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He'd always been the thrid wheel. When Sora was old enough to realize that girls didn't have cooties, and when Kairi was old enough to notice that hey, boys aren't so icky after all, they fell in love. And they were happy together that way. Forgetting about everyone else because they had eachother.

So Riku was left by himself.

When one of the two love birds were alone, then Riku had a chance to hang with them. And it had started off fine like that. Sora would make a fool of himself, tripping over rocks and what not like he used to, and now he got to joke about how Riku should find a girlfriend so he could be happy too. But Riku was never as happy with Kairi, or any other girls, then when he was with other boys.

It was the 7th grade that Riku finally started to get feelings for another person. A boy. His name was Leon, he was in the 8th grade. When he conffessed to the other boy, he was turned down. Leon, being a nice boy, gave him a small, sad, smile.

''I'm sorry Riku. Your a nice guy, but.. I like Cloud. '' Riku frowned. ''It's fine.. hey, at least you didn't kick my ass or something. '' Leon chuckled and smiled.

''See you around, Riku '',And walked off.

It was the 10th grade that he had met him.

Roxas Marcel, 16, beautiful azure blue eyes, an innocent smile and spiked hair that all leaned to to his right, your left. All in all, the boy was absolutely perfect for Riku. But they never spoke a word to each other till half way through the year. They were assigned to work with eachother for an english project. They got together in the park to discuss the project idea, only to be distracted by other conversation.

''So I've seen you around with that one couple...Kairi and Sora was it? '' Riku smiled half heartedly. He liked the boy's voice just not the subject.

''Yeah..'' He hesitated. ''We've known each other since we were kids. I'm kinda just the third wheel though, y'know?'', Roxas looked thoughtful.

''I know exactly what you mean. In my old town, Hollow Bastion, I had these two amazing friends named Demyx and Zexion. Of course they cared about me and all, but once they got together, it was awkward for me to be there. I'm kinda happy to make a fresh start here. '' he smiled. '' there are a lot of hot guys here too.'' he blushed.

Riku smiled softly. It was nice to be understood. ''Hey Roxas..'' he trailed off. ''hnnn..?'' was the lazy reply.

''I'm really glad you moved here. '' the boy smiled. ''Yea. Me too.''

''I don't think we'll have to worry about beng third wheels anymore.''

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