A/N: Chapter two of happy fun story! Enjoy!

Buffy walked up the steep hill, on the road surrounded buy trees. Giles, Xander Willow, and Oz flowed behind her. Spike and Angel chose to stay in the van, considering it was almost noon and they didn't want to spontaneously combust.

"You should have heard them," Willow said, "They sounded like brothers, almost."

"And where was I during all of this?" Xander asked. He would have very much liked to have seen that.

"Sleeping," replied the rest at the same time. Then, Xander began to explain that he was not sleeping. Everyone, with the exception of Buffy, objected because he was snoring. Loudly. Very loudly. Very very loudly. Xander explained he was pretending to sleep. "Even, if you were pretending" Willow said, putting air quotes around the word 'pretending', "to sleep, you then would pretend to wake up and laugh your lungs out."

Buffy and Giles were taking no part in the conversation that was taking place a few places behind them. Giles walked up the hill looking at his feet. They were wet, his feet, that is. He hated to get his feet wet. They started to grow a fungus if he kept wet shoes on to long.

Buffy looked around. It wasn't raining as hard as it was earlier, when she met Dr. Cullen. It was only drizzling. She could see the house she approached clearly. She loved it, but something about put out a bad vibe to her. The vibe told her vampire. Maybe the fact that it was a three-story Victorian that looked over a hundred years old was it. But to her, it made no sense why the vibe of vampire came off of it. The house was in perfect condition, not run-down like the other vampire mansions she'd seen. So, for the first time she could remember, she ignored it.

When she reached the porch, the door swung open. Buffy wasn't even on the steps yet but it swung open. A boy, probably seventeen, with bronze hair opened it. It was a swift movement, probably if it had been faster, she wouldn't have had seen it. His face was anxious, but when he saw Buffy, it went blank.

Edward opened the door. Someone already stood in front of him, on the steps of the porch. They're here. The feeling he had He made his face go blank. The blond teen that stood in front of him was human, but she had been around vampires, a lot. He could smell the stale scent of vampire coming off of her.

"Aaaaah, hi?!" she said. Others followed her. One, an Englishman (he had accented thoughts), called Giles, was worried about how his feet were wet. He was very smart, though, he could see all his peculiar learnings. The red head was a witch and smelled very similar to Angela, for a some extremely odd reason. The other was too weird. Edward didn't WANT to read his mind. He was very confused. None were the vampires that Alice had seen.

"We had car trouble and we were wondering…" the blond said.

"Dad called," Edward replied, "I know why you are here. Who are you?" He knew he wasn't being polite, but the love of his life… death…being…whatever…the-person-he-loved-the-most-out-of-the-people,-demons,-witches,-etc.-who-have-ever-existed's life was at stake here! He had no time to be polite!

"Um, I'm Buffy, and this is my family?" she said. Another person walked up. He smelled like dog. That was why Alice hadn't seen this group coming. Werewolf.

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