"Hiya people im Tai the wind elemental" she said. "HIYA TAI, WHAT'S UP" i yelled to her."NOTHIN' WHAT'S UP WITH YOU AND THE GROUP OF MORTALS" she yelled straight back. "I'M FIGHTING THAT GROUP AND THOSE 2 ARE MY GROUP" i said pointing to the groups."OH, I SEE, AND WHO'S THAT HOTTY IN YOUR GROUP" Tai said pointing to Bankotsu. "WELL, HELLO BEAUTIFUL, MY NAME'S BANKOTSU" bankotsu yelled flirting with her. "YOU THINK I'M BEAUTIFUL,giggle WELL I THINK YOUR PRETTY CUTE TOO" she flirted back. i just rolled my eyes getting annoyed./ i liked Bankotsu and all the time they saw Tai their eyes pop out and their jaws drop it's stupid, well i do understand Tai is a drop dead beauty while i'm like almost like a boy people even thought i was a boy a couple of times, well if you look at my outfit it's is like a boys so i think i understand./ When i looked up Bankotsu was next to me and Tai infront of me. At first i jumped. "OH CRAP WHERE YOU'D COME FROM" I said alittle jumpy."you we're in a daze and i was worried, what's the matter" then i noticed InuYasha and his group we're gone then i looked back and Sango was still standing there."Oh yeah The dog boy left" "Oh Okay" "we should find Bankotsu's band then find Ours, Ok" i said "Ok" Tai said. "your band?" both Sango and Bankotsu said. "yeah what of it" i said all cool like. just then the the earth shakes. "here come whinny" both me and Tai said. "what?" Sango asked. "Hello people the beautiful maiden is here" said a girl in pink outfit with hearts all over it. "NOOOOOO" me and Tai yelled. "NOT YOU WE WANTED TO FIND TASAI FIRST NOT YOU, AI" me and tai screamed."Well sorry" said Ai.(Ai is a prep, stuck up, wimp with no fighting skills." Anyhoo i'm Ai love and light elemental"