Wish you were here…


A soft hand brushed my shoulder, and I flinched.

"Pat?" I murmured, still half asleep.

The hand shook me awake without mercy. "Emily, it's time to go home."

"Mmm," I mumbled. I curled into a tighter ball. "I'm not leaving Pat."

"Emily!" the voice snapped. "Pat isn't here!"

I curled up into a tighter ball. "Go away."

The voice was furious now. "Emily, Pat is dead!"

I felt a pair of arms lift me up, and I snuggled into the hold. "I know," I murmured.

The voice said nothing, but I was carried to a car just outside the gate. I didn't open my eyes as I was set down on the seat.

"I don't want to go home."

"Your parents are worried sick!" I now recognized his voice. It was Jeff, my best friend. My very angry best friend. "I'm taking you home!"

"I want to sleep."

"So sleep now."

"…" I let myself drift into nothingness, trusting Jeff to get me home safely.

Hours later I woke up. Expecting my mother to come storming in screaming like a banshee, I huddled under the covers. I waited for the inevitable; but it never came.

Throwing the blankets off my face, I glanced around the room. The first thing that I noticed was that the room smelt like boy, and the second thing I noticed was that, judging by the explosion of video games, books and clothes all over the floor, I was definitely in Jeffrey's room.

Vaguely I recalled Jeff lugging me into his car. Wasn't he supposed to take me home? Why was I in his room?

I knew I was perfectly safe in his room. Jeffrey was my best friend; he'd never try to take advantage of me. In fact, he'd probably laugh if I accused him of that, and then make a joke about having incest or something. (He always called me his lil' sis. Even if I was only a month younger than him.) I'd probably laugh too; Jeff always managed to make me smile.

I pushed the heavy covers off of me and headed down the empty hallway. I could hear the sounds of dishes being knocked around; I could also smell the faint scent of Kraft Dinner, which is the only thing that Jeff could cook without burning his house down.

"Good morning sleepy head," Jeff smiled slightly as I entered the kitchen.

"Morning?" I asked, slightly surprised.

"You've been asleep since noon yesterday," Jeff said dryly. "Now sit down and eat. It's my specialty."

I sat down and grabbed the bowl of steaming cheese noodles. "Thanks for rescuing me yesterday."

Jeff shoveled a spoonful of KD into his mouth. "Your welcome."

"One whole year…"

Jeff nodded and continued to eat in silence. I watched him carefully. "So why am I here, and not at home? Did my house burn down?"

Jeff gave me a funny look, seeing as how I sounded eager about the house burning part. "Your parents had to work; I told them you were in hysterics, so they decided that I should handle it."

I frowned. "I'm not insane, you know."

"But you were."

I couldn't argue that. "How 'bout we play some video games later? James Bond?"

"Lame," Jeff groaned. "The best game to play is World War IV. You have to make strategies as well as conquer different territories, and-"

"Whatever Jeff," I couldn't help but crack a smile at his geekiness. "I just don't want to go home."


"Emily Juliana Richler!" my mother shrieked as soon as I walked into the door. I flinched, but tried to keep my composure. "Do you have any idea how worried we were?!"

"Sorry mom," I said, tiredly. Then I gave her a hug, and kissed dad on the cheek. "I'm fine."

My dad glanced up at me from his newspaper. Suddenly I noticed that his already graying hair looked a little bit more grey than usual. "Are you sure, honey?"

"Yes dad," I smiled at him, but we both knew it wasn't a real smile.

"Don't you ever take off like that again," my mother clucked, flicking her long, died blonde hair with her finger. "We were worried sick!"

"I know."

"It's been a year, Emily! A whole year!"

"I know!" I tried to control my anger, pushing it down. I turned away from my parents.

"Honey, your mother's right," my dad said gently. "Patrick's been gone for a year now. If you're still very upset about it, we could get you some help. Maybe I could take you to a psychiatrist-"

"Dad," I turned to him and took his hand. Then I took Mom's. I looked at them both, wondering if I should tell them the truth. But I decided against it. "I'm fine. I loved him, that's all. I'm having a hard time moving on, but I am moving on. Okay?"

"Alright," my dad said, defeated. My mom looked suspicious, as if she didn't really believe what I was saying.

"I'm gonna go get some sleep," I told them, pulling away. "It's been a long day."

"Goodnight, honey." My dad went back to his newspaper.

"Oh, mom-" I took a deep breath. I knew I was making a mistake. "Could you help me pick out an outfit tomorrow? I have a date."

"A date?" they both looked at me disbelievingly. Then my mom broke out in a big smile. "That's great, honey! Of course I'll help you pick your outfit out!"

"Thanks mom." I made a beeline for my room, all too ready to collapse into the familiar world of sleep.

I sighed as I stared in the mirror, watching as my mom played with my hair. "You look beautiful, sweetheart."

And I did. My petite figure was hugged by a deep purple summer dress, which reached about mid thigh. The purple brought out the purple in my eyes, as well as accented my black hair.

My makeup was very neutral; not too done up. I had threatened my mom several times when she'd tried to approach me with lipstick and various colored eye shadow.

The result was a soft, even face, long black eyelashes and neutral lips. Perfect for me, in other words.

Right now my mom was trying to figure out what to do with my hopelessly pin straight hair.

She poked several pins into my head. "Ow!"

"Sorry," she mumbled, sighing as the pins fell straight out of my too smooth hair. "I guess you'll have to leave it down."

"That's fine," I glanced at the clock. "I have to go!"

"Alright," my mom smiled at me in the mirror. "Don't forget your shoes."

I slipped on a pair of three inch heels- an effort to make me seem tall. Which I was not. In fact, I was only 5 ft 3, and I was done growing. I was shorter than most middle school kids. In fact, when I was in middle school myself, I'd been the shrimp of the class. Along with Jeff, who was constantly teased because he was short and a boy.

His size was the main reason we became friends.

I smiled slightly at the thought. Jeff was so tall now, I had to look up at him to see his face.

The doorbell rang, bringing me back to present. I kissed my mom goodbye and trotted down the hallway, and down the stairs.

"Hey," greeted a warm voice. I looked up at my date, Robert Wesley. I smiled slightly up at him as he grinned down at me nervously. He was really handsome- muscular, with soft blonde hair and a pair of startling blue eyes. He was a jock, but a quiet one. Smart, even.

Still, he wasn't really my type. The only reason I'd asked him out was because Jeff had convinced me to. Something about moving on with my life, or something.

I smiled shyly up at him.

"You look beautiful," he said. I noticed a faint blush lit up his cheeks.


He offered his arm. "Ready to go?"

"Sure thing." I looked up the stairs to see my mom smiling proudly. I turned away from her and grabbed his arm.

Rob was a careful driver. So calm, as he turned the car smoothly around the corners. I found myself comparing it to Pat's reckless driving, which had excited and scared me at the same time. Then I shook the thought away.

"So, where are we headed to?"

"I thought we could go to Mark's Café," Rob said. "It's a nice little hang out not too far from here. Is that alright?"

He sounded so concerned about my opinion. I knew that Jeff often hung out at that café, and he had said only good things about it.

"Yeah, that's fine."

The car ride passed in awkward silence. I was uneasy, uncomfortable, sitting in silence. But I didn't know what to say. I didn't really know Rob at all.

When we reached the café, I breathed a sigh of relief. Before I could even move a muscle, Rob had already gotten out of the car and opened the door for me. I found myself blushing, and remembered how Pat used to do that for me…

Sighing, I stepped out of the car and walked ahead of Robert, and into the café.

The date actually went very well. We talked about little things, like school and hobbies. I started to like him as we talked. He was so quiet and polite.

I found myself liking him more and more. For a few seconds, I even forgot about everything.

Even Pat.


I glanced up at the person who was calling me. Jeff met my eyes as he made his way towards our table.

Then I watched- I watched as his friendly gaze took in Rob's frame. His face grew darker. And darker. I swear I saw his eyes change color on the spot, from soft brown to black.

I squinted at him, trying to see if it was a trick of the light. I couldn't tell.

But something about the way he was walking- stalking- towards our table, it seemed so, well, hostile.

"Jeff?" I asked uncertainly.

"Emily, who is this boy?" he spat. I stared at him, shocked for a few seconds.

"Jeff, this is Rob. Remember? I asked him out." I looked over at my best friend, who was standing right beside me now, completely still. "Jeff, what's wrong?"

Jeff started to shake; his hands were clenched in tight fists. His eyes were trained on Rob, his mouth pressed into a thin line. Rob stared at him, alarmed.

"Hey man, you okay?" Rob asked.

Without a word, Jeff punched Rob in the face.

I stared, mouth open, as Rob toppled onto the floor, clutching his bleeding nose.

Jeff looked mad, ready to pounce on him. "Jeff! What did you do?!"

Jeff turned his head slowly towards me, a frightening smile on his face. "I punched him."

Well no shit, Sherlock.

I ran over to Rob, kneeling beside him. "Rob? Are you okay?"

"Jesus Christ," Rob swore. He glared up at Jeff. "Geez man, I didn't know she was your girlfriend!"

"Keep your hands off of my girl," Jeff hissed. "Or I'll kill you."

I stared at Jeff for a minute, a look of pure disgust on my face. "Jeff, what are you talking about?! I'm not your girlfriend!"

Jeff swung his head towards me and snarled, dark eyes boring into mine. I leaned back a bit, trying to get away from him. His strange behavior was scaring me.

By now we'd attracted the attention of the whole café. The owner, Mark, made his way over.

"I'm going to have to ask you to leave." he said, with a very unfriendly look on his face. "And don't come back."

I grabbed Rob's arm, fully intent on helping him up, but he shook me off. "Forget it Emily. I'm not dating you if you're with him."

"But I'm not dating him!" I stared at Rob, ignoring the pair of black eyes that were shooting daggers into my back. I wasn't sure what was up with Jeff, but I wasn't going to look at him until he stopped being stupid.

Rob gave me a disbelieving look, then got up and left. I stood up slowly, only to find a pair of arms wrapped around me from behind.

"I've missed you so much," Jeff murmured into my hair. I fought out of his grasp and pushed him away.

"What the fuck if your problem?!" I hissed. "That was my first date since… you know… and you just ruined it!"

I stormed out of the café and into the now empty street. Rob had taken off, leaving me with no ride home. I cursed him silently; although he had a perfect right to leave, I was still pissed.

"Come on, baby, don't be like that," Jeff had wrapped his arms around me again. "Haven't you missed me?"

"I saw you just yesterday!" I snapped. "Get off of me, Jeff. Or so help me, I'll kick you were the sun don't shine."

But he wouldn't let go. In fact, his grip became stronger. So strong that I could hardly breathe.

"I'm never letting you go." He told me, murmuring into my hair. "I love you too much."

I froze on the spot. "Wh- Wha?"

"I know I look different," Jeff purred in my ear. "But can't you sense it? Can't you sense who I am?"

"Huh?" I struggled to pull away. Jeff was acting too weird. "Jeff stop! Let go!"

His grip around me became painful.

"Don't you remember me, love?" he flipped me around and kissed me right on the lips; a chaste kiss, but it still scared me. My best friend was kissing me. This was so wrong.

"Don't you remember me?" his voice was softer now. His black eyes looked into mine.

"Emily, my beautiful Emily," he sighed. "It's me, Patrick. Your Pat."

My eyes widened, and I felt myself begin to tremble.

I looked up at him. Then I brought my knee up, kicked him where I'd threatened to.

Then I made a run for it.


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