Summary: Bella moves back with her father and older brother, Emmett, when her mother dies. Bella has always been quiet, shy, and never liked meeting new people. She tries not to get into anyone's business, and just sticks with her music. What happens when the Cullens and Hales turn that around?

See Your Hero Come Running.

1. I Can Be A Stranger.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, or anything else. Just this plot.

How You Remind Me by Nickelback


My mother had died. My father, Charlie, called and said that I'd have to go back and live with him, and my older brother, Emmett back in Forks. I thought it was an okay idea, I am the quietest of the family, after all. Charlie had told me that Emmett had no idea that I was moving back, so that I make it a surprise for him.

That was an okay idea, too. I missed Emmett. He's my big, strong, somewhat fluffy teddy bear. Always there if I need a hug. Always there to talk to if I have a problem, or just plainly want to talk to him. And I was happy I was moving back.

Emmett had stayed with my father when our parents divorced. Charlie kept Emmett, while Renee took me. I left when I was three, Emmett was four. It's been fourteen years.

Fourteen deadly years.

I got off the plane, walking in through the airport. I did whatever I need to do, and searched around to see if I could find my father. And there he was - waving his hand up in the air. I chuckled when I saw him.

When I reached him, he pulled me into a large hug, and all I could was drops my bags. They didn't matter right now. What mattered right now is that I'm with the person that matters to me. "It's so great to see you again, Bells," he muttered into my hair.

"You, too."

We broke apart, and Charlie took some of bags as he led me to the car. We stuck my bags in the trunk, and got into car. Charlie drove, and I knew it would take at least an hour to get to Forks. Or two. . .

"How have you been, Bells?" Charlie asked suddenly.

"Good," I muttered. I'm not much of a talker, I like to keep quiet.

When we finally got home, I just stared when I got out of the car. It's exactly the way I remembered it. It was repainted, fixed up a bit, but still the same old house that I remember.

I went behind the car, and helped Charlie with my bagagges. I didn't want to be spoiled, and let him to all the work. I took some of my bags, and walked inside. I just stared. Everywhere.

It's the same old house. With that same old smell that I remember.

"You're room is still upstairs, kiddo," Charlie informed me.

But, that didn't concern me right now. "Where's Emmett?" he crossed my mind. Where was he?

"He's out with his friends, but he should be back home later. Maybe a good half hour." I just nodded at Charlie's response. I took some of my bags, since I obviously couldn't take them all upstairs.

I walked up the stairs, as the wood squeaked. I looked down the hall once I reached the top of the stairs, and look to my right. And there was my room. Exactly as it was fourteen years ago, except much cleaner. I dropped my bags on my bed, and went to go get the others.

Once I had all my bags upstairs, I started to unpack. It didn't take me long, since I knew where to put everything. When I was done, I lay on my bed and sighed. When was Emmett coming? I wanted to see him so badly.

"Bells?" I heard Charlie call.


"I'm heading out for a while, is that okay?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Alright, see you in a while."

"Bye!" and I heard the front door shut. I sighed again. I wonder if I was dressed okay. . . I mean, I was just wearing a Beatles T-shirt, and a faded pair of capri jeans, and black Chucks. I'm sure I was dressed like a normal person.

I went into the closet, and pulled out my violin. Might as well pass my time until Emmett gets back. I loved the violin; such a classy instrument. It made beautiful music. I sat on my new bed, and gradually started to play it.

I played one of my favorites - a Hans Zimmer classic.

I hummed to the melody. I didn't realize how beautiful I was making this all sound. I'm proud of myself.

That's when I heard the front door open.

I paused for a moment, not knowing who it was. I'm sure it is Emmett, and if it is, why not make him feel even more surprised? I got up slowly from my bed, and went over to the door, not making a sound. I closed it, but letting an inch of space open. I sat back down on my bed, and continued to play. It'll make me happy if he found me, instead of me jumping down the stairs, yelling, "I'M BACK!"

I started to hum again to the song. I made sure that the noise from the violin wasn't too loud, but wasn't too low, either. That's when I heard footsteps from downstairs.

There was more than one person downstairs. Oh, well. Maybe Emmett brought a friend. I continued the violen, when I heard mumbling coming from downstairs. I have good hearing, so I was able to make out what they said, "Dude, do you hear. . . music?"

I heard complete silence from them. The only thing that was making noise, was me with my violin. I closed my eyesm and continued to play as I still heard mumbling, "Dude, is someone here?" it was a shy voice.

"No, my dad's car isn't in the drive way," this voice was huskier, louder. How big did Emmett get?

"Where's it coming from?" a velvet voice asked.

"Upstairs," Emmett muttered.

Now I felt like a Siren, dragging the men to her just by making lovely music. "Shush!" I heard Emmett hiss. I heard footsteps going up the stairs. I still did not open my eyes. The footsteps became louder, as I knew they were approaching closer to this room. They probably thought I was a robber or some sort of killer. Wait until they find out it's just a innocent seventeen-year-old girl, playing her violin, while humming along to it.

The sound of the footsteps came to a pause - right in front of my door. I felt eager. I wanted him to just look through the door already, and notice that it's only his sister. His sister who moved back. Who came back. Who will now be living with him, until I'm ready to move out.

Even through my eagerness, I did not stop playing.

That's when my door squeaked slowly, as it opened.

I didn't look up. I'm sure he looked confused at me, since my hair was in my face, and you barely could see my face at all. That's when he opened it wide, and he stood at the doorframe. He was so tall, very muscular. He changed. He changed, alot.

"Uh. . . who are you, and what are you doing in my house?" he asked. He couldn't see my face, since my hair was in front of it. I stopped playing the violin, but stayed in the same position. I slowly lifted my head up, smiling warmly.

"Who do you think?" my hair was definetly out of my face now.

"Bella?" he asked, his voice painted with disbelief.

I put my violin on my bed, and ran up to him, giving him a hug. Oh, I have missed this doof so much. He had no idea. "I missed you so much, Emmett," I told him. He put his arms around my back, and hugged me in the most tight hug I've ever had. He literally lifted me off the ground.

"I missed you too, Bells," he whispered into my hair.

Then, someone coughed. Two men, well teenage guys, were standing at my doorframe, looking impatient as they watched Emmett and I hug. Emmett slowly put me down, smiled at me, and quickly turned to the two boys.

"Guys, I want you to meet my younger sis, Bella," he introduced. "Bella - Jasper, Edward. Jasper, Edward - Bella." I felt my cheeks burn. I wasn't the type of person for meeting new people.

"Hi," I mumbled as I shook hands with a tall, slim wavy haired, blond boy.

"Nice to meet you, Bella," he smiled at me. "I'm Jasper. Emmett always tells us stories about you and him." I smiled at Jasper, then narrowed my eyes at Emmett.

I slapped him playfully on his arm, then went back to the other boy that I didn't meet yet. "Hello," the other boy said. I flushed. Dammit. He had spiked up bronze hair, emerald liquid eyes, and a nice crooked smile. Now he was gorgeous. I shook my hand with him. "I'm Edward, nice to finally meet the amazing Bella," he chuckled.

I felt myself flush again. I turned my head to Emmett, narrowing my eyes once again, giving him a pissed off look. He looked at me, completely stupid. "What?" he asked, oblivious. Then he changed the subject, "We have alot to catch up on, Bells! You never told me you played violin. Damn, you're good!"

I relaxed my expression. That's my brother, I thought. Good ol' Emmy. "Thanks, Emmett."

"C'mon, Melly Belly," oh my God, he still calls me that after fourteen years, "let's go into the living room, and we could catch up. And, you get to know my friends."

Without me even replying to him, he grabbed my wrist, and stormed off to the living room. Before I knew it, I was sitting down on the one-seated chair. I saw him and his friends sit on the long, three-seated leather couch.

I then sighed. "You still call me Melly Belly?"

He chuckled. "Are you going to call me Emmy?"

"Yep," I grinned, popping the 'p'.

He pursed his lips. "Hm. Fine. But, wow, Bella. You've changed." I just had to smile at that.

"I'm not three anymore," I reminded him. He laughed. "You've changed, too."

I then stood up, when Emmett stopped me. "Where're you going?" he questioned.

"I'm going to go make dinner." I then turned my head towards Edward and Jasper. "Are you guys staying for dinner?"

They both nodded. Another mouth to feed.

I got into the kitchen, and opened the fridge. There was barely anything in the fridge. The only thing I found was milk, half a carton of eggs, and chocolate. I slowly took the chocolate, and shoved it into my pocket. Like anyone is going to notice. . .

"Emmett!" I yelled. "You guys barely have any food here! How did you guys survive?"

I heard him laugh. "Pizza," he said simply.

"Well, I'm going to go get some more food."

"But, you don't know your way around."

"I could take her," I could have sworn it was Jasper who offered. But when I walked into the living room, Edward was standing. I'm guessing it was him who asked. "I could bring you there, since you don't know where it is. And I don't think Emmett would want to leave Jasper and I alone here, if he brought you there himself."

"He has a point," Emmett said, poiting slightly at Edward.

I sighed, defeated. "Okay, fine. Let's go." I quickly went upstairs, and grabbed my wallet, and my phone. When I came downstairs, I looked at Emmett, "Do you have my cell number?"

He shook his head.

I groaned, and went to look for a pen and paper. I found paper, and luckily, Jasper had a pen on him. I quickly wrote my cell phone on it, and passed it to Emmett. "If anything," I told him. He nodded.

"Don't do anything with my sister that you'll regret, Cullen!" he yelled and waved goodbye to me. Edward snorted, and waved to him as I walked out the front door.

I didn't really want him to come. I would have been fine if Emmett would have come. Sure, Edward's good looking and sweet and all, but I just met him twenty minutes ago. I went to the only car that was here. A shiny, silver Volvo sitting peacefully in the driveway. I went up to the passenger side, and he gladly opened the door for me.

I mumbled, "Thanks," and got in. When he got it, started the engine, and pulled out of the driveway.

The whole ride there was actually silent. I didn't say a word, and neither did he. It amused me. It pleased me that he didn't speak to me at all. Maybe he read my mind about me not wanting him to come or something. When we got to the market, he opened the passenger door for me, and I slowly got out, making sure I don't trip.

Yes, the klutz that I am. Tsk. Tsk.

When we walked in, I tried to think about what we needed. I had completely forgotten about making a list. Milk. Right, we need more milk. I went down to where the dairy aisle was, as he followed behind me. I opened up the glass door, and grabbed a carton of milk.

When I turned around, I noticed a somewhat tall, blond girl talking with Edward. I ignored them, since it's none of my business, and took the basket out of Edward's hand, and shoved the milk inside, then put the basket back in his hand. Good thing that he's strong.

I looked up at the blond girl, and noticed that she was staring at me. More like glaring.

Then she smiled wickedly. "Thanks for Friday night, Edward. I really had a fun time." As she said this, she just threw daggers at me. She was trying to make me jealous. Not working, honey.

"No problem," he replied, then winking. I walked off down the aisle, looking for some orange juice when Edward came back behind me. "Why so fast?" he questioned how I just ran-walk down the aisle.

"I'm hungry, and I want to get food as fast as possible. If you just stop flirting with a girl, maybe we could get somewhere," I told him, a bit harsh.

"Jealous, are we?" he chuckled playfully. I almost gagged. Then, as I looked at the types of orange juice, he leaned forward from behind me, so that his mouth was right beside my ear. "I could give you that. If you want."

Now I know what Emmett meant by 'Don't do anything with my sister that you'll regret, Cullen!'

I elbowed Edward in his stomach, and I heard him gasp. I took a carton of orange juice, and I put it in the basket, acting like I just didn't punch him in the stomach. I grabbed a part of his shirt, and then dragged him to the 'Woman's Health and Body' section.

I went down the aisle, as he held the basket, and I took a box of tampons and shoved them in the basket. He looked down, like I just shoved a bag bugs in there. I looked at him, and laughed. "Don't be scared of tampons, Edward. It's not like they are holding a shotgun to your head!"

I then opened the box, took one tampon, and held it against Edward's head, like I held a gun. "Oooohh! Don't say anything, Edward, or I might pull the trigger!" I then laughed at what I just said, and at the expression on his face. I shoved the tampon back in the box.

"You are just like Emmett," he said, still recovering about how I just held a tampon to his head.

"I'm mostly quiet and shy, but yes I've heard that I'm like Emmett. Like when I was three, when I stuck worms down some guy's pants at Day Care."

"Yep. Just like Emmett."

"Oh, shut up."

I finished getting everything I need, and headed to the cashier. She scanned everything, but I noticed she kept staring at Edward. These girls are so stupid. I began to put everything in bags, when I saw Edward speaking with her. More like flirting.

Yeah, it's okay. I'll just carry these sixteen heavy bags by myself. You go ahead and flirt!

While he still spoke to her, I took his hand, and put my bags in them. I'm not going to carry all of this, when I have a strong guy right beside me. "Is she your girlfriend?" I heard the cashier ask. I looked up at her like she just hit my gandma.

"No, he just wants to get his freak on," I answered.

I finished getting everything in bags, and headed out the exit. Edward followed behind me as we went ahead to his car. He opened the trunk, and we put the bags inside. He went to open the passenger door for me, but this time, I didn't say thank you. I don't really think he deserved it.

He started pulling out of the parking lot, as I stared out the window, my hand holding my cheek.

The whole ride home was silent, again. I'm glad he figured out that I don't feel like talking. I got the grocery bags out of the trunk once he pulled into the driveway, and headed my way towards the front door.

"Emmett!" I called once I walked in. "I need help getting bags!" Then I saw him coming running.

"No problem, Bells," he said, running to the car. I smiled, he's still the brother I remember. When he brought all the bags inside, I started taking them out, and placing them to where they needed to be, while the guys watched football.

I noticed that Charlie had a small radio on the kitchen counter. I went, and opened it and clicked on any station. I listend as I put some things in the fridge. They were playing oldies music. They played my favorite - Take On Me from Ah-Ha, which I happily sang along to.

I started cooking; spaghetti was on the menu tonight. As I cut the onions for the sauce, my eyes tearing as I cut, it played the song Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. Oh, how I love that song.

I continued, as I cut carrots, and sang along to the song. "Never gonna make you cry. Never gonna say goodbye. Never gonna tell a lie, and hurt you," I sang.

I was done making everything, so I put the spaghetti in the microwave to heat up. I went into the living room, and saw everyone was watching TV. They were watching Kat Williams on Comedy. "Guys, dinner is ready," I informed them. They all formed up in the kitchen, and took a seat. Except for Emmett. I was about to get the bowl of spaghetti, when he took it for me instead.

"Let me get that, Bells," he told me. "Youv'e done enough for today. It's your first day, stop doing all the chores."

"Do you know how to cook?"

" . . . Okay, I see your point, but you shouldn't do everything on your first day."

I nodded. "Okay, Emmett."

I took a seat at the table with everyone else, and ate my food. I kept silent, like usual. For Christ's sakes, I was surrounded by men. What was I supposed to do? Dad wasn't around, since he hasn't come home yet, so it was just me, Emmett, and his friends. They spoke amongst themselves, but didn't talk to me or anything.

I picked at my food, and then ate some more. I drank a bit of Sprite, to get the food down, and chewed some more. "So, why did you move back to Forks, Bella?" someone asked me. From the voice, I could tell it was Edward.

I looked up at him, a bit shocked that he would even think of asking me that question. Emmett mirrored my expression, and stared at Edward. We both looked at him, shocked.

I came back to Forks because our mother died. So, no one was able to take care of me. I knew Emmett told his friends, so he could explain to them why he was so moppy. Edward was getting me back for I did to him back in the grocery store.

But that was uncalled for.

Just that question itself made me think of my mom. Made my throat burn. Emmett had this look in his eyes like he was going to chase Edward with a chainsaw. Jasper looked at the tention between all of us, but did nothing. At least he knows how to be polite.

I got up from the table, took my plate and my glass, put it in the sink, and rapidly walked out of the kitchen. I could hear them talking. "What the fuck was that for, dude?!" I heard Jasper hiss.

"Nice going, Edward," Emmett said coldly.

Before hearing Edward's response, I walked up the stairs, to my room. I closed the door, I sat on my bed, and crawled into a ball.

This was my first day in Forks. I came back home, to my father and brother. My brother brought two friends over, and incountered me playing the violin in my bedroom. I had to go get food from the grocery store, since the kitchen is basically empty, and Edward had to freaking come along.

He annoyed me. More like tried to seduce me, which ended up with me elbowing him in the stomach. He took me back home, I made dinner, we ate, when Edward had the perfect plan on how to get back at me.

Asking about why I moved here. He knew the answer. He knew what it would remind me of. He knew it all.

I pulled my knees up to my chin, and sat there.

I wish my teddy bear would come here, so I could hug him.

And never let go.

A/N: I was in the mood to do a fic about Emmett&Bella as siblings, and Bella is quiet and stuff and only sticks to the things that matter to her.

I hope you liked it. :)