"Babe, what are you wearing tonight?" I stared at the three dressed that laid on the bed, waiting for him to reply. He had been awfully quiet today, and yesterday for that matter. Thousands of thoughts were swarming in my head as to why he hadn't been talking to me, and the only one I could ever settle on was that he knew something was up with me and my mood swings. Maria even convinced me to take a pregnancy test the other day, but when that came out negative (thankfully), I still couldn't figure out my mood swings. At least out loud. I knew it was because of my night with Jeff all those months ago. Eventually, I would tell John. Just not… now. "Should I wear the brown dress?"

He came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his lower body, and I resisted every urge I had to rip it off of him and throw him down on the bed right there. John is easily the only guy I know that takes less than twenty minutes to get ready, including a shower, and still look amazing. All he had to do was smile at me to make me feel guilty. "Brown looks nice on you," he commented. "It matches your eyes." He kissed my shoulder, "and your hair," a kiss on my neck, "and your skin…" I was only in a halter-top and track pants, so I could feel his wet body press against my back as he continued to kiss me, his hands traveling over my stomach in a teasing manner. A few seconds ago I would've wanted this, but now that I was thinking about what Jeff and I had done, I just didn't want him touching me.

"I'm being serious." I squirmed out of his grip and concentrated back on the dresses. "I want to look better than Melina, and I want your eyes on me and only me tonight."

When I held up the purple dress for him to see, he had left and retreated back to the bathroom. I could hear the water running from the sink, so I stood in the open doorway and watched him brush his teeth in his boxers. "Morrison called me a few hours ago," he managed to say. "Kelly is going to be joining us tonight, but it's not an intervention so don't say anything that'll make her feel bad about her drinking." He spit the toothpaste out and had a gulp of water from the running tap. "Miz is coming too. I guess he's Kel's date or whatever she likes. What's wrong, Candy?"

I tried not to make the disappoint on my face so noticeable when he told me Kelly was coming, but it was like an automatic reaction. It's not that I didn't like the girl, but there's just something about her that I don't trust. "Other than sunglasses, what do you think she'll be wearing?" I joked to John, except he didn't laugh. If anything, he looked offended. "It was a joke! Why aren't you laughing, it was funny."

"There's nothing funny about another person's problems, Candice. You wouldn't like it if someone made fun of your past." He walked out of the bathroom in a huff and I found myself following him back to the bedroom. "She really needs someone to listen to her, and you and the other girls just ignore her…"

"We took her shopping! Maria, Mickie, Kelly and I, we all went shopping the other day, and she had a blast. She laughed at Mickie's jokes, which are the least funny things I have ever heard, and she bought me lunch. We listened to what she had to say."

He threw a pair of dress pants on the bed, along with a shirt and looked at me from the closet. "Oh yeah? What was she saying?" He stood in front me while I sat on the bed, on top of the brown dress that I had planned on wearing tonight, waiting for my answer… I didn't have one. I could lie to him, because I've been doing enough of that lately that I could probably get away with it. "Candice?"

"Just… stuff. Diva things. How she's happy she's on Raw now, whom she thinks is cute. Just… girl stuff. Gossip." I began to dress myself in the brown dress, trying not to make eye contact with him. When I did finally look up, he was dressed and tying up his shoes. "John, why are you being so distant with me? I'm telling you answers, we're having conversations…"

His groan is what cut me off. How he ran his fingers through his short, cut hair in frustration, than balled his hands up into fists at his sides. I watched as he stood up from the floor, in pain because his knees have been bothering him, and he silently left our bedroom, after snatching the keys up to his car from the dresser we share. It took me another forty-five minutes to do my make-up and hair, which for me is record time. John had his thumbs busy on his phone when I got into the car, he was busy texting someone, and continued to do so even after I had done up my seatbelt. "We can go now," I whispered to him. It looked like he was in one of those moods where I could say something wrong at any time.

I didn't like that the entire car ride to the restaurant was in pure silence, and that we were the last couple to arrive. Morrison and Melina, along with Miz and Kelly were already sitting at a table near the back, enjoying drinks and what looked like a half-eaten appetizer. "Come join us!" Kelly had yelled from where she was, half leaning on Miz. "We saved you some spinach dip!"

"No sunglasses," John mentioned before he took a few steps in front of me. He wasn't even holding my hand in public. By the time I reached the table, I was stuck sitting next to Blondie herself. If there were an option to crawl into a hole, and never be seen again, I would have taken that chance in a second.

When the spinach dip was gone and John was well into his third drink of the night, he casually placed his phone on the table, finally letting it free from his hand. Sometimes I could swear he had that thing surgically placed in the palm, just so he knew where it was at all times. But then he decided to lean over and tell something to Morrison, and his phone taunted me right there on the table. When I was sure he was completely distracted by his own story… I stole his phone and put it in my purse as quietly as I could, until I noticed Kelly was watching me.

I could tell by the look on her face that she wasn't impressed, and she took a sip from her glass of water while she watched me zip up my purse. Before she could say anything, I excused myself to the washroom, shooting Melina a look so she would come too. She kind of knew what was going through my head right now.

"I did not just see you steal John's phone," she practically announced as we walked into the washroom. "What the hell is going through your mind? Are you going to look through it? That invasion of privacy and unless you want him to lose trust in you…"

"Oh, I got that covered," I said uneasily, digging through my purse to find it. "You cheated, haven't you?"

Her hands were placed into her jean pockets, and she put one of her high heels against the wall. She crossed her arms in front of her, "it's not something I'm proud of, but yes," she admitted, "I cheated on Johnny. With Batista, and I ruined his marriage. That's fun, knowing you helped someone break their vows. I feel like all that happens in the locker room are like, these secret romances, like what Dave and I had. No one knew about that until Lillian filed for divorce. You haven't completely ruined yourself until you're the other woman, and people know about it. Why? Have you cheated?"

"He's talking to her behind my back!" I wanted to throw the phone across the room when I saw Kelly's name show up more than five times on his recent call list. "Look at this! And if he isn't calling her…" I quit the screen and moved to the test messages. The amount of times her name showed up made me want to cry. "Why would he do this to me, behind my back? With Kelly, of all people! That blond bimbo, thinking she could just stroll into the company…"

"So you have cheated." Melina took her foot off of the wall and walked towards me, taking the phone out of my hand. "You aren't covering it up very well. Your mood swings are horrible because you're keeping it in and not telling anyone except…"

I sniffled, "Maria."

"Maria. Of all the girls in the locker room, you told her. She's trustworthy, though a little sneaky. Nice girl, I suppose. Whom did you sleep with?" She was leaning against the counter with me now, an arm around my waist. "You can tell me, I really won't tell anyone. I tell Morrison lots of things, but I know when to keep something secret." I leaned my head on her shoulder, allowing that one tear escape from my eye, only for her to wipe it away. "Well?"

"It was six months ago, when John was out with his injury. We went to that bar in Greensborough, remember? I had one too many to drink, so Jeff said I could stay at his place for the night instead of bunking with someone in their hotel room, because he wouldn't charge me. But then when he drove home, we walked in, and I just kissed him. I was lonely, John wasn't with me, I hadn't had any kind of attention since he left, and Jeff is single…" She wrapped her arms around me and allowed me to cry. I couldn't tell you if other people came in or not, because I really wasn't paying attention. Melina was comforting because she knew what I was talking about, and did her best to reassure me. It was all she had to do, because the other person that knew this never wanted to hear me talk about my night with Jeff, especially not now with an upcoming wedding. I didn't realize all I needed was someone to listen to me.

"Is everything OK in here?" Kelly walked in, much too perfect looking. Her flawless skin, cute looks and her choice of apparel this evening, of course John would be cheating on me with her. "The guys were getting worried, they ordered for you. Hope you like chicken." A joke. Melina smiled but I didn't laugh. This was much more serious than the beginning of the night had been. I noticed Kelly had her purse hanging off of her shoulder, and it perfectly matched her belt and shoes. "I brought some make-up if you want to touch up, Candice," she offered to me, putting her bag down on the counter. "I could help you if you wanted. Mickie said I did a really good job. You guys do know her and Punk are spending the five days together, right? How cute is that?"

I didn't get an opinion when Melina stepped aside and let Kelly move in. She brought out her make up kit and began to fix my make-up that I had cried off, weather I wanted her to or not. I didn't want her to, of course. If anything, I wanted to punch her right there for talking to my boyfriend so much. Then I began to think of when this wave of jealousy started to wash over me… and it was after I had cheated on John with Jeff.

Melina and Kelly were talking about backstage things, and I would laugh if Melina said something funny just to make it look like I was half paying attention. When Kelly was putting some gloss on my lips, I seriously considered biting her fingers, but resisted. I couldn't hurt my boyfriend's plaything.

She finished my make-up, gave me a hug and left, as if she had accomplished what she had came out to do. Once the door was closed, I stole the phone from Melina and walked into the third stall furthest from the entrance and stuck it in the tank part of the toilet. Putting the lid back on as perfect as I could, I put my finger in her face, "you saw nothing," I told her, not waiting for a response before I walked out the door.

The rest of dinner couldn't have gone any smoother. We shared many laughs and I managed to gather some more information about the business, which was something I hadn't been paying attention to lately. The evening was so fun; it almost made me forget about all the jealousy I felt when Kelly was around John.


We said our goodbyes, and he held my hand as we walked to his car. On the way, all he did was whisper to me about how beautiful I looked and how natural I was after my long visit in the washroom. He had pointed out how us girls seemed more bonded together after tonight, so I politely nodded my head in agreement. If only he knew what I really thought of the little blond girl, and what I want to do to her when I finally catch them, like how Melina was caught. Then, I wouldn't be the bad person, because I wasn't the one doing the heart breaking, I would be the one with the broken heart.

I laid on our bed when we got home, and he took my shoes off for me, sitting at the edge of the bed and gave me a foot massage. "That feels so good," I moaned, enjoying the feeling of not having the uncomfortable shoes on anymore. His hands moved higher, still rubbing any sore parts I had on me, which we plenty. All because of stress. All because I had cheated on him and didn't want him to find out. I could feel him move up, and it wasn't long before he began kissing my collarbone and my neck. We hadn't had a night like this since our days off began, and I could feel him against my thigh and knowing how bad he wanted it. The straps off my dress fell off my shoulders and slid down my arms as he undressed me, making me feel like I had to re-pay the favor by unbuttoning his pants.

His eyes looked down on me, I could tell he was taking in everything I had, and when he licked his lips while still staring at me, I knew exactly what he wanted to hear. "John," I whispered, sitting up and putting my hand on the back of his neck to bring him closer to me. Our lips were mere inches apart, I could feel his hot breath against me, "make love to me."