Title: Bionicle X SD Gundam – Fighting Dreamers

Author: LJ

Summery: (Crossover with Bionicle) The SD Gundam Crew land upon a world with an endless sea and an island paradise. Little do they know that the shadows of evil have crept across this land as well.

Rating: PG (possibly PG-13 in later chapters)

Pairings: Gali/Tahu, Bakunetsumaru/Zero, Jaller/Hahli, Matau/Nokama

Author's note: I don't have a clue…I seriously don't. It works (?) go with it! An excuse to write Bionicle and SDG in the same story that's really all it is. Takes place after Season two of SD Gundam Force, and after the first Bionicle Movie but before they move to Metru-Nui. Also inspired by listening to "Go! Fighting Dreamers" on YouTube. As usual Flames will be dealt with by Tahu or Bakunetsumaru, whoever gets their first, constructive criticism will be given flowers by Zero and praise by Gali. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I own nothing! Bionicle is owned by Lego, SD Gundam Force is owned by Sunrise/BANDAI.

Chapter One:

"There's a problem with the navigation system." Captain said with a frown. RAIMI made a sad face on the screen.

"I am very sorry, Captain Gundam. The malfunction has just come to my attention." Bakunetsumaru groaned and slumped in his chair making a very childish sound.

"I can't believe it, why couldn't they find this back at the base in Neotopia?" he growled. Zero gave his boyfriend a look and sighed shaking his head.

"It seems to be our luck any more, Baku. If they found it back in Neotopia, there would have been something even more serious wrong with the ship later."

"I think it's called Murphy's law, Zero." Shute said looking over the wiring just as frustrated as his three friends. "Either way, I think we'll have to try and navigate on our own." The young boy sighed and sat back from fiddling with the wires and frowned. "Either that or try to figure out a way to fix it with Bellwood's help over the communication system."

"Or we turn back, but I doubt that would be a good idea," Captain said turning to the others. Zero and Bakunetsumaru nodded in agreement.

"I think it'd be best if we just go forward then, if anything should happen, we have communications with Neotopia still," Zero said confidence riding in his voice. Bakunetsumaru nodded with a smirk.

"Yeah, besides, we've gotten into WORSE trouble…" Shute smiled at the red and white Musha and nodded.

"Right, let's get going then! RAIMI lock onto the closest world that is sending out a distress signal." Captain smiled at his young human friend and sat down in his chair.

"We have a duty to perform, and a destiny to fill together."

Tahu sighed as Taka began fiddling with something in the gears of one of the old gates to Ta-Koro. The Toa of Light had been told by Turaga Matau that they needed to repair some of the larger transport ships to move safely to Metru-Nui within the next year.

"Will you hurry it up? Its bad enough I have to stand in the ruins of my old home. I don't need to be reminded at my failures!" Taka yelped and pulled his head out from the crevice and looked back at the red Toa. His usually bright gold mask and armor was splotched with grease, soot, and oil.

"Hey, no other Koro's had the part; you think I like being back here either? You're not the only one whose failures are written in this city. Besides, don't yell at me, I can't work any faster." Giving the gold Toa a look, Tahu shut up and began glaring off into the ruined city. Taka sighed and furrowed his brows looking up at his idol. "Did you and Gali get into another fight?" he asked. Tahu jumped slightly and looked back sighing.

"Yeah…" Tahu said leaning up against a crumbling city wall. "A big one. She won't talk to me now." Taka sighed and sat back on his heels smudging some of the grease he tried to wipe off his mask.

"Well, why don't you go and apologize?" Tahu frowned and shook his head.

"She won't even give me the chance. I mean…she knows I love her, why won't she give me a chance to show her I can be a good partner?" Taka frowned as well and shrugged before going back to try and reach the part in the machine.

"Maybe you're trying too hard. Like you said, she already knows you love her, maybe you need to lay off a bit give her some room to breathe," Taka said, his voice muffled by the amount of gears and metal that he had his upper body stuck in.

"Yeah well she doesn't need to bite my head off every time I try to talk to her." Taka rolled his eyes at that comment, knowing well that Tahu was the same way when he was in a bad mood.

"How about you just give her a little space, girls…are strange…at least what Jaller has told me. This is why I've never gotten into a relationship."

"That and every time we turn around you're off running around Mata Nui's green acre. You may want to hold off on the 'sight seeing' until after we've had a tour of Metru-Nui, though." Though Tahu couldn't see it, Taka gave the Toa of fire a sulking look and glared. Tahu smirked, knowing the reaction of the Toa of light well.

"Whatever," Taka muttered as he finally got the cog out of the machine. "Got it!" Twisting his body around, the Matoran turned Toa squeezed his larger frame out of the cramped space and held out the complicated piece triumphantly.

"Good, now you can go and take a bath, you're filthy…" Tahu said making a face. Taka, still sitting down on the ground, put his hands on his hips and gave Tahu a scorned look.

"Hey, one of us had to go in and get it. Ow…" Taka stood up and stretched his back winching as it cracked. "Bad position to be in for a while…" he muttered slipping the greasy, oily, gunk filled cog into his still ever present back pack. Tahu rolled his eyes and carefully climbed down the slanted, half sunk city, towards the shore. Taka followed after hefting his staff over his shoulders.

"Hey…did you hear that?" Tahu asked looking up through the ash and steam towards the sky. Taka frowned and stood next to him looking up.

"What…is that?" There was a purple flash in the sky ringed in yellow, then it was gone, and in its place was a bright flash, falling towards the beaches of Le-Wahi. The golden Toa looked over at Tahu, and without a word, they both bolted towards Kini-Nui, preparing for another attack by the Makuta.