I want to wake up where you are…


"Oh, sweet pea!"

I looked up from my seat on the uncomfortable bed, only to find my mother and father peering in at me from outside my cage.

"Mom!" I exclaimed, jumping to my feet. I stumbled towards my parents, hands reaching out to grip the bars that separated me from my family.

"Mom! Dad!" I looked at both their faces wildly. "Rob?"

"Robert is fine, honey," my mom said gently. "He's in the hospital right now, recovering."

"Oh my god," I half sobbed. "Please- I have to go see him- did you come to get me out?"

"No," my dad said, not looking me in the eye. "We're just visiting."

"Oh," I said. I was disappointed, but not really surprised. What could my parents possibly do? All the evidence was against me… or at least that's what I had overheard from the officers.

Which is impossible, because I didn't do it.

Everyone was saying that I did it; it was me who murdered Lisa, my best friend. It was me who tried to kill Rob. Me, me, me, fuck me-

I didn't do it!

"I didn't do anything!"

My mom studied her nails, a frown etching her pretty face. "Don't say any more," she advised. "Your lawyer will be in later tonight. You can figure out what to tell the judge then."

"Huh?" I looked at them both. "You do believe me, right?"

There was a pause of uneasy silence.

"Of course," my dad said. "But you shouldn't tell us the story- not with so many people who could overhear and twist what you say. Tell your lawyer tonight; he can help you better than we can, sweetie."

"Okay," I said thickly, blinking away my tears.

"We have to leave now," mom smiled at me warmly. "We love you."

"I love you to."

I watched as they walked down the hall and left, listening to their footsteps echo around my prison…


"Hi there," the court lawyer greeted his customer warmly.

"Hello," the man greeted, his eyes hidden behind a pair of sunglasses. Slightly odd, it's true, but the lawyer was used to having odd clients.

Other than the sunglasses the man looked perfectly normal. He was sort of medium height- for a man- and, judging by his salt and pepper hair, he was middle aged.

The lawyer looked down at his paper. "It says here that you're a psychiatrist of some kind, and that you're taking one of your patients to court."

"That's right," the man said.

"May I know why?"


"Sir, I'm here to help. Nothing you say goes outside that door behind you."

"Don't worry," the man said. "You will help me- in a different way."

Then his eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed into a heap on the floor.

Meanwhile, the lawyer jerked upright, his whole body tensed. Gradually, his eyes-once a pale grey-darkened, swirling into blood red. As his eyes changed, he started to relax, flexing his arms and legs.

He grabbed the sunglasses from Eddie's limp body, placing them on his face. He then thumped Eddie over the head with a paperweight; he had to make sure that Eddie wouldn't wake up right then and cause a scene.

Then he dragged Eddie down the hall by the shoulders, and dumped him into the elevator. Once they got to the ground floor, the lawyer asked the front desk to call a cab for the man, and send him home. After all, he was gradually waking up.

The lawyer- or should I say, possessed lawyer- had no use for Eddie; the only reason he had possessed Eddie in the first place was because Eddie's soul had been recently possessed, and his mind had been open to the whole process.

He had certainly not chosen Eddie for his looks.

He shuffled back to his office to gather his papers. He had a date with the court over a certain girl tomorrow, and he had to prepare.

He was convinced that he would win.

But, he decided, better safe than sorry.

Pat looked up towards the sky.

The sun was setting now, a dark mixture of red and purple mixed with beams of bright yellow sunlight. He clutched the newspaper in his hand tighter, the ink staining his fingertips.

He flexed his muscles, enjoying the comfortable feeling of being back in his own body, rather than the small cramped body of the squirrel.

That Demon- who had come to remind Pat that time was running out- had imprisoned him in the small furry body, and then taken off. The Demon had also set Emily free, proving that the Demon was ready to fight dirty in order to win…

You see, Pat had made a deal with the Demon, a deal that he was not permitted to speak about to anyone other than the Demon himself. Which was why Pat couldn't just tell Emily everything.

He scratched his goatee thoughtfully- What had he told her again? Ah, yes. He had told her that he had sold the souls of his family for her. Which was, in fact, entirely untrue.

His mind replayed a flashback in his head, clouding his thoughts and mind:


Pat fell to his knees on the ground, snarling in pain, hands firmly clamped over his ears.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck- SHUT UP!"

The voice resounded again, that voice- so tortured, so miserable, so loud and insistent… more insistent than ever before-

"I still love you- please come back… come back… come back…"

Pat screamed in pain and misery, scratching at the dirt furiously, wishing he could dig a whole straight to his past life and hold his Emily- his beautiful Emily- in his arms. He would cuddle her, and kiss her- anything to keep her from the misery she was experiencing at that moment…

"Need some help?"

Pat looked up, startled. A smaller Demon stared at him curiously, tapping his chin.

Demons never acknowledged souls unless they wanted something from them; this made Pat very weary.

"…please…" the voice resounded again, bouncing around in his head, causing his mind to blank. He couldn't think. He couldn't think of the consequences-

"I need to go back."

The Demon nodded sagely. "Unfinished business?"


"I'll make you a deal," the Demon told him. "I'll let you go back to the earth for a whole moon cycle. During that time you have to finish up whatever needs to get done. If you can't, then I will collect my dues- the soul of a loved one."

"…come back…"

"Yes," Pat gasped, clutching his head again. "Send me back!"

So, with a wave of his hand, the demon sent him back.


Pat shook his head sadly. When he had first landed on Earth, he hadn't entirely figured out what his unfinished business was. But gradually, he had realized that he craved something…deep down… and that craving had to be fulfilled.

Pat remembered, vaguely, how hard it was to adapt to Jeff's body at first. Pat had been so weak from his journey- he could hardly keep himself in Jeff's body. And only when he had seen, heard or touched something familiar had he been able to take over Jeff's body and use it as if it were his own.

Gradually he'd gained strength, until he could completely control Jeff's body all the time.

He learned how to switch bodies; switching into that judges body had been too easy. He, as the judge, had written Jeff's pardon, which was how Jeff had gotten out of jail.

So simple.

When he had possessed Lisa-

Pat frowned slightly.

He had a feeling that if he had stayed in her body till her last breath, he would have died with her.

Death- such a horrible word for the living. Such a realistic word for him, a lost soul, with only two days left to live.

Two days left till the full moon…

Unfinished business…

He glanced down at the crumpled newspaper. On the front was Emily, his Emily-

The article said she was to have her trial tomorrow. A trial for murder.

Pat's hands shook visibly at the thought of his little Emily, sitting all alone in her cell. Part of the sentences against Emily was his fault. And he would try to help her, in any way he could.


In her cell, all alone…

If only you would love me again…


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