Jubilee's shirt was bright green, form fitting, and spelled "Kiss me, I'm Irish" in glittery gold letters across the chest. Jono noticed this during his first drink.

He was pretty sure the shirt was lying. Didn't bother to argue the point, though - his teammates assured him that in America, everyone was Irish on St. Patrick's Day. The crowd in the bar the team had chosen for their night out all seemed to agree, anyway.

Still, he kept thinking about the shirt's message as he downed his second drink, and then his third. The fourth drink brought a decision. The fifth brought the nerve.

Pushing himself through the crowd of revelers, he walked steadily over to where Jubilee and Sofia sat chatting at the bar. "Hey, Jono!" Jubes smiled, noticing him. "What's u-mmph!" Her question was cut off by his kiss. Around them, a few of the bar patrons whooped and whistled.

"Whoa," breathed Jubes, once he'd released her. "What was that about?"

"I always do what t-shirts tell me," Jono smirked, brown eyes on her blue.

A grin spread across Jubilee's face. "I'll have to wear this shirt more often, then."