Ripple of Time

Ripple of Time

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Book 1: Hitsuzen

Chapter 2: Return of the Genocide

Location: Tokyo; Gate Keeper Universe

Syaoran, Fye, and Kurogane, all stood on top of the building they had been deposited on as Mokona slowly descended to settle on Kurogane's shoulder. They looked around overlooking the expansive city they had been deposited in this time. They descended the building easily walking through the city for somewhere they would be able to shop for some clothes.

After several shops the group finally finds some clothes that fit each of their own personal styles. Kurogane sticks with his standard black clothing, opting for a pair of midnight black jeans and a black sleeveless shirt that leaves his arms free from any kind of restraint. Over all that he wore a sleeveless coat that fell all the way to his knees. Fye opted for a light blue long sleeved shirt and denim shorts that fell just below his knees. He carried rather than wore his coat, which looked very similar to the one he wore in the Celes Country. Finally Syaoran wore black like Kurogane, a dark short sleeved black shirt with an emblem of a stylized phoenix on the back, over which he wore a black coat with the same design. His black pants were weighted down with the items of great importance that were held in his cloak from Clow country.

Now dressed in something that they blended in with the group walked around town for something out of the ordinary something that was different than the norm, however it was kind of hard to know what to search for when they hardly knew what the norm was for the world they were currently on.

They were walking through a mostly deserted suburb when all three travelers froze, their senses on high alert. Instinctively they formed a small triangle facing their surroundings. Each wondering the same thing as they cast their eyes about, trying to spot the danger they sensed.

"Kurogane, can you feel where they are?" Syaoran asked, fighting the urge to summon his sword.

"No," was Kurogane's answer, "from the feeling we're surrounded."

Kale and Aito were just leaving the headquarters when the alert sounded on their phones.

"Really?" Kale complained as both he and Aito answered their phones.

"Keeper Kale Phoenix, and Keeper Aito Falchion reporting in." They said simultaneously "Location of the signal."

"I won't be able to help you out on this one guys," Ayane's voice came from the other end of the line, "The location is 2.1 miles south south east of your current location, be careful and try not to get hurt. Also there is a strange reading around that area, I'll brief you more when I know more," The line went dead.

"Well lets get started," Kale said opening the door to his car and sliding in while Aito did the same on the passenger side.

"Wonder what that weird reading was?" Aito asked as they heading towards their destination. "Its not like the invaders don't have a unique signal but the way Ayane phrased it is like there's something different than what we've come across before going on out there."

Kale didn't answer as he was more preoccupied with keeping his car in one piece as he sped through the heavy Tokyo traffic, however his thoughts were the same as Aito's something big was on the horizon he could feel it.

"What the hell are these things!?" Kurogane shouted as they were attacked by several enemies in all black. While at the same time even more in black shot at them from a distance, with weapons that looked to be embedded in their chests.

"It looks like they seem to just keep coming doesn't it?" Fye asked cutting two more down before he turns to catch several more. "Syaoran watch your back!"

"Raitei Shourai!" Syaoran bellowed the incantation for his lightning spell sending the current from his spell into his sword even as he turned and catching several of his assailants before the shockwave spread from his sword to destroy several on the ones shooting at them from the rooftops.

Suddenly a surge spread through the area and more than double of the black enemies they were fighting appeared surrounding them. They advanced menacingly, as if knowing that they had the upper hand by a huge margine.

"EDGE RAID!" numerous silver spires erupted from the ground and any other surface skewering any and enemy in black. Syaoran turned in the direction the shout had come from and saw two people standing their eyes on them as they approached.

Syaoran stared at them both, taking in their intentions before turning back to the enemies. "So what exactly are these guys?" he asked the two that had just joined them.

"Invaders," the one with the kodachi answered, "We can handle it from here, you guys take cover."

"Aito you ready," the other one asked, silver claws appeared on his hands as he spoke, and as Syaoran looked up at his face he saw that his eyes were shimmering with two silver rings.

"Yes," he replied, his eyes glowing with two white rings.

"edge raid," the words were a whisper but the result was instantaneous. More silver spires erupted from the ground some even from the previous spires to impale the invaders while at the same time, Aito moved charging through the ranks of the invaders with a speed that was god-like. His kodachi fell more than half the remaining invaders while with a war cry Kale joined the fray. In just under two minutes there was silence and all the invaders were gone.

"it seems these two possess some power unique to this world." Fye said as Kale and Aito turned back towards the world traveling trio.

"Seems that way," Kurogane said sheathing Ginryu, as Syaoran dispelled his sword. Fye however kept his nails at their extended lengh and without so much as a hint of what was going on he launched himself at a shadow that as he moved for it, Sayoran and Kurogane saw stirred slightly. Like the previous assaults on the invaders the instant a fatal blow was made the invader disappeared, leaving a small green crystal.

"Your friend is strong," Aito the one with the sword said as he approached Syaoran. "And you two seemed to have no problems taking down invaders. You do know what they are right?"

"Aito!" Kale snapped, his eyes flashing with disapproval. "Enough, that's nothing that needs to be stated outside of AEGIS, and that's only to be discussed with other Keepers."

"Keepers?" Kurogane asked, giving Kale a piercing look.

"Gatekeepers," Kale said looking back at Kurogane, "Like me and my partner here."

"We work for the AEGIS Global Network. The AGN as its more widely known by its members," Aito started. "Our job is to combat the Invaders when and wherever they show up and to do."

"the thing is we're gonna have to ask you three to come with us." Kale said stepping forward a little. "The invaders never attack normal humans, only Gatekeepers or areas they can use to their advantages, so we need you to come with us for your protection."

"And if we say we have things we need to do?" Syaoran said shifting so that he was in a more alert position. It did no good however, the air shifted and several spires of metal rose from the ground surrounding them and pointed at their necks from at least four different angles.

"I never said that we were giving you a choice." Kale said his eyes glowing with the same double white rings from before. "Aito call Satoka, let her know the situation."

Less than an hour later, all active Tokyo Gatekeeper were gathered in the conference room, our three travelers were also there, seated at the head of the table opposite the commander and the two team captains. Ayane as captian of the Alpha team was seated on her mother's right and on her left was Chikao. Ayane looked pissed and could not help but keep throwing deadly glares in Chikao's direction. But for the most part she kept her eyes on Syaoran Kurogane and Fye.

"So now you three know what it is that we do but what about you?" Commander Isuzu questioned giving Syaoran an emotionless look over the rim of her glasses.

"That's an easy one," Syaoran began, "We're traveling the worlds looking for both someone precious to me, and her memories."

"Her memories?" Chikao asked looking perplexed. "What do you mean."

"They take the form of feathers and give off a powerful energy that can only be felt by few or sensed by few machines. One of the beings in our group is me, the other is Makona here." Makona peaked out from inside of Syaorans jacket. "Have you sensed anything since we arrived here Makona?" Syaoran asked.

Makkona replied with a shake of his head and jumped from Syaoran to Kurogane and perched on his shoulder.

"It would seem that we're going to be here a while," Fye said, his eyes a slight reddish color. "Kuro-rin, it will have to be tonight."

Kurogane nodded and Syaoran looked down knowing what Fye meant. Fye had been a Vampire ever since he had broken away from Fei Wang Reed, his uncle and the reason he was now traveling the worlds for Sakura. Of course Kurogane and the Fye knew nothing of what lead to this, and Syaoran intended on keeping it that way for as long as possible.

"The Feathers from Sakura, they act as a power source when used by others." Syaoran said forcing everyone's eyes back on himself. "They do anything from increase an ability an individual already had to granting them a new one or even something even weirder. The power emanates in waves and in a way it's almost crushing to feel it. At half of his normal power, two feathers surpassed Fye and there are hundreds."

Commander Isuzu opened her mouth to ask another question as a ripple passed through the room and at one three things happened simultaneously; The first Syaoran stood up rather sharply, his eyes glazed over slightly as if seeing something the others couldn't. The second Makona's eyes went wide signaling that he sensed a feather. Finally the alarm went off.


Captian Ayane stood and with her Chikao, Satoka, Kale, Aito followed by Syaoran Kurogane, and Fye. Ayane paused before she gave her team her orders.

"You three will not be coming."

"Yes we will," Syaoran said looking at her with a cold expression. "Yes you may have been fighting these invaders longer than we have, but there is a feather close by both Makona and I sense it and we're going after it, besides you may need a little of my magic if it is the power of a feather."

"On top of that We're experienced fighters, if these are different from normal your little group is sure to be fucked over without us."


Can you give us a visual? Ayane asked almost immediately an image appeared on the walls, similar to Syaoran except he still wore the clothes he started his adventure with. His cloak tattered at the bottom, and having several rips along the end, finally there was his eyes which were the only real difference between the two. One was normal brown the other was a shimmering ocean blue."

Syaoran took one look and cursed before walking out, Fye and Kurogane followed him. There was no one who stood in his way once they saw the deadly look in his eyes at that moment. Syaoran resolved to either free his clone from Fei Wangs control or to kill him before they left this world.


Ayane headed for the door following Syaoran Kurogane and Fye as Aito Kale and Chikao followed her. All three four third gen gatekeepers turned pulling head seats from their pockets and putting them on.

"Your orders are as follows," The commanders voice sounds in their ears, "If you can't capture you are to kill Kurogane Megumi."

As one all Five Elite Gatekeepers replied, "Ryokai AEGIS!"

Flames erupted from his sword as he hacked and slashed at the barrio Megumi had erected to keep her army safe from his attacks. This boy was strong normally she wouldn't have to focus this much on her gate abilities. Just who the hell was this kid and how did he become so powerful. She could tell by looking that his power wasn't derived from a gate and that confused the hell out of her.

Fed up with his pathetic struggling, she reversed the power of her gate, using her barrio to make a skin tight prison for the boy that refused to stop attacking. The boy was effectively trapped and was having a great time trying to escape however it wasn't happening.

"Give up," Megumi said making the barrier squeeze in a little. "you can't break from my barrier anymore than you could break in. My gate's ability is the Iron Wall, a runt like you with no gate ability couldn't hope to break through. Let alone hope to defeat my minus gate."

"Ultra Cyclone Chop!" The shout seemed to come from every direction at once and to Megumi it looked as though Ayane appeared from thin air. In the span of an instant her barrier was up and Ayane was repelled backwards from the rogue Gatekeeper with a look of shock on her face.


"RAITEI SHOURAI!" the combined attacks collided with megumi's barrier with staggering strength, so much so that she physically staggered under it amazingly under the combined strength of the attacks, the barrier wavered.

Flames joined the lightning as Kurogane moved back from his attack, following the stream of flames back to their source he saw the clone Syaoran the eye he had stolen from Fye glowing brightly as he continued his spell.

"DARK FLASH!" Ayane managed to block the strike that headed for her and saw Chikao Kurogane, Syaoran and Aito dodge or block it as well, but had no clue what had happened until she spotted Megumi who was deadlocked with the clone Syaoran. Her hair was longer now stopping in the middle of her back, the ends were a deep crimson, and seemed to blend into the crimson wings that grew from her shoulder blades. Finally her eyes glowed with a eerie dark light.

Suddenly Ayane froze as a voice whispered in her ear, "gate open, gate of shouki,"

The hairs on the back of her neck rose as she felt feathers brush her cheek just as she felt the intensity of Syaoran's spell, but there was something about it that she had felt before too. In a way it felt like a more powerful version of the gate of lightning imitation gate.

She saw Megumi appear behind Syaoran her hand drawing back to strike and reacted instinctively. "Shinkuu Misairu!"

"Kagami no Kabe!" the reflective wall of Megumi's minus gate reflected the attack back at double the power.

"Chiryuu Genninbu!" Kurogane roared his attack streaming from his blade to collide with the barrier just at the same instant that Syaoran's and Ayane's counter attacks managed to strike.

Megumi staggered drastically, unable to believe that someone could do so much damage to her gate, let alone enough to make her stagger this drastically. She lifted her hand an attempt at reinforcing the barrier but unfortunately she failed miserably as her "iron wall" was battered and pounded by Syaoran and Kurogane's attacks landing in the exact same spot as Ayane's Vacuous missile. Switching to her Minus gate powers in order to dodge both Kurogane and Syaoran's swords.

Spires erupted from the ground around her and she just barely managed to put up a barrier around herself to deflect them only to gasp in pain as several cuts appeared on her body. She looked around for what could possibly be powerful enough to get past her gate and winced as more gashes appeared this time deeper than before. The speed at which the cuts were caused were beyond compare to anything, and it took Megumi only a moment to realize just what caused them.

"Kagami no kabe!" Aito fell from his latest attack at normal speeds however the cuts he received from his attack being reflected back at him was twofold and at his increased speed literally slamming him into the ground.

Syaoran watched this with a careful eye, his eyes locked on megumi's own and wondering how he could break through the barrier with the power he wielded. His emotions were wild he could feel the warm pulsing of a feather and a quick glance at Mokona showed that he sensed it as well. As he continued to watch Megumi and how she deflected blocked or evaded the attacks against her.

After nearly five minutes in which he and Kurogane had both launched test attacks against her Syaoran found an opening. It was short, almost unnoticed under any normal circumstances but Syaoran saw it, and knew that Kurogane did as well.

"You take the attack your lightning has a better chance than any attack I could throw at her," Kurogane said taking a different stance. His attack was fast and with Syaoran just s split second it seemed that nothing would stop them.

"Satsuriku no Geeto," a voice sounded just loud enough to give the advancing sword wielders pause. "Single Genocide," Syaoran managed to grab Kurogane from behind and tackle him aside from the beam of dark light that seared the ground as it passed.

Megumi lauched herself away joining a figured who kept the hood of the obiously cut sleeved hoodie up. However Satoka couldn't help but to shudder from the swirling circles of light that shown in the figures eyes.

"Gate of genocide, Minus of the Gate of Life and Light." The voice was surprisingly female "You will fall to Death and Darkness." The girl paused then looked to Kaiser Kikai as the Machine General looked back . "Give your troops the order to attack."

All Gatekeepers eyes went wide as the Machine General gave the order without a moments hesitation.

AUTHORS NOTE: I know it's been a while and for that I apologize, however it was unavoidable. The military life waits for no one, and orders must be followed, so forgive my absence. I will make up for it.