Hello, and welcome back to the third and final story of this SonAmy series

Hello, and welcome back to the third and final story of this SonAmy series! (bows grandly) Like I said before, this story is more like a romantic comedy – there's almost no drama, but maybe some. ;) This is the prologue, so of course it's short. Anyway, please comment. By the way, in my other 2 amateur stories (especially the first. Ugh.) I kind of switched perspectives, which I found a little confusing. This story is mostly based on Amy, but it may switch to Sonic sometimes. And don't you worry. Mel wasn't put in the second story for no reason! He'll be here, too! Ah, I love that guy. (FYI, "Melgildur" means sword in case you were wondering!) This takes place 8 years after When Red Roses Bloom Yellow, so Amy is 25! Funtime!


Plunk, plunk, plunk.

The rain pelted against the windows. Amy pressed her cheek to the cold windowpane and sighed audibly. Her one day off, and her beach plans were already cancelled. She breathed warm air on the glass and drew a heart with her finger. She plopped her head into her folded arms. Could the day get any duller?

Amy's eyes widened as the mail truck pulled in front of her house and the man ran to her front steps, soaked. Amy raced to the door. The mail was here! That's exciting, right?

Amy pulled open the door and smiled. The man gave her a surly expression and handed her a pile of letters. Amy said cheerfully "Thanks!" and slammed the door in his face. The pink hedgehog sat down at the table and began to go through her mail.




A guy named Bill.


The director of musicals.


Wait! Go back…

Sure enough, there was a football sized envelope addressed to Miss Amy Rose. It was her acceptance letter! She knew it! Amy ripped open the envelope and sagged back into her seat as soon as she began to read.

Dear Miss Amy Rose,

Thank you for auditioning for this year's upcoming play, Wicked the Musical.

"They always say 'thank you' before telling you that you didn't make it," she thought bitterly.

We regret to inform you…

Amy crumpled up the letter and tossed it to the trash. Missed.

Being an actress was hard enough. Amy was almost always turned down from every play or every commercial she ever tried out for. Wicked was one of her favorite musicals, too, and she thought she would make it. All of her friends were rooting for her.

Besides the fact that she was never accepted, she wasn't paid much. If she was in more musicals or commercials, then paying the bills would be much easier. She still needed to pay Rouge back for last month. Rouge had become a successful designer and boutique owner. Go figure.

Blaze had a steady going job as a waitress at the only restaurant within walking distance, so everyone went there. She made more money with tips than Amy did as an attempted actress. Cream and Cheese worked alongside Blaze sometimes, and even helped Rouge out at the store.

Knuckles was practically rolling in the dough as a boxer. No one could beat him for his awesome gift of strength. He also helped out at construction sites moving trees and rocks with his bare hands. Amy wasn't really sure what Silver did, but it was probably something great like everybody else.

Amy felt depressed. She owed too much money and her only hope was to get a job quickly. Maybe Rouge could give her one. After all, she was the owner and had no employees, besides Cream who visited once in a while. She could pay off her bills, and could start looking for auditions in the paper while she was at it. She could even get all her friends to help her look.

The idea sounded crazy, though. Rouge was her best friend, but would she really hire her? Amy already owed her some money, anyway. Amy would have to work double time in order to pay Rouge back, and then get paid when she was finished. Amy was practically broke – would she even have enough money for food anymore? What if they shut off her power?

Amy sighed and looked out at the rainy, summer morning. It was worth a try, anyway.