A new one by Miss Massacre

Authors Note: During that month (or more?) without a computer, I began handwriting a story. At first I wasn't sure if I liked it, but as it went on (which is pretty far now) I realized I liked it and maybe I should put it out there. I have fourteen chapters to date, eleven of those typed, and I've been slacking the last couple of weeks. The narration in the story is constantly changing, and since seeing the fourth season I've changed things.

Reviews are more than appreciated.

Set after 'My Hometown'. Narrations rotate.

Jude left New Brunswick and Tommy came back, but after his return Jude walks in on something horrifying and she fled Toronto with the aid of Darius and Sadie, taking on a new alias. All is right once she's settled in, but after a year or so of hiding Jommy runs into one another at a party with her boyfriend of almost one year. Things get shaky then, tearing Jude between who she was and who she is now and when it comes to telling her current the truth - she's not sure she can do it. Until word leaks to the press of her whereabouts causing an uproar in not only the music world, but Jude's double life as well. When she left Toronto, she was in high hopes to become a strong person - that maybe taking on a new alias would erase her weakness, but she quickly learns that is not the case when she's left with the decision of returning to Toronto with Tommy or staying in New York.

Snip It's:

I'm still not sure I should be going to this industry party. I mean I've only been with Lucas for eight months and he's already showing around his work and double dating - not that it bothers me...See the thing that bothers me is that it's a music indstry party and the big wigs'll be there. I cannot having anyone recognize me because I probably know half of them! But looking back in the mirror at my appearance, I realize I don't even recognize myself.

A year and a half - eighteen god foresaken months - and I still don't feel like the same Tom Quincy. I don't think I'll ever be right until she comes back to me. I know they know something - something they're not telling me...My therapist says I need an outlet for my anger or pain, whatever, they think I have that acute paranoia. You see what she's reduced me to? I'm fucking my whole emotional field by talking to those wacko's...Got some industry party tonight, Darius thinks this label will be the 'next best thing', but with a name like theirs I doubt any of their artists would make Top 100.

The rain that had fell earlier that day gave a chill to the air causing the guests to huddle inside, away from any outdoor entrances. After seeing him she broke away from the conversation, claiming to need fresh air, and retreated to the balcony to smoke...Her breath hitched in her throat as she heard someone approach. She knew it was him - no one could deny the prescense of Tommy Quincy.

It was past last call when I found Sam in my office, curled up in one front of my desk. Even in the dim darkness, she shines...I know she thinks I'm blind, but it's quite the contrary. I notice every pained smile, far off look, and half-hearted laugh she gives. It's as if she has this other dimension to her.

I think I just swallowed my heart. Did I really just use the L-word with Lucas?! Eep, seems I have. He cups my cheek and kisses me passionately. That's enough to make me shut up. As I lean in to kiss him again, my ringtone 'Little Miss Obsessive' goes off. Of course it's from my never released 4th album. Recorded here in New York. I turn over and snatch the phone from the nightstand pressing talk without checking the caller ID. On the other end I hear a heavy breathing and my pulse quickens. I pull the phone away from my ear to look at the caller ID.


It was quarter after noon when she wandered into the resturaunt, her black hair whipping around from the wind. She quickly spotted Tommy in the back and sauntered to the table he sat at.

"Hi..." he greeted, looking up at her uneasily.

"Hey," she said, taking a seat across from him and pressing a smile on. She flipped open the menu, keeping her eyes on their choices though she already knew what she was going to order.

"How're things?" he asked, lifting the porcelain cup to his lips and taking a sip.

"Just peachy, you?" she kept her eyes on the menu, afraid her resolve would slip if she looked at him head on.

"Quite the opposite..." he extended his hand across the table, pushing her menu down. "I miss you like hell Jude."

Those were snip-its from the first six chapters. I like to hear feedback, so if I get more than four reviews I'll post two chapters tomorrow.