Chapter 14

And so, the wedding arrived. It was a beautiful day in September, a bit cool, but the sun shone bright in the sky. No one could have picked a better date.

The maid of honor greeted the guests as they approached the shore. Rouge wore a knee-length sandy brown colored gown – spaghetti straps and a ribbon around her waist just like all the other bridesmaids. She smiled and showed the guests to their seats.

"What's up, Pat?" she waved at the perky woman.

Pat hurried up to hug Rouge. "Honey! How's life with your new hubby?"

Rouge gave a mischievous smile. "Well, technically it's been a year, so he's not that new." Rouge thought for a moment. "It was so weird. He has this really cute teddy bear on his nightstand, and 'claims' he never sleeps with it." She tried not to laugh. "His name's Pooky."

Suddenly, Knuckles came up almost out of nowhere and stared suspiciously at his wife, who just smiled sweetly.

"Uh…Rouge? They're about to start the wedding. You all set?"

The bat winked at Pat the fox and planted a kiss on Knuckles' cheek.

"Of course, darling," she cooed.

Knuckles looked pleased, but his expression changed when he looked past Rouge and behind her.

"We've got more company."

Rouge turned to see Ian White dragging his daughter across the sand. She was whining about sand in her shoes.

"…and these are new! I don't understand why we had to come, I barely even know Miss Rose!"

The gray bat shushed his daughter. "And I don't understand why you need to behave like a little child. And I told you before, Miss Rose is Auntie Rouge's best friend, and she's starring in daddy's musical, all right?"

The pretty bunny – who looked too young by the way she was acting – pouted and slumped in her seat. Rouge turned back to Knuckles and whispered in his ear, "I still can't believe Amy has the lead role!"

Knuckles nodded. "Yeah, me neither. Wicked is just such a popular musical, I guess Ian just couldn't pass it up…"

"Rouge! Knuckles! It's starting, like, now!" Blaze hissed at them. The cat was breathing heavily as if she had run for miles. Rouge grabbed her friend by the shoulders.

"Relax, Blaze!" she whispered. "Weddings always start late!" She grinned and took off down the sandy aisle to the large tent in the back where the bride was putting on the finishing touches. Rouge peeked in the flaps of the huge tent.

"You ready, Amy?" she asked proudly.

Amy turned around from her vanity and smiled.

Sonic was standing on the wooden platform. To his left stood Knuckles, Mel, Tails, Silver, and Shadow had even shown up. Knuckles leaned in.

"I'm still wondering, how did Mel get away from his planet again? He's the king, isn't he?"

Sonic nodded curtly. "Yeah, but he used the same excuse he did for your wedding last year; he needed to negotiate with our planet to stop any war." He chuckled to himself, but stopped immediately to stare forward again. His jaw was set and his fists clenched and unclenched in uneasiness. Mel leaned forward from behind the other men.

"You are anxious, Sonic," he said bluntly. Sonic never really got used to his telepathy thing.

Sonic tried to laugh a little. "Oh, is it that obvious?"

Mel smiled encouragingly. "Don't worry about it, mate. I know you love her more than anything, there's nothing to be worried about."

Sonic flushed a little. Mel was just like a father in some ways; very heartening, yet extremely embarrassing. Mel caught Sonic's emotions and let out a laugh. Knuckles covered his mouth with his hand. Even Shadow smiled.

They all shut up like little kids when the priest shushed them.

Suddenly, the beautiful violinist began to play a soft, lovely tune. (Amy had forbidden any organist to play.) Sonic tensed up, but Knuckles patted his shoulder, Mel nodded, Tails gave the thumbs-up, Silver grinned and Shadow shrugged. His friends were right behind him.

The tune continued as the little flower girl (Tails' adorable little cousin) skipped down the aisle in a pink, fluffy dress. She scattered white and red rose petals from her little basket, and the lovable flying chao in an adorable tie followed from behind as the ring-bearer. All of the ladies in the audience cooed.

Then, it was the bridesmaids' turns. They entered through the flowery arch, each embracing a flowered bouquet to their chests trailing white ribbons. Each bunch of flowers included roses of white and red symbolizing eternal love, lilies for sweetness and happiness, and baby's breath, meaning innocence. Blaze walked up first in her sandy colored, knee-length dress and short sleeves. She smiled at everyone, being of a kind soul and outgoing personality. She held Silver's gaze the longest and winked flirtatiously. The silver hedgehog shifted uneasily.

Following behind the cat was Cream the rabbit. The ribbons flew from her long ears, and her style of dress matched the one of Blaze's. She waved cutely to Tails, who flushed a bright shade of pink.

Finally, the maid of honor stepped through the archway. Rouge the bat strode through the warm sand in her flip-flops. Her dress billowed in the wind, also sending the curls in her up-do flying back almost as if in slow motion. She winked at Knuckles, who smiled affectionately back at her.

And then, the guests all stood to greet the bride. Sonic stood up a little straighter, thanking the heavens that he could actually stand on his own without the assistance of a cane anymore. He waited in strained anticipation until, at last, there she stood.

It was nearly a moment Amy stood in the flowery archway, gazing up at Sonic's face. Then, she smiled gently and took the first steps.

The blue hedgehog's heart skipped about a thousand times in that single moment. Her dress wasn't the one she dreamed about – it was reality. The sleeveless white gown traveled down to her ankles, nearly slowing like a forest stream. A small slit in the dress came up a little bit past her knee, and sonic could see that she was barefoot. It was so simple, and yet the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. Her hair had grown, and she wore it down in cascades below her shoulders, save for a few clips in her hair holding a single pearl in each, as if her hair had been blessed with the drops of morning dew. The long veil fell over her face and down the entire back of her dress. A small crown of flowers held it on her head. Amy looked up through the veil and blushed.


Amy looked up at Sonic through her veil. His bright green eyes were wide with adoration, and she had never seen him look as excited and happy in her entire life. His cobalt fur swayed in the wind, and as she approached, he held out his hand – offering her a promise, adoration, and a life of undying loyalty and the purest love. Amy handed her bouquet to her maid of honor, who took it with a look of pure pride for Amy and love. Amy beamed at the bat and turned her head back to the love of her life, standing patiently for her to take his hand, that they would share their life together, not one owning the other, but both husband and wife becoming one. With that look of pure tenderness on Sonic's face, Amy had no trouble stepping onto the wooden step of the platform in her bare feet and taking his hand.


Amy flopped down on the king size bed, exhausted after the wedding, but filled with joy and laughter inside. She had already dressed into her pajamas and out of her wedding dress, which now hung up in a plastic bag in the hotel's closet. The wedding had been perfect; the day had been perfect…she was nearly beaming with joy. She danced with every man including Mel, who she had to see off right after the wedding. Amy had promised to write him right when she and Sonic had reached their honeymoon hotel right near the beach. Once she had sent the letter, she realized she still had her wedding dress on. And here she was.

Lying on the bed, Amy's heart ached a little at missing her "big brother" Mel. She couldn't wait for his reply, but for now, the wedding night waited.

The bathroom door opened, but Sonic was still in his wedding clothes. His jacket was thrown on the ground, his white dress shirt was buttoned to below his chest, and his tie still hung loosely around his neck, as if he started to undress but had forgotten something important. Amy sat up and looked at him with a puzzled expression on her face.

"Did you see a spider?" she asked. Sonic chuckled and shook his head quickly.

"I almost forgot!" he said excitedly. Amy watched Sonic zip to his suitcase and toss things out of it. Clothes landed on the floor, and Amy reached over to pick a sock off of the bed. She giggled as he purposely tossed shirt after shirt on top of her head and she repeatedly pulled them off. When Amy was sure Sonic wasn't looking, she closed her eyes to inhale Sonic's musky scent still clinging to the shirt.

"Got it!" Sonic proclaimed, hiding something under his arm and rushing to the bed where Amy sat. He plopped down next to her and scooted closer until their legs touched. The pink hedgehog peeked at the flat square wrapped in brown paper. Sonic grinned and unveiled the book – a photo album.

Amy gave a small gasp.

"Is…is this the one your parents…?" she asked quietly.

Sonic only nodded. He opened up to the first pages, where lay a "family" picture of Sonic, Amy and their friends together at the Christmas party. Next to it, a dried up yellow rose hung. Amy pointed.

"The rose," was all she said.

The next pages were filled with more "family" photos. In one, Sonic, Knuckles and Tails all pulled such hilarious faces that Amy burst out laughing. In another, Amy and the girls were striking a Charlie's Angel pose, pretending to point guns and wearing serious expressions. A birthday party here, another there. Endless get-togethers, and even Rouge and Knuckles' wedding. Someone had even gotten a snapshot of Rouge and Knuckles kissing hard at their ceremony. Amy giggled girlishly. Her friends were the most important things, including Sonic. She would never had gotten this far without the.

She loved the pictures of Mel, standing in a corner in one photo, grinning with his arm around Sonic in another. Sonic had even taken a picture of this particular evening where Amy and Mel hugged saying goodbye.

And finally, the romantic pictures.

Countless photos taken by some unknown stranger displayed Sonic and Amy lying in the grass together, Amy helping Sonic down the street with his cane, and even one of them kissing in the moonlight. Amy blushed.

"Who took all these?" she asked in disbelief.

Sonic scratched the back of his neck. "Everyone," he admitted. "I asked all our friends to keep and eye out with a camera and well…they gave me the pictures to put in here."

Amy's mouth dropped. "How embarrassing…" she muttered, considering herself in one photo with her arms around Sonic's neck. The blue hedgehog put an arm around her.

"Consider it our wedding present," he said.

Amy looked up into his green eyes. They were finally together at last, not just in the same house and the same bed, but the same life. Sharing. As one.

The cobalt hedgehog leaned in with his eyes at half-mast. Amy's eyelids fluttered shut and her lips parted slightly in anticipation. Sonic's hand slipped upwards to caress the side of her face as he leaned in all the way in a deep kiss. Everything of the past few years seemed to rush through her mind all at once, ending here at Sonic's side. Amy's arms slid up the bare part of his chest and up to his shoulders. Her hands slid under his shirt, pushing it from his body until his entire chest was exposed. This filled them both with a new hunger and they moved closer. Amy's arms wrapped around Sonic's back and she felt something pass under her fingers. She pulled away, surprised and scared if she had hurt him and his old scars. Sonic just sat, smiling.

"I'm all right," he said, holding out his arms for another embrace.

Amy closed her eyes and thanked God for Mel and his medicine before lunging back into Sonic's warm arms. He sat crossed-legged and Amy sat foreword in his lap, her legs wrapped around his middle as they continued to kiss. Sonic's hand slid under her white nightshirt and her body felt as though a million butterflies were swarming. Slowly, Sonic leaned foreword, forcing Amy to lie down on the bed. His arms slipped under the cool pillow beneath her head as she looked up with half-closed eyes.

Sonic leaned in and whispered in her ear, "I love you, Amy Rose."

Amy shut her eyes as he bent foreword to kiss her neck before replying in a low whisper, "I love you, Sonic the Hedgehog."

They kissed, and when they broke apart, Amy smiled and pointed to the window. A shooting star streaked across the night sky in an expanse of stars and space. On the windowsill lay a single rose from a bouquet of a bride. The rose shone pure white, and in the moonlight, it almost glowed. The velvety lips of the rose touched like those of an angel.

The end.



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