Disclamer: I own nothing! And I curse that fact to hell! In a handbasket!

This is what would happen if I could jump in and out of my television at random:

Kakashi, Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke were just leaving Tazuna's village, Naruto strongly trying not to cry. And failing. Suddenly, out of the crowd waving good bye, a small girl with long light-brownhair and light brown eyes came running up to them. She didn't look like she came from the village as she wasn't wearing the same style of clothes. As a matter of fact she was wearing a long sleeved gray shirt that said; 'For a minute there... you bored me to death' with a shiny silver heartbeat line above it that was flat in the center. She was also wearing pants that had chains running down the sides. She stopped and caught her breath, the three genin and jonin staring at her. She looked up and frowned at them. Actually, she frowned at Sasuke. It was obviously directed at him since a moment later, she slapped him across the face.

"Damn you, Sasuke Uchiha! Damn you and all your sexiness!" she shouted

Then -poof- she was gone.

Sakura was frantically checking Sasuke's cheek while Naruto turned to Sasuke and gave him a sly look.

"Sasuke, I never knew! You dog!"

There was a resounding smack and Naruto's face hit the bridge. Hard.


Koneko: Ta-da! This just randomly poped into my head as I walked the dog on day!

Kitsune: Yeah... I told you she was crazy...

Koneko: You're so mean to me!