Oh my God, hi guys! :D

I know, I know, I haven't been here for a long time and I see that my sister informed you all on why I wasn't here.

And here is the news. No, I am not anemic (THANK JESUS) and I am alot better, actually. My Christmas holidays went great, how about yours? I only got speakers and money but that's okay because I am planning on buying many things with the money.

Also, I have written the first chapter of the sequel of this story. It is called "Fade"

Here is the full summary:

Just before their last year in college, the gang has decided to stay in a large mansion for a good week. The mansion is everything that they wished they had. But what happens when Jasper said "The house is haunted" is becoming true? What happens when everyone mysteriously disappears, one by one? How will they survive? WILL they survive? Why is the house haunted and why they being haunted, also? Can they solve the mystery before fading into the arms of death?

I thought that I should shove the lovey-dovey stuff and bring on some horror, since really, I love horror movies. Even though I shit my pants part of the time. I like watching them because they give me a challenge. What challenge? A challenge that I say "Kelsey, let's see if you could watch this straight, in the dark without switching channels."

It's fun, trust me :D Though, I usually watch them alone (which makes it FUNNER) but I watch them with my friends also, because all of them hate horror films, except for one of my friends. Trust me, horror movies aren't so horrofic when you look at the real world.

Anyways, I noticed "Goodnight" got deleted off of here. . .

WTF #(&*%&$&^()&)%(&$^$!

I believe it was a hacker. Thank God I now changed my password. Even though I'm pissed about it being deleted, it was also a fail story. Eh, doesn't matter. I have too many fics anyway.

Anyway, hope you guys had a good holiday and everything went well. :D

And pleaaaaaaase read "Fade" ! It won't be too scary, trust me. Unless you want me to make it really scary, that I could do -Wink-

'Til then,