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Without further ado, my first ten drabbles!

1. Check Yes Juliet – We The Kings

Quinn's head whipped around at the sudden sound from behind—like rock hitting glass. She turned on the couch and squinted out the dark window, beyond which rain was steadily falling.

Her eyes adjusted to the lack of light, and she saw Logan standing outside in the pouring rain, his usually perfectly-groomed hair wet and bedraggled, his muscle-shirt soaked through to the skin, clinging to his chest. Another rock was in his hand, and he would have thrown it as well if he hadn't noticed her watching.

She snuck him a small wave and a smile, glad her roommates were too captivated by an episode of Girly Cow to notice Logan's assault on their window. Logan grinned and gave a small jerk of his head, as though to say—Come on out. Quinn bit her lip and glanced back at Lola and Zoey. Sometimes she felt guilty for not telling them, but…they would never understand.

Making a split-second decision, she quickly and silently opened the window and in a moment had removed the screen. Checking one more time to make sure her friends' eyes were glued to the TV, she slipped one leg and then the other out the window, and then gave a small jump, right into Logan's arms.

He didn't say anything, just grinned and kissed her swiftly, and then he had grabbed her hand and was pulling her through cold night air and the rain, and they were running, and they were laughing.

It was madness, and she knew it. Their relationship was exciting and exhilarating and slightly scary and like nothing she had ever felt before. But she was in too deep to stop now…she didn't want to stop now.

They ran through the rain, away from the open window, two star-crossed lovers in the night.

2. Fidelity – Regina Spektor

Logan knew he had a bit of a problem with love and commitment and junk like that. He blamed it on his dad. Seven wives, numerous affairs—what sort of an example was that to set for your son?

Logan became something of a serial dater: One Date Reese. He never let his feelings get too involved, never let himself like anyone too much, never got too attached. By keeping himself from falling in love, he was also keeping himself from getting hurt. One Date Reese was safe.

But then Quinn came along.

He didn't like to think of what would have happened if she hadn't. What if he had never kissed her on the bench that day, setting a thousand fireworks off in his brain and effectively scrambling all five of his senses? What if he hadn't worked up the courage to call her the next day and ask if maybe she wouldn't mind meeting behind the math building after class? He had never sounded so unsure of himself as he had with that phone call, stumbling over his words like a kid with his first crush.

But what ifs were pointless anyway, because One Date Reese had now become One Girl Reese. One girl for the rest of his life. Because despite himself, despite his father, he had fallen in love. His walls had come tumbling down with one kiss.

It just took the right girl to do it.

3. Bad to the Bone – George Thorogood and The Destroyers

Could Dustin help it if he always fell for the bad girls?

Trisha Kirby was one fine example of that. She was bad to the bone, and he loved it. She fascinated him. How could one girl be so fearless, so reckless, so…bad?

She had no fear for consequences, or what others thought, or frankly anything. She was willing to try it all. Dustin longed for that type of bravery. No longer did he want to be the one hiding under the bleachers for fear of being beat up. He wanted to be like her…to be bad.

He never wanted to be a jerk. He knew he wasn't any good at that. He just wanted that recklessness, that fearlessness.

He just wanted the bad girl to be his.

Everyone has their secrets, things about them that absolutely contradict their nature. Dustin knew Zoey secretly loved angry rock music. Quinn actually loved beauty pageants. Michael cried at The Notebook—although that one maybe wasn't such a surprise.

And Dustin; sweet, mild-mannered, mature Dustin; smart, model student, perfect child Dustin…

Dustin dreamed of hopping on the back of a motorcycle with a leather-clad girl adorned with numerous tattoos and at least a couple body piercings.

He wanted to find a girl who was bad to the bone.

4. Makes Me Happy – Drake Bell

After the cheating incident at PCA, Vince was shipped off to Therapy Camp. He hated it at first. The counselors were overly bright and cheery. They made him make a "Happy List", for god's sake. Every evening, without fail, he had to make a list of things that had made him happy that day. This, they said, would accentuate the positive and increase optimism, making him a happier, better person, blah blah blah…Who even cared?

He had to turn in his list every night, so they knew he was actually doing the assignment. At first they despaired. His lists were short, violent, and seemed to be centered mostly around football.

But as he changed, so did the lists. They became more detailed and longer. He and the lists grew happier, more thoughtful. The day he listed "yoga class" the counselors cried of happiness.

He continued to make the lists after leaving Therapy Camp. His list on his first day back at PCA was perhaps his longest, most detailed masterpiece yet.

But the one the next day was considerably shorter.

"Lola", it said. That was all.

And every day after that, for the rest of his life, "Lola" was the first thing written on his list. It didn't matter if they had had a fight or he had won the Super Bowl or anything else…she was always a regular fixture.

Because Lola always made him happy.

5. That's How You Know – Amy Adams

Logan didn't realize he was in love all at once. It was a gradual process, not a sudden bolt of lightning or an unexpected epiphany.

It started when he found himself doing things he had never even thought about doing for a girl before. It scared him at first. He was good at love, he knew that, but most of that love had always been directed at himself. This sudden urge to make someone else happy, whatever the cost, whether or not he himself would benefit from it…it terrified him.

He supposed it was all there from day one. From before then, actually. He wouldn't have worn a dress for just anybody.

And he wouldn't have been so nice to just anybody he found crying. And he'd never been very sappy before…but now he found himself staring into her eyes and telling her how beautiful they were. He found himself picking flowers for her…even though he got in trouble with the PCA landscaper. He found himself slow dancing with her, for god's sake. In a janitor's closet. And thinking he'd never been happier while doing it. He found himself putting together secret picnics, and fretting over what type of sandwiches to pack. He did everything in the book that defined Total Sap, until he realized, slowly—he was in love.

He must be. There was no other explanation for all the things he was doing. He'd never do all this for just a crush.

Logan knew he was in love, and he found he didn't mind a bit.

6. Chemicals React – Aly & AJ

Quinn was a very scientific person. So it made sense that when she began her perplexing and intoxicating fling with Logan, she'd examine and research and dissect it from all angles. Love was no science, of course—but it could easily be related to the things and terms she understood best.

After much thought, she concluded that their relationship all came down to chemistry.

It was fitting, really. Being good at chemistry was one of the few things they had in common. And what other way was there to explain their attraction to each other? They were perhaps the strangest couple she could think of.

But it was the same way with chemistry. Elements you never thought would go together join to create something amazing and wondrous. The same thing had happened between them in that moment on the bench. He'd looked at her, and she'd looked at him, and…chemicals had reacted.

What chemicals those were, she wasn't sure. There were hormones and endorphins and other such chemicals of the body that contributed to romance…but there were also the indescribable type of chemicals. The kind of chemistry you experience when you and someone else just connect for what seems like no reason whatsoever.

Their relationship was strange and complicated, but it all came down to chemistry.

7. The Beach – All Time Low

It took quite a bit of convincing her parents, but eventually Quinn had permission to visit Logan at his beach house in Santa Barbara for a week over the summer. Her parents were mainly just happy that Mark wouldn't be visiting Seattle this year—Quinn's mother had grown quite tired of cooking so many plain baked potatoes every year.

Quinn's favorite part of the beach was the amazing opportunity it offered to view marine life in its natural habitat and research the delicate ecosystem of the ocean. Logan's favorite part of the beach was the chance to see Quinn in a bikini.

Most of their week together was spent on the beach, acting out all of those old romantic clichés: from the moonlit walks spent holding hands to the sunset swims and the kissing on the sand. They played in the surf and they napped on beach towels, sipping lemonade brought to them by Logan's butler. Logan grew tanner, and Quinn…tried to avoid burning in the sun.

By the end of the week, both their views had changed slightly—Quinn could now appreciate more about the beach than just the ecosystem, and Logan realized that not only did Quinn look really good in a bikini, but she pulled off a sarong quite well too.

8. God Only Knows – The Beach Boys

Chase wasn't completely sure how he was supposed to survive a semester apart from Zoey, while he rotted away in England and she had fun back home at PCA. He supposed it was better than having to survive the whole rest of high school without her, as had seemed the prospect when things were the other way around—she in England and he back home.

PCA really was his home; it had been ever since sixth grade. He was grateful for many things about it, but there was one thing he placed above all the rest…the fact that they had begun letting girls attend for his eighth grade year.

If that had never happened, he would never have met Zoey. And if he hadn't met Zoey…well, God only knew what life would be without her.

Life would still go on for their semester apart. He could survive it by remembering that it would end, that he'd be back with Zoey eventually.

God only knew how he would survive if it wasn't for that.

9. Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

It rained a lot in England.

This was one of the things Chase noticed most, more than the unfamiliar food and the people driving on the wrong side of the road and the strange way in which they talked. At PCA, the sun had been a constant; most days were bright and warm and winter barely made an appearance. Here, rain was the constant, and most days were overcast and grey and gloomy. He missed the sun almost as much as he missed his friends.

The airplane raced the sun home on Chase's flight from London to New York. It felt like the first time he'd seen it in years, in all its hot, yellow glory. As the rays penetrated the dirty plastic of the small, oval-shaped airplane window, Chase felt hope. His spirits lifted effortlessly with the sun, a sign that he really was returning home.

When Chase arrived at PCA, he was greeted with a dark sky as the moon took its nightly rotation amongst the stars. But that hardly mattered; his true welcome came in the form of his own, personal, blonde sunshine.

The rain clouds had lifted; the sunshine was here to stay.

10. You Are the Music in Me – Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron

Michael had always liked to sing.

And he was pretty good at it, too. He never got nervous at singing in front of an audience—it just came naturally to him.

Up until the time he had had to sing in front of Lisa, that is. Suddenly he was nervous and self-conscious and queasy and a whole multitude of other things she had no right to be making him feel. Unfortunately, rather than going away, these feelings instead worked wonders upon his stomach, and the next thing he knew he had thrown up all over her shoes, thus driving her into the arms of another man.

Just great.

After some rather melodramatic flute playing, however, and a go-kart race gone horribly wrong, Lisa was his, and Michael had never been happier. At the next open mic, he found that not only was he no longer nervous, but his voice actually blended perfectly with Lisa's, as well. Michael had always liked to sing.

But he loved it now.

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