So this story is about how Teague met Jack's mom and about Jack's early childhood.

The Nest of a Sparrow

The Misty Lady glided through the smooth waters toward its destination, the coast of India. The sun was just peaking over the horizon setting the sky aglow with colors of yellow, orange, and pink.

Captain Teague was at the wheel directing the magnificent ship west, toward India. The lady was full of silk that they plundered in the South China Sea, and he planned to trade it for spices, which would go to the Americas in exchange for gold.

"Everything seems to be going along smoothly so far," Teague thought out loud. This would only mean that soon things would take a turn for the worse. Things never seemed to stay good for the captain of the Misty Lady.

"Captain Teague," the first mate started, "We'll be in India this time tomorrow."

"Thank you Mr. Stroff that will be all," Teague replied. He figured that in the morning he could unload and trade the silk and collect the spices and then when night time arrives he'll hit the taverns.

The next afternoon after the silk and spices got unloaded and collected Teague walked the streets of the small but busy port and things had indeed turned for the worst. His crew went off into the port hours before him and the people he made the trade with already left so he was on his own. But that wasn't the problem. The problem was far worse. He couldn't get any rum!

Sure there were plenty of taverns (at least he thought they were taverns) but none of them spoke English! So now he was stuck wandering the streets looking for somewhere, anywhere really that spoke his language.

"I can speak English, Spanish, and French. Figures that not even one of them come in handy here," Teague muttered mad that he wasn't able to get any rum.

Then he ran into a two-story building with a balcony on the second floor. There was a big sign that said something he couldn't understand but then underneath it was a smaller sign that said "Oceanview Restaurant." It wasn't a tavern and he doubted that they had rum or salty wenches, but hey at least he could order something. He walked in the restaurant not knowing that he would meet a woman that would change his life forever.

I know this chapter was boring but things will be better in the next chapter with Jack's mum. Btw I'm aware that Mr. Stroff is a weird name but I couldn't think of anything else. I think I need to work on getting more people to talk and I'm not sure if they had restaurants back then either. What do you guys think? PLEASE REVIEW!