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11. Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne

Zoey really didn't like Chase's girlfriend.

She had seemed all nice and sweet before. Okay, they got off to a rocky start—Zoey walking in on Chase and Rebecca making out wasn't exactly what you would call a proper introduction—but when they talked later, Rebecca had seemed so…well, nice.

She should have known it was all an act.

She couldn't believe Rebecca had threatened her. That…skunkbag!

It annoyed her so much that people couldn't accept that a guy and a girl could just be friends, without anything more going on. She and Chase had been friends for two years, and never once had there been any hint of a romantic spark between them…contrary to whatever Lola and Quinn might think. Rebecca was just a close-minded, threatening, idiotic skunkbag…

But Chase seemed so happy with her. Chase's happiness was what mattered most, after all.

Ugh. She didn't even know what she should do.

All she knew was that she really didn't like Chase's girlfriend.

12. Umbrella - Rihanna

The rain droplets hit the sidewalk with tiny splats, one after another, relentlessly showering Mr. Peters's third-period biology class, which had come outside to observe the trees. Lola could not think of a bigger waste of her time.

Luckily, though, she had thought to bring an umbrella to class—a cute yellow one that happened to match her outfit perfectly—unlike the rest of her poor, bedraggled classmates. She pitied them for half a second, then went back to feeling smug that she was the only dry one, as everyone else huddled under the trees they were supposed to be studying and shoved each other aside for the spots under the densest amount of leaves.

She vaguely heard Logan grumble something about his perfect hair getting ruined. She really didn't care about his hair issues, but then, he was the only one wearing a sleeveless shirt—in December, for crying out loud. The pity she had been feeling came involuntarily back as she watched Logan rub his hands swiftly up and down his arms for warmth in the rain.

Lola sighed. As a general rule, she didn't get along too well with Logan. She supposed they were friends, and they did have their moments free from animosity, but still…

"Logan," she called softly, so Mr. Peters wouldn't hear and know she wasn't paying attention (not that anybody really was). He looked over, and she succumbed completely to her nice side and jerked her head, motioning him to come over. He looked surprised, but then he grinned, and quickly ducked under the umbrella to stand next to her.

Lola braced herself for one of Logan's usual come-ons that would have caused her to kick him right back out, but he just whispered, "Thanks."

Lola supposed she should try being nice more often.

13. Hey There Delilah – Plain White T's

Chase figured he must be racking up a fortune on his phone bill for long-distance calls and numerous texts. Luckily, emails and IMs were free, so he didn't have to worry about that.

Zoey was in her first year of design school in New York, and Chase was working in LA as an intern at Saturday Night Live, trying to carve out a niche for himself in the entertainment-writing business while also trying to live on his very modest salary, which pretty much covered his phone bill and nothing else. He was just lucky he had such generous, well-to-do friends…as Logan constantly reminded him.

He had thought, when it first became apparent that he and Zoey would be on opposite sides of the country for a while, that maybe his semester spent in England junior year would have prepared him for their separation, but he soon found it had done nothing of the sort. It had only been about four months, and Chase thought about her constantly. More than constantly. Nothing could have prepared him for this.

But he knew they'd find a way. Their love was like that. It went through the most impossible of circumstances and always came out all the stronger. They'd see each other over Christmas…and after she graduated they'd have their whole lives together.

Focus on the positive, Chase reminded himself, as he dialed Zoey's number for the third time that day.

14. Wine Red – The Hush Sound

"Whatcha doin'?" Quinn looked up as Logan flopped down on the grass beside her, munching contentedly on a crisp red apple. She smiled.

"Studying for history," she said. "You?"

"Eatin' an apple," he said, his voice muffled as he chewed.

She laughed. "I can see that." She glanced down at her history book, then back up at Logan again. "You know, apples are some of the earliest recorded fruits in history," she said, always eager to share her knowledge in every subject.

"Really," he said absently, taking another bite of his fruit, his eyes wandering across campus.

"Apples symbolize all sorts of things in mythology and folklore," she went on, ignoring his disinterest. "Like in the Bible, it's the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Or the Swiss myth about William Tell shooting an apple from his son's head with his crossbow. Apples represent health, mystery, purity… Plus, according to Lola, you can tell if a boy's a good kisser by watching him eat an apple."

That part got Logan's attention. He looked back at her and grinned. "Really? How am I doing?" He took a large bite and chewed vigorously.

She laughed. "I don't know. Ask Lola."

Logan looked slightly discouraged as he swallowed, so she smiled and leaned closer. "I don't need to see you eat an apple to know you're a fantastic kisser," she breathed, and then closed the small gap between them and kissed him softly.

She pulled back after a minute, laughing slightly.

"What?" he asked indignantly, disappointed that she had ended the kiss.

"You taste like apple," she informed him.

15. 1234 – Feist

There came a time when Logan stopped caring about money.

It was hard to believe, really. He'd always been proud of his riches, to say the least. He'd bragged, he'd boasted, he'd flaunted and rubbed the fact in other people's faces. His money hadn't been earned through anything he'd actually done, but that was beside the point.

Quinn, though. Quinn showed him the best things in life were truly priceless. She'd proven he didn't need to buy happiness…love was free. The Beatles had had it right. "Can't buy me love", they'd said, and Quinn's love was so valuable it cost him absolutely nothing.

When he'd lost her, when he'd lost her love, when he'd lost his happiness…money still didn't matter to him anymore. Money couldn't buy him back the love he'd lost.

The one thing he truly wanted was far beyond his price range.

16. G.N.O. – Miley Cyrus

"You know, usually when a girl sits around in her pajamas eating ice cream and watching TV the day after a breakup, it's because the guy dumped her. Not the other way around."

Zoey looked up at Lola and Quinn, who had just entered the room, laden down with shopping bags.

"It was mutual," she said stubbornly, then stuck her ice cream-filled spoon back in her mouth.

Lola sighed and threw her bags onto Zoey's bed dramatically. "What is wrong with you? Prom's tomorrow—"

"I'm not going," Zoey interrupted.

"—and you're sitting here watching a Girly Cow marathon and eating Cookies'n'Cream. Something has to be done."

"I'm fine," Zoey protested.

"No, you're not," Quinn put in. "No guy is worth this."

"Well—" Lola started, but stopped when Quinn glared at her.

"We need some girl time," Quinn continued.

"Yeah. So take a shower, put on some sparkly eye shadow, and come on—we're going to Sushi Rox."

"Comfort food that's actually healthy for you," Quinn said sternly, snatching away Zoey's half-empty carton.

"But—" Zoey said weakly, but she was already being hauled to her feet.

"Up and at'ems," Lola said, slapping Zoey on the butt. Despite herself, Zoey laughed.

Maybe she could use a girl's night out. Luckily for her, she had the best of friends to do it with.

17. Good Luck Charm – Elvis Presley

Football season was long over by the time Vince returned to PCA his junior year. But he could play for the season of his senior year, which was what really counted, because that's when the college scouts came recruiting.

They lost their first game—the homecoming game—twenty-five to twelve. Lola couldn't make it to the game to watch, because she was busy decorating the gym for the homecoming dance. But she was there for the next game, and the Stingrays pulled off a stunning 30-point victory, thanks mainly in part to their quarterback—Vince.

It wasn't long before Vince noticed a pattern. The games Lola didn't attend—due to illness, homework, social plans, whatever—they tended to lose, often pretty badly. But she came to most of the games, and those were the ones PCA always won.

The team became convinced Lola was their good luck charm, and she rather liked the notion, so she did nothing to dissuade it. Vince didn't know if she was the team's good luck charm, but she was certainly his, so he made sure to get his good luck kiss before every game.

Vince went on to college football, and then professional, and not once did the pattern break. For all of the most important games of his career, Lola would be in the stands, cheering him on and blowing him kisses when he looked her way.

She beat out horseshoes, rabbits' feet, and four-leaved clovers any day.

18. Without Love – Zac Efron, Nikki Blonsky, Elijah Kelly and Amanda Bynes

Of course Logan made a big fuss about watching Hairspray with Quinn. Musicals simply weren't manly. He grumbled all the way from the video rental store to the couch, but she ignored him.

He felt slightly different once they'd watched it, though. Not that he'd ever actually admit it…but he sorta liked it. It was pretty good, in a brightly-colored, bouncy-song, message-pushing kinda way. And, despite himself, he found that he identified with one of the characters: Link.

Logan wasn't much of a self-reflector, but it did strike a chord in him when Link sang about being a selfish fool, who never looked inside himself (but the outside, he looked good!) until a certain girl came along. He could understand that. He didn't like to look back and think of his pre-Quinn self as a selfish fool, but privately, he knew there was some truth to it. And of course he'd always looked good, so that part held true.

But Quinn changed things. The selfish fool part, that is, not the good-looking part. He couldn't fathom how he'd lived before her. He could barely remember his life before she was such a big part of it. He simply could not imagine going back to that sort of Quinn-less existence. Being without her love would be like being without money, somehow, only…worse. Much worse.

So the movie wasn't a total waste, he decided afterwards. Plus, it was always what came after the movie on the couch that was his favorite part.

19. Right Where You Want Me – Jesse McCartney

At some point during the day, in between bottle-feeding the baby, getting the screaming toddler to take a nap, fielding calls from the lab, paying the bills, cleaning the house, and cooking dinner, Quinn Reese felt her husband come up behind her and wrap his arms around her, burying his face in her hair.

She laughed. "Long day?" she asked, thinking it couldn't possibly have been longer than hers.

She felt him shrug. "Kinda," he mumbled into her shoulder. She smiled and turned around in his arms, so she was facing him.

"I'm sorry," she said, gave him a quick peck, then tried to break out of his embrace to return to the stove. But he tightened his hold on her instead of letting go.

"Logan," she said faux-sternly. "Do you want me to burn dinner?"

"Dinner can wait for a second, baby," Logan smirked.

"Uh oh," she joked. "When you start using pet names, I know you want something."

"Hey," he protested. "That's not true. Well, not always…"

"That's what I thought," she laughed. He just grinned in reply and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

"I've been thinking lately," he began, trailing soft kisses along her jaw line.

"Well, that is news," Quinn said; Logan growled into her neck.

"Quiet, woman. I've been thinking lately…I could use a little time alone with you."

"It has been a while, hasn't it?" Quinn said, lifting his chin up and giving him a quick kiss. "But not right now, Logan. It's kind of inconceivable, what with dinner and Skye about to wake up any minute and—"

She was cut off as Logan kissed her, deeply and passionately. All thoughts of the potentially burning dinner fled her mind as she tangled her fingers in his hair, pulling him closer. When he finally pulled away, she was dizzy.

"After dinner then," he murmured.

"Maybe that's conceivable," she said breathlessly.

20. These Boots Are Made for Walking – Nancy Sinatra

Somewhere in between freshman and sophomore year, Lola had grown enough to warrant a whole new wardrobe. And since she was an actress, and thus was made for changing things up, she decided on a fresh new look. She'd changed her style a good five times since fourth grade. So it was time to wave goodbye to color-streaked hair and "edgy" clothing, and hello to a little something she liked to call "California chic". She was a California resident now, after all.

She had fun acquiring all her new clothes over the summer (though her mother wasn't too happy with the price tags). But the best moment came when she entered a little vintage clothing store on a whim and found the perfect pair of cowboy boots.

She wasn't entirely sure cowboy boots fit into her "California chic" theme, but she really didn't care. They were perfect: just her size, a pretty caramel color, more comfortable than her bunny slippers, more fabulous than her high heels. Ready to go with any outfit.

Lola wore them proudly out of the store. She wore them proudly the first day of PCA—and was pleased that they were the very first thing Zoey commented on. She continued to wear them proudly throughout her high school career, glad her feet had apparently stopped growing. She wore them to every play audition she went to—and later on, every TV or movie audition. She wore them to the western-themed Sadie Hawkins dance. She wore them on her first real date with Vince. She wore them every time she needed luck, or an extra splash of fabulousness.

Eventually, they got simply too worn out to wear any longer, and it was with a heavy heart that Lola stashed them permanently in the closet. Her boots, made for walking, had walked their final mile.

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