless he thinks he and Elyon are friends now and he tries that stunt on her the next time he sees her! I don't like the idea of Matt getting hurt by that snob, but I bet Ms. "I'm-too-good-for-anyone" will probably act like her normal self when Matt talks to her. That should make him lose interest in her for sure!' Will happily concluded in her mind, and headed off to eat her own lunch so she would have lots of energy for when she met her new sensei.


A few hours later, Will was miserable. Elyon had not done anything other then ignore Matt, who was not putting the moves on the real Elyon like he had with the fake one. This meant no very harsh rejection and meaning will could not catch Matt on the rebound.

Add to the fact their new sensei was VERY late was only making Will's day even worse. 'Where is he?!' Will screamed in mind, getting very impatient. Eventually Will stood up and decided to set up a little something to 'welcome' their late Jounin sensei.

"Will, what are you doing?" Matt demanded in an annoyed tone of voice, as he watched Will wedge an eraser into the top of the door, just waiting to drop on the one who next opened it.

"This is the price this supposed 'sensei' of ours has to pay for being so late." Will replied with a satisfied smile on her face, as stepped back form the door and admired her work, even if it was much more simple then her regular pranks.

"The man is supposed to be a Jounin and you expect him to fall for such a simple trap? You really are as stupid as you..." Elyon started to say, when the door started to open and the eraser drop onto said person's head.

This person had silver colored hair that defied gravity, wore a mask covering the lower half of his face and the headband over one of his eyes and was dressed in a Jonin uniform, meaning he was most likely the man they had been waiting hours for...and had fallen for one of the most outdated pranks in the book.

Will laughed her head off at this, while Matt and Elyon were wondering if this man was really their new sensei. If he was, they wondering if there was a way to get him replaced.

While all this was going on, the man picked up the eraser and looked at it, before saying, "My first impression of all of you is...I really don't like you. Anyway, meet me on the roof in five minutes."

With those words, he disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving behind three very annoyed Genin.


A few minutes later, they were all on the roof, waiting for new teacher explain why there were up here. "Alright then, let's start things off by introducing our selves and get to know each other. Please tell me your name, likes, dislikes, hobbies and dreams for the future." The man asked, getting confused looks from all three students.

After a moment, Matt spoke up for the group and asked, "Why don't you start us off sensei?"

The masked Jounin nodded his head in acceptance of this request and said, "Well, my name Kakashi Hatake. As for my likes and dislikes, I don't feel like telling you that. My dreams for the future...I have never really thought of it. For my hobbies, I have lots of hobbies."

Upon hearing all this, all three Genin got anime-style sweat drops and thought in unison, 'All he told us was his name!'

"Alright then, now it's your turn. You on the left, you first." The man now known as Kakashi said and pointed at Will.

Though still annoyed of the lack of information give by her new sensei moments before, Will responded in her usually happy tone, "My name is Will Uzumaki. I like instant ramen from a cup and the ramen from the Ichiraku stand, but I hate the three minutes it takes for it to cook. My hobbies are training and trying all new flavors of ramen. As for my dream, it's for me to be the greatest Hokage ever, so people will stop disrespecting me and treat me like I'm somebody."

'She had grown up in a rather interesting way.' Kakashi mentally mused and the look at Matt and said, "Alright, you're next."

"I'm Matt Olsen and person…I mean thing that I like…" Matt started say and glanced towards Elyon, before continuing, "My hobbies are…and my dream for the future is…" Once again, Matt kept blushing and looking at a certain petite blond.

"And…what about things you hate?" Kakashi asked, hoping to get more out the boy then the fact he had a crush on one of his teammates.

"Will!" Matt stated very firmly, which made said redhead look very depressed at hearing this. She hated hearing Matt talk about her like that.

Meanwhile, Kakashi mentally sighed and thought, 'Wasn't it supposed to be the boys that are more focused on Ninja training and the girls were supposed to obsessed with boys, not the other way around?!'

But Kakashi pushed those thoughts aside and looked at Elyon and waited for her response.

After moment of meeting Kakashi, Elyon finally said in dark tone of voice, "I'm Elyon Uchiha and there are not many things I like and there many things I dislike. I have no hobbies and as for my dream…no my goal is…to revive my clan and to kill a certain someone."

Matt thought this made Elyon sound even cooler then she was before, Will was praying the certain someone Elyon wanted to kill was not her. Kakashi on the other hand looked a little concerned, since he thought she have turned out this way, given what happened all those years ago.

After giving everyone a chance to recover from the final word of Elyon's introduction, Kakashi said, "All right then, now that we know each other, go home and rest up for tomorrow's special survival training."

The three Genin looked at each other, before Matt raised his hand and asked, "Um…sensei…we have already done a great deal of survival training in the Academy, what's different about what you have planned?"

Kakashi's initial response scared all three new ninja, because started laughing evilly, before replying with a question of his own, "Are you sure you want to know?"

"What could possibly be so bad about survivals training?" Will stated, thinking it was pointless to train more when they should going out on missions tomorrow. Her two teammates looked like they agreed with Will's words, so Kakashi decided it was time to drop the bomb.

"You see, you are not exactly ninja just yet. Tomorrow, I will put you through a test and if you pass, you will become full ninja. If you fail, then you get sent back to the Academy. Also, the test…it has a sixty-six percent failure rate." Kakashi explained and watched his three potential students looked horrified at the news.

"THEN WHAT WAS THE POINT OF GOING TO THE ACEDMEY?!" Will yelled out in a mix of horror and fury, since out of all the students in the school, Will had to get over some of the difficult obstacles to just get this far, and now she finds out it was all for nothing? That angered her to no end.

After Kakashi (and two thirds of the rest of the village) waited for the ringing in his ears to stop, so he could answer Will's question, both Elyon and Matt smashed Will over the head. She was now face flat on the ground and had two large anime sized lumps where her two teammates had hit.

"To answer your question…assuming you're still alive to hear it…" Kakashi started to say, getting groan and thumbs up from Will from her spot on the ground to confirm she had not departed this world, he continued.

"…the whole point of the academy was to test to see if you had what it takes to become Genin, the test I will give you will see if you actually make it. Now head home and at training ground 7 by 6 am tomorrow, so we begin. Oh…and don't eat breakfast, you'll puke." Kakashi stated simply and he completed his final explanation and then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Elyon then left as well, though by foot, which had Matt chasing after and leaving Will to slowly get back to her feet and think, 'Did I do something in past life to get all this bad karma or am I'm paying in the place of the blasted fox?'

With that, Will went home as well, to get ready for tomorrow.


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