Another Zoro x Nami, but this time its only a nakamaship.

I like their interactions on all levels, so... I suppose that's why I won't be upset if they don't become a canon couple (which I highly doubt will happen, it being a shonen manga series and all). Just them ending the series on good terms with each other is fine with me.

Now, on with the story!

The first time she asks, he is in a reasonably good mood.

At his response of, "If you want," indicated by the shrug of his broad shoulders and his eyes remaining closed instead of glaring, she grins and hops up to perch next to him.

"It's the best place to watch." Comes her reason.

He cracks an eyes open.

"Watch wha-oh." He says, as he follows her line of vision to see a fiery red sunset.

Just happy she isn't annoying/yelling/fining him, he swallows his crass remarks and settles down to sleep, content.


The second time she asks, he is reasonably surprised.

"You're gonna watch it again?" His disbelieving stare plainly says.

She huffs.

"Can I, or not?"

Again with the shoulders, and again she sits.


The third time she asks, he is starting to get a little annoyed.

At first, he thinks it's because this is the third time in three days and he's never liked company when he sleeps.

Then, it comes to him.

Why does she keep asking? It's a free boat. But again, he chooses not to voice his opinion – which is more than new for him; is he going soft? – for fear of driving her away… or worse, have her use him to exert some form of Physical Violence.

She resumes her position with no further hindrance.


The fourth time, he interrupts her with a rather gruff and snappy: "Just sit."

She closes her mouth, surprised, but it only takes a few seconds for his words to register before she is only too happy to comply.


The fifth time, she doesn't ask.

Without opening his eyes, Zoro smiles.

Short and sweet. I understand technically its not the fifth time, but it kinda killed the pattern so it had to stay, haha. Now you can see why its only a nakamaship; anything more would ruin the mood and make it too sappy/corny/cliche.

Til next time!