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Tess could feel the beat of the music before she could hear it. The whole ground around the club seemed to shake. Her infamous smirk had twisted its way onto her lips. With one hand planted firmly on her hip, Tess performed a near perfect hair flip and walked through the doors.

She could feel almost every person's gaze on her as she made her way through the crowd. That thought alone was enough to lift her spirts. But, Tess was already feeling on top of the world. Not only had she practically transformed drab, boring Mitchie into a sexy, heart-stopping woman, but Tess herself was looking her best.

Since she'd given Mitchie the stunning dress, Tess had settled on wearing a tight, dark denim, mini skirt and hot pink top that enhanced what little curves she had. Her legs looked miles long with the hot pink heels she had to worn. Overall, Tess thought she looked drop dead gorgeous.

She glanced over her shoulder at Mitchie. The girl looked almost as good as Tess did herself. The dress that Tess had lent her was a dark navy blue and stopped halfway down her calf. Sure, the clevage dropped a little lower than most did, but it was still a beautiful dress. Tess had even taken Mitchie to a hair dress so they could do something about those dreadful mousy brown locks she called hair. Now, it was much darker and curled to perfection. Mitchie would definitely break a few hearts tonight.

Tess was pretty proud of herself.

"Tess! Mitchie! Over here!" A male voice called out. Tess spotted an arm waving around above the mass of dancing people. She grabbed Mitchie's arm and pulled her forward.

"Listen," Tess hissed into Mitchie's ear, "You're going to see Shane in about five minutes. Just pretend that nothing happened. And stop looking like someone put an ice cube down your pants. You look hot, so act like it." Mitchie bit her lower lip, and Tess pinced her in the side. Mitchie immediately released the hold on her lip.

"Hey, girls. What's . . . woah." Shane's eyes nearly fell out of his head as he caught sight of the two girls. Tess's smirk returned to her face.

"Eat your heart out, Gray." She shouted over the music. He grinned hungerily at them.

"Mitchie, you look . . . wow." Tess felt a moment of panic. Everything could either go exactly the way they planned it, or horribly wrong depending on how Mitchie responded to Shane. Mitchie's eyes darted to Tess's face for a fraction of a second before returning to Shane's. A grin broke out on her lips as she leaned into him.

"Tell me something I don't know." She whispered. Tess silently cheered to herself. Damn, she was good. Mitchie winked at Tess as Shane led Mitchie out onto the dance floor. Tess watched as Mitchie let out a joyous laugh when Shane wrapped his arms around her. The same pang of jealous that hit Tess the first time she saw them together returned. Except, this time it wasn't because it was Mitchie and Shane, it was just because they were both so happily in love, and Tess was still alone.

That's why she jumped nearly twenty feet in the air when a pair of arms snaked their way around Tess's waist.

"What did you do to her?" The owner's voice whispered into her hair. Tess felt her body go limp at that voice. He was the only person she'd ever know who could literally make her knees go weak. Tess turned around so that she was facing him, his arms still wrapped securely around her.

"I didn't do anything. I just gave her the means to do something herself." Nate's brows came together in a way that was so cute Tess actually found herself blushing.

"I have no clue what that means." He said, chuckling as he shook his head. The song that was blasting around them ended, just as another one was starting. "Hey, you wanna dance?" He asked in the two seconds of silence. He didn't even give her a chance to respond before pulling her onto the dance floor.

Three songs later and Tess was pretty sure her legs were about to give out.

"Nate!" She wined, resting her sweaty head on his shoulder. "I need to sit down!"

"Oh, come on, just one more song." Tess looked up into Nate's pleading eyes. Her stomach began doing flip flops and she knew there was no way she could say no.

"Fine. But, just one more!" She insisted. Nate grinned at her. The song they were dancing to ended.

It was as if the gods like to see Tess tortured. The first few notes of Lifehouse's You & Me filled the floor. Couples began to wrap themselves up in each other.

"You promised," Nate said, cocking his head to the side. Trembling, Tess stepped into Nate's embrace. Her arms found his neck, as his returned to her waist. The two began to slowly sway to the music. Tess kept her eyes looking everywhere but at Nate. "Hey," He whispered, his breath tickling her ear. "Relax. I'm not going to do anything." Tess smiled and slowly brought her eyes to meet his.

Everyone around them suddenly disappeared from sight. It was just Tess, Nate, and Jason Wade's voice. Nate's grip tighten around her waist, and Tess allowed him to pull her closer. Their eyes locked and Tess was certain that he could hear her heart pounding away in her chest.

Then, slowly, almost imperceptibly, they started leaning in towards each other. Nate's breath mingled with Tess's. There lips were centimeter's apart.

"Tess," Nate whispered. His voice was hardly above a breath, and yet Tess could hear him almost as clearly as she would've if he had yelled it.

And, suddenly Tess's entire world came rushing back to her. If it weren't for Nate's strong hold on her, she was sure she would've stumbled. It was all too much for her to handle. She couldn't breath, couldn't think. She needed space. She needed air.

She started to push away from him. Nate's eyes opened. Tess could see the confusion mixed with hurt in them.

"I'm sorry Nate." She whispered just as the last note of the song ended. Tears filled her eyes, and she knew she needed to get out of there.

"Nate!" A very loud, very angry voice shouted. Every person in the room turned to look at Nate and Tess just as a very fierce looking Alexis pushed her way through the crowd. Nate dropped his arms from Tess's side, and Tess took a step back. "What are you doing with that," Alexis sneered at Tess. "That whore."

"What?" Tess shouted, stepping forward. This girl was not going to live long. Nate grabbed Tess's arm to hold her back.

"Alexis," He said, moving around Tess so that she was behind him.

"No, don't you 'Alexis' me, you cheating scumbag." Tess let out a loud, short laugh.

"That's rich, coming from you," She hissed from behind Nate.

"What are you talking about? I would never cheat on Nate. I love him." Nate had his mouth open to retort to her, but Tess had already pushed herself around him.

"Listen to me, you little Pussy-Cat-Doll-Wannabe," Alexis gasped in outrage, but Tess just kept talking. "You lie, you cheat, and you over-react. I don't know why Nate's with you, but he deserves to know the truth." Tess turned to Nate. "She kissed Shane." A collective gasp sounded from the crowd surrounding them, and Tess realized for the first time that there was no music playing. Everyone's eyes were on Nate, waiting to see his reaction.

"I know," He said, shrugging one shoulder.

"You know,"

"It's not true, Natey-kins. Shane came onto me!" Again, the crowd gasped as their eyes searched the room for Shane. "Besides," Alexis said, trying to do the same hair-flip Tess had practiced for years. Tess rolled her eyes at the poor attempt at it. "Who could blame him, with that good-for-nothing, ugly girlfriend he has, he needed a real woman to fulfill his needs."

Tess didn't even think about what she was doing. She simply let instinct take over.

Pulling her arm back as far as it would go, Tess let it fly forward and hit Alexis squarely in the nose. A sicking crack was the only thing to be heard until Alexis hit the floor. There was a beat of silence before Alexis started screaming. But, her screams of agnoy where drowned out by the cheers coming from around them.

Tess winced and shook her hand. That's when she saw Nate from the corner of her eye. She turned to look at him. He was staring in shock at the place where Alexis lay on the ground.

"I'm so sorry, Nate." She whispered, before turning and running as far away as she could.

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