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White was still waiting the others answer, his heart beating so hard that he can feel his shirt jumping in his chest "What am I done?" he things "there's so many things in this room what they can use to kill me, the poker, the chairs even the robes with I tie them, fuck! I´m an asshole", but he looks very calm.

They was still sitting, no one touched their drinks. Gray was wondering if he tells them the truth or what was he found about her, she things that she can try to escape, fight with the other two and tie them, then inform to her embassy were they where, yes, she made it. She took one of the bottles of the table and walked slowly to White it was nearly to hit him in the head, but Black took her arm and stopped her "No" he whispered

"Why?" she asks

"I want to see how far he wants to come" he replies

"Are you talking to me?" asks White "did you have an answer?"

"Sort of" said Black

"and it is?..."

"I'm in" said Black

"Great!" smile White "and what about you delight?"

"However, I have no choice" she replies

"Nice" he said "well I want you to check this very closely" and he took a remote control pointing to the paint on top of the fireplace, it moves and a television appeared . It shows a 5 floor building, the window of a 3rd floor apartment was open. Gray watching at it without care, but Black was paying all his attention, because that was his apartment. Suddenly a huge explosion blow up the place, great flames destroy the apartment and all the occupants of the building escape screaming.

"You sick bastard!" yelled Black angry and punch White in the nose

"You´re an asshole" respond White hitting him in the eye and trying to stop his nose bleeding

Black recovered and takes him of the arms beating him in the floor "What did you win blowing up my house?"

"Nothing!" yelled White take impulse and push Black forward, the two was struggle one against the other.

"so, why did you do it?" asks Black

"For saving your life" replies White

"What…?" started Black but Gray empty the ice bucket on their heads "Shut up!, Now"- she ordered.

Both get up wet and angry, Gray give an ice to Black for his eye and a handkerchief to White for his nose, take a chair, sit on it and asks White "explain"

"That tape was taken outside your house about an hour ago" he started

"Not that" Said Black "Why did you blow up my house? What do you mean with save my life?" asks Black

"First of all I didn´t Blow your house" explain White "it´s fault of the white nation and…" he sigh "I must started from the beginning: I was as always, in my office, a new gadget arrives and I have to test it, and for God´s sake! That crap it´s amazing, however, I was inform my boss but I heard him talking whit another guy" and he get out a mini tape recorder and turned it on.

"…and you tell me that you can´t finish it!" yelled the voice of the White Leader

"I told you that take the money off was the izzi part" said a voice with a very marked Latin American accent

"Yes but, you haven´t to returned it here" yelled angry the White Leader "you have no idea how much you compromise me"

" Well I don´t was the idiot who closed the Londres and Madrid account at the same time" Said the other guy "Fortunately I have some brain, all is being transferred here…" the noise of a paper was heard "slowly for don´t rise suspicions "

"is it safe?" asks the Leader

"As much as the Isla caiman" said the Latin guy "of course if you let me take it to Suiza…"

"No! is too obvious and risky" Said the Leader

"How did you go with the Interpol?, Are they still looking for me?" ask the guy

"Oh you know, isn´t easy or cheap to shut up people and delete memories, but meanwhile you work for me, you are practically invisible" Replied the leader

" Excelente!" Said the latin guy very happy "Bueno pues me retiro"

"Wait" Said the leader " what about the other job?"

"ammmh?..." and a pause " did you mean, kill the Black embassy guy?" said the latin guy

"Precisely" said the leader

"is under control, so easy. The Sunday you can see his face in the obituary section of the news papper…"

"And the tape over" said White and put the tape recorder in his pocket "he said later that, enjoys to finish all with a big BOOM!, the leader said to him that it was very well for the first salute"

"The first salute?" asks Gray

"Yes, Black is a warning" replies White

"Of what?" ask him

" have no idea" he recognized "in fact it was a miracle kidnapped you alive. I know that you were going to be attacked, but I don´t know where or when, so the only thing I think was to put a camera outside your home and follow you all the day"

"But, you are the top spy of the White Nation. Why didn´t tell you what´s happening" asks Gray

"I don´t know" he replies

"So, is that what do you want we looking for?" ask Black

"Yes, but also who was the guy in my boss office? and What are they plotted?" Said White "and that´s where you get in sweetie" Said him to Gray and hugged her " I want that you infiltrate in the white embassy"

"What don´t you do that"? ask Black

"Is too risky, they can shoot me for that, but they also will shoot me if they find out that I give all the passwords, equipment and information to a spy of the Grey Nation" he replies

"and what did I going to do?" asked Black

"They kill you and they have to believe it, so do me a favor, don´t talk to your embassy or your family, you have to keep dead for a while, sorry"

"What do we earn with all this?" asked Grey

White look down, thinking and then said "do you like this place?"

"Is not bad" said Gray

"You can keep it" he add "and kept all the information you think is value for the Gray Nation"

"And I ?" asks Black

"You´re dead" said White

"I´m not going to be dead for free" he said

" I will think in that later, well is not much time for the sunrise, it´s better if we rest" he get up and said "follow me to your room my lady" she go whit him, they leave the library, pass a living room and climb a stair, came to a room that wasn´t big but have a king size bed and a huge portrait of White in the wall.

"Is this ok?" he asked

"Fine" she look at the portrait "but you can loves you a little less"

"if I could I marry me" he said and she smiles " be careful whit the gun behind the pillow, is charged but has the safety, however you don't get overconfident and I suggest you shoot first and asks latter, have a good night"

"You too" she said

White returned to the library, Black was still in there smoking a cigar very pleasure, White took one of the drinks he made for them and said "I hate to waste things, cheers!" and drank it

Black only watch him for a while then says " so, what else?"

"What else?" asks White

"why did you really hire us?" said Black

"What do you mean?" asked White

" I know you very well Peter." Started Black "You can´t betray your leader just because, there´s something more, something that is disturbing you "

" don´t worry about it for now, Antonio" Said White "that´s my business"

"by the way" add Black "Gray is forbidden"

"What? What´s wrong with you pervert? She´s only a child!" Asks White

"Yes and both are attracted to her" Black said

"ok" said White

"Ok what? Say it!" ordered Black

"Gray is forbidden" he said "Happy?"

"not really, but is the best" Black said

"I´m tired so, good night" yawn White

" so you turn back to a rival? What if I plunged a dagger in your back" Black Said

"Oh please! i´m so tired, I want to sleep, but if it makes you happy" he takes the bottles of the table and gives Black one keeping the other "I sit here" he sit in the floor "you can rest in my back and I can rest in your back. is that ok sir?

Black sit in the floor and rest in White´s back, they spend a while in silence but…

"Peter" Said Black

"Yes Antonio?" asked White

"Thank you" he replies

"you´re welcome" Said White