Greetings my faithful (hopefully) readers

Greetings my faithful (hopefully) readers! To those who are new to my writings, welcome! To those who have read one or more of my other fics, welcome back! As you can probably deduce from the title, the story that won the poll was Kage no Naruto. To be honest, I have known that this one was going to win for a long time, it consistently held between forty five and seventy percent on the votes. Anyway I shall not bore you any further with my rambling and shall give you the full summary and the unfortunately mandatory disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, or any other anime/manga ANYWHERE! Why do you people keep asking? Honestly….

Full summary: What would have become of Naruto if the Kyuubi didn't leave him out in the cold and actually gave him some defense? The power of not sand, not fire, but shadow. Basically he will be able to manipulate shadows like Gaara manipulates sand, and he will also have a lot of shadow powers from different shows such as Gecko Moria's abilities from One Piece, Kido's abilities from Yu Yu Hakusho and others. By the way this story will have a bit more humor than my last story, no much but a little extra sarcasm. There will be Team 7 bashing, but not to such a severe degree as it was in Naruto the Chimera. I think that was mostly my irritation at Kishimoto coming out at the time. Also there will be a pairing, but I am thinking Naruto/Harem but there will only be 2-4 girls in it.

Also I am going to take a leaf from some other dude's book when it comes to OC's. Basically the guy came up with the idea to use characters from other shows and manga's, only they don't have their powers or anything like that. They just make it easier to produce a visual. I thought it was a good idea so I am going to shamelessly rip him off. I would give you the guy's name but I can not remember it. What can I say, I suck at remembering names. There will be other characters from different shows showing up throughout the story though. Mostly it will be people who had some interaction with the dude whose powers belong to Naruto now, but there will be others, so that will leave you guys something to look forward to.

Okay, that went on a little longer than I anticipated so without anything further, LET THE SHOW GO ON!


Konohagakure, October 10th


October 10th. A day that many in Konohagakure, the Village hidden in the Leaves held in utmost hatred. Why, you may ask? Simple, because that was the day that the almighty Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked the village without any warning whatsoever. Konoha's population generally believed they were above everyone else in general. After all, their village was the most powerful of the five great villages. If anything happened to threaten them then their extremely powerful ninja would protect them. They considered themselves invincible and when the Kyuubi came rushing over yonder hill, they believed that it was nothing major, that the ninja could take care of it with little difficulty. As a result, they were rather sluggish in the way of retreating to the shelters. This probably has something to do with the unprecedented massive amount of civilian casualties, but Konoha researchers have yet to give up any tangible findings. I wonder why?

Regardless, that was considered the worst day in their village's history since Orochimaru fled the village. Because not only were the civilian casualties raised through the damn roof, but the shinobi body count was right up there with it. Many a Chuunin or rookie Jounin had rushed the monster head on only to get flattened, eaten, burned to a crisp, or any combination of the three. Genin who had disobeyed orders to 'Get the fuck out of there' had also gotten the same treatment. Most looked on the bright side of that particular score though, less weaklings for Ibiki to sift though come Chuunin Exams. The battle finally ended when the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato, in a combination his infinite misplaced trust and simply great power, sealed the Kyuubi into his own son, Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, note that only two people in the world knew that that was his name aside from the Yondaime himself. He had summoned the great Shinigami to do the job and as a result he ripped the man's soul out of his chest and ate it. He seemed rather pissed off at the moment. Maybe his mumblings about 'interrupt my golf game with Kami, eh mortal? Well you got what you had coming didn't you?' had something to do with his pissed off status. Not that anyone heard him say it since he was on another plane of existence but regardless, moving on….

Now then, the current score was that a few hundred people were dead, civilians and shinobi alike and the beast was sealed into an infant. Now then, this would have been fine and dandy if it wasn't for one major factor. The fact that the recently reinstated Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Sasuke, couldn't keep his mouth shut and actually trusted a bunch a frightened and angry people to make a halfway reasonable decision. The boy could have lived a normal life, free of hatred, but the moment he told the people of the village that the Kyuubi was sealed into the boy, all Hell broke loose. The people basically rushed the balcony the old man was on yelling 'Kill the demon!' and the like, throwing empty liquor bottles at the child in question and other such violence. The Sandaime retreated to his office with the boy after ordering the ANBU to get the villagers back to their homes. The same day, a law was passed which forbade anyone from mentioning the Kyuubi or its landlord to anyone in the younger generation, especially the boy himself. After all, it wouldn't do well if the boy actually knew why he was hated, would it? No, much better to let him wonder why. He couldn't know who his parents were either, no one could. Iwa or Kumo would figure out and attempt to assassinate or kidnap him. He couldn't tell the boy either, he was to be put into an orphanage. After all, you can't trust kids these days, if you told him his father was the Yondaime he would probably go into Iwa and shout 'My dad was Konoha's Yellow Flash!' in front of everybody, wouldn't he?

Regardless of the reasons and poor judgment, the boy was put into an orphanage. It was a rather poor affair, but about half the council wanted to kill the boy and about another third of the remainder wanted him used as a weapon. Luckily he was the Hokage and could override the council to a degree. All he could do is hope the boy turned out well and became an excellent shinobi and a patriot for his village. (1)

Mind you that feeling of trust didn't last long. What may have broken that trust you may ask? It was probably when the two ANBU he had stationed to protect the boy went into his room and attempted to stab a kunai into the infant's jugular. Normally this would have killed him and Konoha would live in peace. However, the word 'attempted' was used for a reason. This reason was that the kunai was stopped mid-thrust. Not by a hand, not by any jutsu, but by a wall of solid darkness. A wall of shadow that had risen from the ground and stopped the knife cold. The shadows of the room all writhed suddenly and descended upon the two ninja. There was nothing in or around the room the next morning to prove that the two ninja were ever there. The only evidence, if you looked really closely, was in the top right corner of the ceiling and the ground near the bed.

In the top right corner of the ceiling there was a very small bloodstain. On the ground near the bed of the sleeping child was a very small piece of triangular metal. This metal was coated in blood and if you looked into it enough, you would realize that it was the point of a kunai knife.


(1) What is the old man smoking and where can I get some?

That my friends, admirers, readers, or whatever you want to call yourselves is the prologue of Kage no Naruto. Then next chapter will be put up whenever I feel like it, which should be in the next few days. Until then, press the little blue button like the angel on your shoulder is telling you to and REVIEW!

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