I don't own Naruto

I don't own Naruto.


A man and women appeared in front of the north gate of Kohona.

The man wore red bandages around his chest to the top of his navel with a black vest over them. He had on regular black pants that any ninja would wear and the regular shoes too, but they were red. On the back of his vest he had a swirl stating one of his clans. He had a five foot length, 13 inch wide sword strapped to his back. On the sword was a blue nine tailed fox that glowed red. He had two kunai pouches. One shuriken pouch. He also had others, but I won't go into those now.

He had blond hair with blue highlights, blue eyes that had red around the edges and around his slit (like a cat) pupil. He had three whisker marks on each cheek, he also had claw like nails along with canine sharp teeth.

The woman's top was a piece of cloth that went across her shoulder and rapped around the other side of her chest. It was pulled together and tied with a casual obi or sash right above her navel. She had a belt that was snug on her right hip that went down to about the middle of her thigh. From the center to around the right hip, and stopped in thee center of her left hip, a piece of fabric hung. It ended 5 inches below her knee. The only thing you could see on her left side was from the top of her hip the center of her thigh were red bandages, along with a knife strapped to her thigh. Instead of regular shoes she had four inch high heel boots. She also had a sword but it was tied on her right hip. She had two kunai and one shuriken pouches.

She had fire red hair that was held together with a fire and water chopsticks (one symbolize fire the other water), the rest of her hair came out the center of the bun and went down her back and stopped at the middle of her back. She had red eyes with a slit pupil. She also had claws and sharp canine teeth. She had red eye shadow and red lip gloss on.

The woman looked at the man and said

"You ready?"

"Yup. Let's go." The man replied and they walked through the gates undetected. As they walked towards the Hokage tower everyone stopped what they were doing and watched them in shock.

"They act like they have never seen new comers." The woman said. The man laughed. It was a low laugh that made the all women blush.

"How does it feel to be back home?" the woman asked. The man scowled and said

"Nauseating." The woman laughed. This time the men looked. Then the man put his arm around the woman's waist as a group of kids came towards them. Right before the group got to them they disappeared in a swirl of water and fire. Then one of the kids in the group said

"Who we're they?"

"I don't know." The girl with pink hair answered. Then the group went towards the academy getting ready for their test.

The third was reading his Ica Ica Paradise book when a swirl of water and fire appeared in front of his desk. When the water and fire disappeared there stood a man and woman. He put his book away and looked at the two. Then a man with a scar walked into the room and shut the door then he realized he and the Hokage weren't the only one's there.

"Who are you?" the third asked them. The man looked at the Hokage. Then said

"Did you really forget me old man?" the third's and Iruka's eyes widened. And the man smirked.

"N-Naruto?!" they both said. The man now known as Naruto smiled a foxy grin and said

"The one and only." The third smiled and got up and went up to the boy and hugged him. When he was done he went back to his desk and Iruka went up to Naruto and hugged him.

"I missed you." He said. Naruto smiled and hugged him back, a little too hard.

"C-can't breathe." Naruto let go.

"I missed you too Iruka- sensei. Sorry about that." He laughed. The girl smiled.

"He forgets how strong he is sometimes." She said as she giggled. The third and Iruka looked at her and raised eyebrows.

"O I forgot! This is Kyuu-chan, she's my girlfriend." The third and Iruka smiled.

"Congratulations." They said witch made the couple blush. They all laughed.

"Where have you been Naruto? And why did you leave?" Then Naruto's face darkened.

"Training. I was almost killed." The third frowned.

"Explain." He said.

"When I was 5 I was playing in the play ground and a bunch of villagers came and attacked me. When I was on the brink of death they threw me out side they gates. When they we're done they left me there and I fell unconscious.

While I was unconscious I found my self in front of a huge cage. That was when I found out about the nine tailed fox being sealed in me." The third and Iruka paled. "When I came back it turns out that Kisame Hoshigaki saved me from death.

"He also was the first one to train me, he trained me in water jutsus, and he taught me swordsmanship. I met a few other missing nin who taught me stuff too. Then Kyuubi taught me some stuff also. Anyways I have been training since I was four. I traveld with Kisame for 5 years, when we we're travelin we met up with Itachi Uchiha too.

"He taught me stuff too; also since he trained me the sharingan doesn't effect me. I also met Sasori of the sand, Deidara of, hmm... I don't remember. I also met Hiden and Zetsu too. They all trained me too. Anyways when they we're all done they had to leave so me and Kyuu-chan headed this way.

"Are we in time to take the genin test?" he finished. All the third and Iruka do was nod their heads.

"Iruka isn't that supposed to be starting in a couple minutes?"

"Yes it is. Come on Naruto and Kyuu-chan wasn't it?" Kyuu nodded her head. And the three went to the academy.

"I wonder where Iruka-sensei is." Asked a girl with blond hair. A girl with pink hair nodded her head in agreement.

"He went to tell the Hokage about that strange couple." Said a boy with a pineapple due said. The boy next to him with to triangles on his face was about to say something when the door opened.

"Iruka-sensei!" said the girl with pink hair.

"I'm sorry we are late." He said. Then the girl with blond hair said

"What do you mean 'we' it's only you." Then Iruka smiled and said

"They should be he-." As he was about to finish a swirl of water and fire appeared next to Iruka. As it was dyeing down Iruka said

"here they are." Everyone gasped. It was the couple they saw earlier. The two just looked at them.

"You see him." Asked the girl.

"yup." Said the boy. "this should be interesting."

"Don't for get what he said though."

"right. I guess it won't be interesting until the exam then." And the boy sighed and the girl laughed.

"Would you two please introduce your self's." Iruka said.

"Eh?! O right." Said the boy.

"I'm Naruto." He said with a bored tone. He then herd

"Loser." Then he was gone.

"Hmm." And everyone looked behind the boy who said loser. There was Naruto behind him, inspecting him.

"What?!" asked the boy.

"Saskue Uchiha disgrace to the Uchiha clan, emo prick, avenger, weak…" he paused and smirked then continued "gay." Then he wasn't there behind him when Saskue went to attack him.

Then in the blink of an eye Naruto was coming up from the ground and stood beside Iruka and girl. Then the girls with blond and pink hair yelled

"SASKUE-KUN IS NOT GAY!" the boy just sighed.

"Whatever. When you really think about it, it would make a lot of since, Ino Yamanaka, Sakura Haruno." The two gasped.

"What are you thinking Naru-chan?" asked the girl.

"I'm thinking… why would Itachi let his little brother live? Really look at him." Then Saskue stood up and yelled while throwing a kunai

"Who are you really?!" Naruto caught the kunai in his hand, witch everyone gasped at even Iruka and answered

"A friend of your brother's." with a smirk on his face. That just made him madder. Then before he could yell the boy with the pineapple due asked

"Who is she?"

"I am Kyuu-san, Shikamaru Nara." The boy nodded his head.

"Can we start now?" Naruto asked. Iruka nodded his head yes and they began.

(I'm not gonna write about this cause you can figure it out, Kyuu and Naruto passed with flyin colors, also I am too lazy.)

To celebrate Naruto and Kyuu went to the ramen stand. Then they went to look for an apartment. When they were all done they went to sleep. They had to wake up early so that they could train a little before they went to find out what team them would be on.

This is the 1st chapie! I hope you liked it! Let me know what you think!

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