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This is what would happen if I could jump in and out of my television at random3:

Edward and Alphonse Elric were walking through Central, minding there own buisness, when suddenly someone shouted from above.

"Hey! Are you the Fullmetal Alchemist?!"

The brothers looked up and saw a girl with long, light brown hair, which fell around her face as she looked down at them from her positon on a roof.

"Yeah! What's it to ya?!" Edward answered

"Seriously?!" Her tone suggested that she didn't believe him at all, "But yer sooooooo short!"

Ed immediatly responded, "Who are you calling shorter then a freaking hobbit?!" he yelled at her, barely restrained by Al.

"Not my exact words, but they get the point across." She taunted with a smirk

"Grrr! Why don't you come down here and say that to my face!"

She looked taken aback for a moment before she grinned again, "What a wonderful idea!" she then proceeded to jump down from the roof. She landed lightly, if not cat-like, on a stack of crates, then jumped down from them gracefully, landing in a crouched position right in front of Ed. She then stood up quickly, getting right in his face, and said; "Shorty."

Ed lunged at her, but she dodged skillfully and he was quickly re-restrained by Al. It was only when Ed calmed down slightly that he noticed something. This girl that was insulting his height, or lack there of, was shorter then him! He stared at her in shock.

"Ah! So you finally figured it out, eh?" she said smiling, "Well don't get used to it. You won't find another nineteen year old shorter then you~" she giggled as she turned and ran away.

The brothers watched her go, still frozen in shock. When they recovered, they scoured all of Central looking for her, but she was never to be found.


Koneko: Check out my randomness! :D

Kitsune: You only thought of this because you learned that you were actually shorter then Edward Elric.

Koneko: You're so mean to me! TT~TT