Ripple of Time

Ripple of Time

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Book 1: Hitsuzen

Chapter 1: Beginning

Kale Phoenix could see why Satoka had wanted him present in Tokyo practically from the moment he stepped off of his plane. But then he was second in Aegis's Gatekeeper devision only to Ayane Munehiko, granddaughter of the Maiden of the Gale, Ayane Isuzu. However even with her in Tokyo the frequency of Invader attacks seemed to pick up by the day. Even with his own array of imitation gate he was frequently forced to use his own gate in order to keep from being killed.

The Gate of Edges, similar to Satoka's Gate of Fragments, it allowed him to summon daggers and swords from within the gate. However in an adaptation of Satoka's gate he could also give any surface, including one of flesh, a very dangerous and lethal edge, hence the name of his gate.

Currently Kale was one his way to the site of yet another Invader attack, beside him in the rebuilt and updated version of the Yotohachi Deluxe sat Aito Falchion, the only gatekeeper Kale worked with, and the only gatekeeper on or off the records to have a natural connection and ability to open two different gates.

Aito for his part could have taken the Invaders on his own, using his Gate of Light and Speed. Unlike Ruriko Ikusawa, his mother, his main gate ability did not revolve around healing. Aito had found many ways to use his gate one of his favorites being gathering the light around him to use for speed or to render himself and those he wished invisible. His second Gate ability was the Gate of Time, which as named, allowed him to travel through time as far as he wished. He never tried to use that power if he could prevent it, though in the recent days he had felt himself using it to give him a better edge over the Invaders, in particularly Kaiser Kikai, one of the Invader generals.

Unfortunately Kaiser Kikai had resurrected from his previous destruction at the hands of Ayane. More over he seemed to be even more powerful than before, actually taking a humanoid form that looked almost like a normal humans. The Invader general stood at the head of his force with a smile that screamed utter malice as Kale and Aito stepped from the car.

Kale, his eyes already alight with the power of his gate, materialized razor sharp, claw shaped, blades around his hands. While Aito drew the kodachi strapped to his lower back.

Kale and Aito gave one another a look of intentions, one that both took and gave with a smile to match the malicious smile of Kaiser Kikai.

Aito was the first to attack, doing so at such a speed that the slipstream of his movement was enough to drag down several Invaders even as still more fell to his blade. To Aito it seemed as though the Invaders were trying to move through tar, even as he took one down it seemed as though the others were well aware of his position but could do nothing about it. By the time he actually had one that managed to look in his direction it was over for them, as his blade swept down across their chest, or impaled them. Just as swiftly as his onslaught had begun it was over he retreated to stand beside Kale with a smug smile on his face as all the Invaders that met his blade turned to crystals which pinged lightly upon the ground.

Kale had watched in mild amusement as his partner tore through the ranks of the Invaders, though if he were to be honest he was slightly afraid of Aito. Usually quiet and peaceful, whenever Aito saw an Invader his face went from peaceful to merciless, none would escape his blade and none would lay a hand upon him, he was every bit as efficient as Ayane and himself, Kale realized with a slight feeling of regret. It had been he who had found Aito, it had be he who had trained with Aito and it was to Kale that Aito had first show his second Gate ability. Needless to say Kale felt sorry for his partner, he wasn't a fighter, and yet he had turned him into one.

Shadows passed overhead, and Kale struck instantly, catching one invader in the chest with his right clawed hand, while his left beheaded another. Several more materialized at a distance, then opened their coats, revealing an array of gun barrels. They never got a chance to fire. Aito took out two before Kale could think to blink, the others met with an attack of Kale's, as he instantly extended the blades on his right hand turning the remaining Invaders into crystals before they could turn their guns on Aito.

Several Invaders charged from the surrounding shadows only to be met with a wave a fire seemingly from nowhere. It was only after the roar of the flames died down that Aito and Kale heard the soft ringing of a bell. Neither had to look to know who it was.

Thanks for watching our backs, Ayane-taijou." Kale spoke up when she drew even with him and Aito.

"There are more coming," Ayane replied. Her hands were already reaching inside of her jacket for two more cell phones. "Get ready."

Soft beeps alerted both the young men on either side of her that she was preparing two more imitation gates to be launched. Aito pulled a phone from his pocket and began to dial. Kale however, did not pull out a cell phone, he instead got rid of his claws and in a move reminiscent of Satoka drew two elegant silver blades from the gates that appeared just under his hands. They looked to be the same length as a nodachi, but to Kale had no more weight than Aito's kodachi. The blades were so sharp that one could barely see the edge, and the rest of the swords were marked with elegant swirls that could make one dizzy.

"Aito-kun now," Ayane ordered, instantly Aito disappeared, at the same moment, Ayane threw both phones, one overhead of where the Invaders had begun to appear, the other directly in front of Kaiser Kikai, who had stayed out of the fray thus far. "Seven seconds, be ready Kale-kun." Ayane added to Kale who simply began to walk towards the ranks of the Invaders.

Less than an instant after Ayane spoke, flames erupted from above the Invaders, while lightning hit them from both the front and rear. Kale had started counted the second Ayane spoke to him, at four he started running for the clump of Invaders ignoring their screams of pain and the smell of burnt flesh that rushed at him. the sound of crystals hitting the ground told him nothing of how many Invaders were still left, and as the flames died down and the lightning ceased, he picked up his pace.

The first invader he met he barely saw, it had been climbing to its feet when he saw it, and he struck out, impaling it through the chest. It was then that the rest of the Invaders seemed to surge upon him. His movement were blurred as he struck out felling one invader after another. Their blood covered the elegant design of his blade before being blown off by the sheer speed of his movements. He sliced and slashed and impaled his way through the Invaders.

A cry of "Shinku Misarai!" alerted Kale to an approaching attack from Ayane, and with not a moments hesitation he moved away from the fight. Ayane's vacuous missile taking out most of what he had missed. Finally at the tail end of Ayane's attack Aito moved through finishing what Ayane and Kale had missed.

Kale returned one of his swords back to its plane of existence, as he turned to look at Ayane, and another figure caught his attention as Aito settled stepping up on his left. Kaiser Kikai stood looking, for all the world, as thought he had yet to be touched. Kale was simply dumbfounded, how had they all missed him?

Ayane lauched another Vacuous Missile attack, this time aiming at the Invader general. All three Gatekeepers watched as the attack sped towards Kaiser Kikai who neither moved to dodge it nor to mount a counter attack to neutralize the vacuum of air aimed directly at him.

"GATE OPEN!" the shout was heard easily and caught Kale's attention even as he watched the barrier that expanded directly in front of Kaiser Kikai. Realization struck Kale like a freight train as he watched Ayane's attack simply disperse upon contact with the glowing barrier.

"Aito-kun, can you find them," Kale asked, without looking away from Kaiser Kikai. "whoever this gatekeeper is our attacks can't overpower that barrier." Aito nodded saying nothing, his body tense as he closed his eyes and waited.

Aito's every sense was on edge, he would find this rogue Gatekeeper, whoever they were, and take them down. They were supposed to fight Invaders not help them. He wordlessly called upon the power of his Gate of Time, and listened as time moved backward around him. He watched as the vacuous missile attack rematerialized and began traveling backward. He watched as the glowing barrier dematerialized and then listened for the direction the shout had come from.

Aito returned to the exact second that he had left his body already moving towards his intended target, he reached it before the figure he saw could think to turn and run. A face very reminiscent of Ayane's greeted him. The green Gate energy he could see in her eyes all but confirming who she was. She was older of course, that she had appeared in the picture he'd been shown, but then that was to be expected after nearly half a century, still she looked younger than she should have.

"Kurogane Megumi…" he whispered. He looked her over knowing without a doubt that this was a former Gatekeeper, one of the ones who had helped set their former commander, Reiji, straight. "Keeper of the Iron Wall Gate."

"You haven't grown enough yet," Megumi said closing her eyes as though she were contemplating something, "Your power hasn't manifested its full form yet." A bright flash of light seemed to emminate from Megumi as she spoke, so bright it seemed to burn Aito's eyes. He looked away; covering his eyes with his hands and when he looked again she was gone.

"Haven't grown enough…" Aito looked around then sighed. She'd gotten away. "The commander is gonna be pissed."

Ayane shook with barely controlled rage, contempt, and loathing as she exited her mothers office and entered the elevator. She entered the code for her floor as she reflected over this most recent explosion of the commanders fury.

The commander had truly chewed her out this time, and she'd had no control over the situation. Okay so there was a rogue gatekeeper working with the Invaders, not a first and certainly not a surprise seeing how quickly Kaiser Kikai had resurrected from the last time she had destroyed him. So what her mother, the commander, was in command with all Aegis affiliated Gatekeepers in the far east branch. It still did not give her full reign to chew her out over something she had no control over.

"Still I am captain," Ayane repeated to herself for about the millionth time, as she cross the threshold of the elevator and entered her suite seven floors below her mothers office.

Flopping down onto her couch with a sigh, Ayane decided the events of her day behind her for the time being. There would be plenty of time to find out exactly what was going on and right now she was feeling like she'd taken on several thousand Invaders instead of the several hundred that she had dealt with today. The ringing of her cell phone brought her sharply from her thoughts. She answered not bothering to look at the number, thinking it was her mother telling her to get back out and that there were several more Invader attacks.

If she had any semblance of what was going on she would have asked herself what was up with the constant rise in the invaders numbers, why had they all begun to attack in waves in separate locations at the same time. Better yet she would be asking about the latest development in the war between the Gatekeepers and the Invaders.

"So we still on for tonight, ne Aya-chan?" The question hit her instantly making her bolt upright and sending her heart fluttering in enjoyment.

It was Chikao, her boyfriend of nearly three years.

"Chikao, it feels so good to hear your voice." Ayane replied, she reveled in the sound of his voice coming through the speaker. Even over the phone it was rich and seductive, and entranced her to no end. "Moms being a bitch again." Ayane explained when she heard him chuckle.

"So is that a yes?" Chikao asked, bringing her attention back to his initial question.

"Of course, Chi-chan," Ayane replied, she smiled and curled up on her couch like a contented cat. The bell around her neck jingled lightly.

Chikao chuckled in her ear, the sound sending trembles rushing down her spine. "I love that sound."

"Well you'll hear it later," Ayane said a sudden thought coming to her in a flood of panic; she wasn't ready to go out! "I've got to get ready, come up to my suite when you get here okay?"

"Alright," Chikao replied Ayane hung up.

Megumi was calm despite Kaiser Kikai's latest threat upon her life. So what she had been spotted after using her gate ability to protect him? It wasn't as if these gatekeepers could break through any barrier she created. Besides it wasn't as if they could actually find their location. She had long since deactivated the tracker they that had been implanted underneath her skin after she'd joined Aegis. All they knew was her name and her gate ability, but not the intentions of what the Invaders were up to nor why she was now affiliated with them. Most of all she didn't look a day over 24; that is what will plague their minds the most, she thought with her knowing smile of hers, it had not changed at all in the years since she'd graduated and moved as far away from Ruriko and put everything behind her, at least, everything she could care less about.

Though they had worked together, on both sides of the fight with the Invaders and Aegis, she'd still held her distaste of Ruriko Ikusawa. After all they had been through, fighting the Invaders, and then her friends, she had still hated Ruriko. After the final battle she had taken her earth defense license, packed her bags, and left. The only ones who had known her whereabouts was Kaoru and the commander.

Megumi smiled her all knowing and smug smile, the smile that stopped just a hair short of arrogance. "Soon all will be as I predicted, and the catalyst for my ultimate goal will begin with you, Aito Falchion."

Location: Tokyo

World: Nihon Country

Syaoran looked up sensing Fye's approach, hardly wary of the vampire that had been all but forced into his current state. However there was so much more on his mind than whatever it was that the Wizard of Celes could ever hope to tell him. He had been sensing a shift in the balance between the worlds for some time, to be more specific he had sensed it since departing Infinity country. Something had thrown the balance between the realms into a fall and he was bothered by it. He wanted to investigate it but after the recent fight with his clone there was little he was apprehensive about leaving Kurogane and Fye.

Of course its not like he could travel the worlds on his own, and with Fye's magic waning with each use he was sure that he could do no more than two jumps. Leaving would also make the two open to his clone would stop at nothing to make sure that neither of them stood in his way. It was a fact that left he with no choice but to wait it out.


Syaoran looked up at Fye at the word, how he'd known what he'd been thinking was kind of startling.

"Hitsuzen will lead us," Fye said. "some how I know that even though I feel the same as you right now.

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