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Okay is the first attempt to translate one of my works, and it was damn hard!, so please be nice. The origina fan fic is in spanish here too if you want to read it. I took a sort of poetic license because these two are only pointed nose cute things.

Bye n.n

"…how much the bet is" said a pointed nose, black haired guy.

"Twenty thousand" another guy replied him

"Mmmmh"- said the black haired, soak up the cigar that he was smoking, blow very slowly" Fine then" and they sake their hands.

"Such idiot" Yelled a brown haired boy "you don't have money, or a car. What were you thinking?"

"That's because i´m going to use your´s" the black haired replies

They were in a road outside the city, every Saturday the street races lovers meeting for run, or just to see and bet .

" I hope you know what you´re doing" said the brow hair guy and give the keys of the car to the black haired, he took it pleased, get into the car, saw his rival and start running. First the other guy go ahead, but the black haired was faster and pass him very easily. Few minutes later he arrive the first to the finish were were only two boys with a black and with squared flag. He slow down the car, thinking in the twenty thousand bucks and what does he going to used it. He turned and back but before he lights a new cigar. After that his keen ears heard a estrange noise from the right side of the car, maybe it was nothing, maybe just a rabbit, but then, he could hear more, one in the back of the car, one in the left of the car. Instinctively he get down , and try to took the gun that was tied in his leg, Suddenly he has a horrible pain in the left side of his neck, lift his arm and felt a thin dart embedded deeply in the skin, he tried to take it out, but the tranquillizer was very powerful and he faint.

In the town centre a red haired young woman were in a bar with her friends, and celebrate the fact that they finish the college. Except for a girl that was only seeing the floor.

"What's the matter?" Said our young woman

"Connor doesn´t want to marry me" she replies

"Men are idiots" said the red haired.

"Did you want to dance with me?" said a handsome man to the red haired.

"Of course" she said and go with him. They dace, drink an dance a little more until have to return to their homes.

"Can I come to your house?" said the handsome man

"not tonight, i´m so drunk. Maybe tomorrow" but he kissed her "ok you can go" she said, he looked for a taxi and she stay looking in her bag for a mirror and put some makeup in her face but she saw a figure coming very quik and stealthy to her, she turned but someone cover her nose and mount with a wet handkerchief, she tried to scream, but all get dark and instant later se fall in to her aggressor arms

"I got her, over" said the mistery guy in a walki talki

"perfect" reply a man´s voice "took her to my place, but be nice it´s just a girl, over"

"as you wish" he finish.

The girl opened her eyes very slowly, trying to focus the place she was and to understand her situation. She was gagged on and tied to a black haired young man who was just awakened. The two were in similar situations before, but this one was "nice", they were in the library of a house, it was a bit dark but just because it was only the fireplace on. They move trying to release themselves and groaned desperate.

"They're awake" said a female voice

"It´s ok do it" said a man´s voice, a strangely familiar voice.

A maid come were they are and remove the tape of their mount "you can leave" said the familiar voice " and said the others that can leave too"

"Are you sure Sir?" she said but admitting her mistake add "as you ordered"

"Welcome" Said the familiar voice "i´m deeply sorry for bring you this late and in this way" the noise of a bottle been emptied was heard " But probably if I ask you to come, you will deny my invitation."

"Who the hell are you" Said the black haired

"Who am i?, someone you know very well, but if I said my name, you can't recognize me" Said the voice " I prefer to show you" . And he walked nearer them. They saw a blond pointed nose man with a trench coat, a hat, pants and boots all of the color…

"White!" screamed they surpriced

"Black, Gray!" he greeting they "What a surprice"

They move end move again he had they trapped "calm, please" he said and drank his drink

"how did you catch us?" ask Grey

"Honey, we're spies, all we know how and were get information" replies White "however Black and I were chase to each other for many years, so he knows a lot of thing about me and I know a lot of his; you were a little more difficult" and he laugh " But, just for tonight, I want to keep you anonymity safe" and go to a shalf, returned were they were and put on the girl's eyes a pair of grey sun glasses, and in the Black´s head a black hat.

"Bastard!" yelled Black " "what do you think you´re doing? Playing with us?"

"No, but is sort of funny" replies White and drank his drink

"If you're thinking to do something with us, at last be quik"asked Grey

"O c´mon, you always play with me before you give me to your leaders" said White

"Are you going to kill us?" asked Grey

"no" he reply drily, wolk slowly on the floor. Grey and Black look to each other without understand anything

"You know" started White and took a chair for sit in front of they "Is always the same: Black chase me, I chase him, both chase you Grey and silly things like that, and the White Nation give me something for my work?. No!"

"OK" said peacefully Black "You kidnapped ant tied us just because you want to say you're retiring?"

"Who talks about retiring?" Said White

"So, why we´re here?" ask Grey.

"I Want to hire you"- replies White

"What!"yelled Black and Grey

"in fact to propose you a business" said White

"Are you insane?" Asked Black "What were you thinking?"

"the investigation I made of you, shows that the Back and the Grey Nation were not very nice with you two. Moreover, we´re the best spies in the world, and a this work deserve it"

" ´kay i´m listen" Said Black

"However" Said Grey

"oh I couldn't say what's all about" He raised and wolked away, returned with some bottles and two glasses "I warn you the information is not only about you two guys, is about your friends and family, but if you don't believe me see…" and throw a pair of fotos, one showing Grey kissing a child the other showing Black with a beautiful woman.

Grey chew her lips but Black do nothing

"This id the deal" Said White "If your ask is no, you awaked safe in your beds with a file that have all your information, but I don´t guarantee don´t kept a copy or given it to my lider. You have to say yes blindly, because I don´t say anything ´til the deal is closet" he untie they

"What are you doing?" Ask Black

"What it looks like?" ask White

"do you trust in us?" Said Grey

"I trust you try to kill me" said and gave their drinks " if I die, I will fall in presence of the bests, but if don´t, you have a half an hour" he finished