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Extended Summary: The Doctor escapes from the dying Gallifrey at the end of the Time War, fatally wounded, and finds himself aboard the Federation Space Station Deep Space 9. How will the Doctor adjust to his ninth life as the only Time Lord in existence, and can he solve a paranormal murder on DS9 at the same time before the creature strikes again? (Pre "Rose", S5 of DS9)

Spoilers: Takes place between "Business as Usual" and "Ties of Blood and Water" for Deep Space Nine and just before "Rose" for Doctor Who (2005).

Pairings: Worf/Dax, hints of Odo/Kira

Disclaimer for whole story: I don't own either of these lovely creations. So there's nothing for anyone to sue me for. Seriously. Don't bother.

Chapter I: Gallifrey's End

"War is harmful, not only to the conquered but to the conqueror."
–Ludwig von Mises–

"Ex-ter-mi-nate! Ex-ter-mi-nate! Ex-ter-mi-nate!"

The tinny mechanical voice echoed around the cathedral-sized room whilst dust shook from the high, ornately decorated ceiling and swirled around the room as the wind howled inside. In the large room was an old rectangular blue box, surprisingly out of place in the hi-tech room. In the middle of the room, a few feet away from the box, was a six foot wide sunken nucleus of celestial object commonly a called black hole, its protective cover removed, with flashing lights blinking randomly on several consoles scattered around it that had been bolted to the floor. And attending to the controls at one console was a man with light brown hair, and an oxygen mask covering his pale face, a multi-hued sash tied incongruously around his waist that shimmered in tune with the dome and kept him from being sucked into the black hole.

"C'mon, c'mon," muttered the man, his words distorted by the mask. "Please work."

But this wasn't an ordinary man. This man was known throughout the whole of space and time as the Doctor, a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, located in the constellation of Kasterborous. Outside the walls of this circular room, a war was being fought between his people, both the planets' larger Gallifreyan population and the small group of long-lived Time Lords, and the Daleks from the planet Skaro, mechanical horrors whose only purpose was to exterminate all non-Dalek life.

And Gallifrey was losing.

Was being "exterminated."

The Doctor ran a hand through his long brown hair, matted with blood from a large cut on his forehead that was bleeding profusely. More cuts were across his face. The room rocked again as another Dalek attack shook the ground.

Shakily, he pressed more buttons, but to no avail. He stepped away from the console, put a hand on the palm-sized print on it and closed his eyes.

What do I do? he telepathically asked the Leader of the Council, the ruler of the planet.

We are losing, responded the Leader. You must activate the self destruct sequence on the Eye through the Rod. Perhaps some of us will live to carry on our legacy.

The Doctor swallowed, then nodded. I will do it. He swallowed and put an ornate rod into a specially made key hole in the console, turned it ninety degrees to the right, then input the first code that would trigger a delta wave across the entire Gallifrey sector. He did this again and again until the rod was back where it had started. As the rod locked into position, mauve lights began flashing, while an emotionless computer repeatedly droned in a strangely Earth-British accent, "Warning, self-destruct for the Eye of Harmony has been enabled." He hesitantly held his free hand over the large red button beside the rod in the center of the console that would trigger the self-destruct cycle.

The Leader seemed to sense his hesitation. Do not worry. Most of the children were evacuated to other worlds at the beginning of the war and their time essences contained. If anything else, they will survive, albeit as new races.

The Doctor nodded and pulled his hand away, breaking the telepathic link. He hadn't relished the idea of killing innocent lives, even for the greater good of the whole universe.

Just as he was about to press the button, a side door opened and he jumped away. A Dalek rolled through the door, followed by another and another. The Daleks swarmed into the room. The one in front, a black domed one, rolled to a few feet away from the Doctor.

"You – will – step – a-way – from – the – console," it said in its flat mechanical voice.

"No," stated the Doctor. "This has gone on far enough. I will not allow it to continue."

"You – are – in – no – po-si-tion – to – argue."

"And neither are you," said the Doctor through gritted teeth. As he reached for the button, the head Dalek tried to zap him with its extermination beam. However, the beam was not at full power, and only ripped through his right side, blood seeping out. The Dalek positioned the laser at the Doctor, not deterred in the slightest.

"You – will – be – ex-ter-mi-nat-ed," said the Dalek, strangely sounding very smug.

The Doctor groaned, holding his bleeding side. "Not if you're exterminated first," he said, pulling himself to his feet.

And he slammed the button with all the force he could muster.

Instantly, the sunken dome began to crackle with a power overload. The Daleks backed away, now visibly scared of what was happening.

The Doctor grinned. "Game – over."

He started stumbling toward the TARDIS, his ship. As he fell just inside the door, he witnessed the room beginning to explode. The Daleks that had been trying to escape were consumed by fire. The Doctor tried to cover his face with his hands, but he was still burned from some of the blast as he was pushed back even more inside the TARDIS at the same time. The Sash, now useless, disintegrated into powder. The TARDIS, sensing the Doctor's pain, automatically started up, the doors shutting from the force of the explosion, and carried him away from the self-destructing star system.

The Doctor pressed his bleeding side with his burned left hand. Blood seeped between his fingers from the pumping of his damaged second heart. With his free hand, he felt his face. The skin was dry and crispy and some flecks came off in his equally scorched hands. This body didn't have much longer to live. Already, he could see the golden glow under his skin that heralded regeneration.

The rocky trek seemed to last forever. For a few seconds, all was quiet. Then a humming sound surrounded everything and the Doctor had the vague sense he was being torn apart and reassembled on a molecular level. Very. Slowly.

Finally, everything stopped. He could hear someone trying to get in on the other side. Weakly, he hauled himself to his feet, lifted his free hand and pressed the door open. A man in a black and blue uniform stood there with some sort of device in his hand. Another faceless man, this one in a tan uniform, stood behind him. He could see more people behind him, but the one in front was the most important. He could recognize a fellow doctor a mile away.

"Help me," were his last words before he collapsed.

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