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Chapter 1-Anything But Ordinary

As we left the cafeteria, I didn't fight Emmett's firm grip. I knew if he let go even for one second I would lose self-control. I beat the monster inside of me and was able to let Emmett lead me out of the cafeteria. With some fresh air filling my lungs, I was able to think clearly. Now I could focus on what I knew I had to do. I had to get as far away from Edward Masen as humanly, or in my case, inhumanly, possible.

Emmett and I waited for our siblings out by the car. The whole time, he would not let go of me. I tried to escape, but I was no match for his iron grip. It was hard to fight the urge to go back in there and…and…I couldn't bring myself to think it. It was too horrible. How could this happen? I was immune to human blood. I didn't smell it. But this scent was irresistible, scathing my senses. It was something I had never experienced before. Now I realized what hardships my siblings faced every day. And now that I had experienced it, I wanted it, wanted him. I realized how horrible this thirst was. I needed help, and my family was my only chance. Only they understood the everlasting thirst that came with being a vampire, nonetheless "vegetarians".

When my siblings reached the car, Jasper immediately checked my emotions. He needed to make sure I wouldn't go off. Just as a precaution, Jasper jumped into the car, and Emmett threw me into the middle seat, sandwiching me between the two of them. Alice drove while Rosalie rode shotgun. She was too frustrated to drive. I knew if she got control of the car, she would most likely crash it into a tree. She was blinded by her own fury. Alice could keep a cool composure, although she was obviously seeing all the ways that I was planning on killing Edward. Emmett was merely shaking his head, wondering how this could have happened. Jasper was trying to calm down all my siblings while resisting my own personal thirst. It was the longest ride home I had ever experienced.

When we got home, I realized I had my hands balled into fists. I relaxed them, and found to my dismay, that I had imprinted the shape of my nails into my palm. Had I really been pressing that hard? I guess that because I had no longing for regular human blood, my thirst was even stronger than I knew. That just complicated things and made it a whole lot worse.

Emmett still had his steely grip on my arms and I tried to fight it. I knew it would be pointless, but I wanted to get away from my family and be alone with my thoughts. I was planning on a way out of Emmet's grip when Alice, clearly picturing my plans, said, "Come on Bella! Do you really think you had a chance against ALL of us?" I just pouted in response. My family could always keep me in line, although it wasn't always what I wanted. And right now, all I wanted was…

As we walked in the house, Emmet was still holding onto my arms, hard. I guess that Alice saw me planning to make a run for the Masen Estate. He held me all the way until we got inside, where I broke off of his grip and ran upstairs. I locked myself in my room, knowing it wouldn't help. Anybody could forcibly get in, especially a vampire with super human strength. I flopped down on the couch, hearing their voices downstairs argue over what to do with me. Although I couldn't hear their whole conversation, I couldn't definitely pick up the important parts…

"…I can't believe her…"

"…It's not her fault…"

"…should've seen what she was planning…"

"…tried to fight my grip, and she was fighting hard…"

I tuned out their voices. I didn't want to hear what they had to say. They would come up and confront me soon enough. After a few minutes, their voices quieted, and I heard Carlisle walking up the stairs at a normal human pace, oddly enough. I guess he was deliberating on what to do. He walked slowly when he couldn't come up with the best solution.

"Bells?" Carlisle called. I got up and unlocked the door. "You want to tell me what happened?"

I sighed. "Only if Esme is here, too." She appeared in the doorway in a flash and shut the door behind her as she walked in.

"Hey Bells," She said softly. She sat down next to me on the couch and I rested my head on her shoulder. "You want to tell us what happened?"

"I thought everybody already told you." I mumbled. This was going to be tough. My word against theirs.

"Well, they can only tell us what they saw happen to you. They can't tell us what happened from a first person narrative." He had a point.

"Promise you won't overreact?" I said, looking at both of my parents.

"Promise," they said simultaneously.

"Well, it was just a normal day…" As, I started to tell my side of the story, I drifted into a flashback…

It had been a normal day. A sleepless vampire night spent watching movies with my family and having Alice pick out what I was going to wear to school. As we drove into the parking lot, Jasper had a weird look come across his face.

"What's with you, Jasper? You look kind of funny." Asked Alice.

"Ha-ha, Jasper looks funny!" laughed Emmett.(should I get rid of this line?)

"Shut up Emmett. That wasn't even that funny." Commanded Rosalie.

"All of you, be quiet and let Jasper talk!" I shouted. Man, my family could be annoying!

"Well, It's just that, this is so weird. All of a sudden I'm getting excited vibes from the rest of the school." We all gave him questioning looks. "Yeah, I don't get it either."

"I do!" squealed Alice. We all turned to look at our psychic sister.

"Well…?" I prompted. What was going on?

"You'll find out soon enough! And we're going to have a lot of fun at lunch today!" She leaped gracefully out of the car and skipped off to her first class.

"Well that was weird." Rosalie said, stating the obvious. "What do you think is up with her?"

"Does anyone ever know?" Emmet laughed.

We all laughed at our goofy sister as we parted ways and headed to our first period classes. I was all alone now. Oh, sure, the rest of my family got to have classes with each other, but I had to be left out? Although, I must admit, I like to be by myself and just think sometimes.

Making it through the morning was tough. There was all this incessant gossip over some guy. I got bored in study hall, so as I wrote my paper, I allowed my vampire hearing to pick up tidbits of conversations.

"…seen the new guy?..."

"…gorgeous hair!..."

"…beautiful green eyes!..."

"…he's so bold. Maybe he'll ask me to the dance?..."

"Edward Masen is the most beautiful person I have ever seen in my entire life!" Someone squealed. Ouch! I guess I was focusing too much because my ears started to hurt.

So that's where all the excitement that Jasper was feeling came from. A new kid in school. And apparently, the girls thought he was gorgeous. Most likely he was just some average guy who everybody stares at because he's a brand new shiny toy to play with.

The morning dragged on with girls talking non-stop about this Masen boy. I had already forgotten his first name. This was incredibly boring. Fortunately, lunch rolled around soon enough.

"Alice!" I hissed. "Hurry up!" She was getting her food. She was the last one to come into the cafeteria of our family. I wonder if she did that on purpose, to keep up the suspense. I hated that. We were about to attack her with questions, when she held up a hand to tell us that she was finally going to tell us what was up. Of course she saw us bombarding her with questions.

"Fine! I'll tell you guys what's going on. You take all the fun out of it though…" She mumbled. "Okay, well, have any of you heard the news?"

"You mean that new guy?" I asked. Alice nodded. "Yeah, what about him?"

"Just open your ears and listen for him. You'll find out soon enough."

We all, gave each other questioning looks, then shrugged and focused on the voices around us. I thought I would hear the new guy, but instead I heard Mike Newton.

"They really don't like company. I mean, they've only sat with each other for two years. I wouldn't disturb the peace. Really."

"Well, Mike," A different voice answered, "I think that I should be friendly to everyone here. It's no fun making enemies on my first day. I mean, what do I have to lose?"

So that was it. The Masen boy was going to approach us. Well, I understood her amusement and bewilderment at the new kid's attitude. He really was something else. I couldn't blame her for her excitement though. This really could be interesting. Better remember this moment. It would be a first and possibly a last attempt at making peace with the Cullen's.

Well, after he walked in front of the vent, it would be a last anything for him. His scent killed me, attacked me. The venom filled my mouth, the malicious scent burning my nostrils, filling me with the smell that came off of his skin, radiating off of every pore.

That heart would undoubtedly stop beating today. It was inevitable, for he had the sweetest blood that I had ever smelled. I was losing self-control. I had to figure out how I would do this. I couldn't expose all of us. Perhaps I would accept his invitation of friendship, ask his opinion on a CD. We could go out to my car, and that would be the last of him. But, as I was plotting, I hadn't factored in that there were four vampires sitting right next to me, one that could sense my emotions, one that could see what I was planning, and two who could easily restrain me. For, as Edward came closer, everything happened instantly.

Jasper, who could sense that I was ready to kill, silently informed Alice, who was already having visions of the many ways I was planning on killing him. Alice told Emmet, and he immediately stood up and grabbed me by the elbow, pulling me out of the cafeteria. As I was being pulled out (damn, Emmet was strong!), I heard Alice telling Edward about an urgent family meeting. She swiftly followed Emmet and me out of the cafeteria, pulling Jasper and Rosalie with her.

I shook myself out of my flashback. After that was when we went out to the car.

"Do you see my problem now, Carlisle?" I asked in an exasperated voice. "I can't stop thinking about him and his blood! What am I going to do? I mean, aren't I supposed to be immune to human blood? I thought that was my power!"

"Bella, we all thought it was your power. You can't blame us for something none of us could see coming," reprimanded Esme.

"I know, I know." I shook my head sorrowfully.

"Listen, Carlisle and I will talk it over and come up with some options to help you deal with this problem, okay?" comforted Esme. They stepped out of my room and out into the hall.

They were back within ten seconds. When you're a vampire, you have super fast/super human skills. A conversation was no big deal.

"Well Bella, we have a few options for you." Carlisle paused; I could tell this was hard for him. "One: you could give in to your senses." I shuddered. He could tell I didn't like that one.

"Well, Bella, it's not the best scenario that we've been thrown into, and with this being so new, we're not sure you could handle being around him." Esme said. I looked in her eyes and saw nothing but love and concern. I hung my head in shame.

"Option two," Carlisle continued. "Tanya and her clan in Denali are always there with welcoming arms, and I have a full tank of gas in my car…" Carlisle trailed off. I knew this was the best option. I had to leave. Now. I thanked him, and asked him to tell everybody that I would be back soon. I knew I would be able to conquer this, but I also knew it would take some time.

I took the keys dangling from his hand and ran to the garage. I jumped into the car, threw the keys into ignition, and hit 80 by the time I was on the main street, hitting 100 by the time I was on the highway. I opened the windows, letting the nice, fresh air wash over me. It would be okay. I was going to be fine.

I accelerated into the horizon.