Well I was bored last night and this 'idea' or 'plot bunny' what ever its called, kind of struck me while I was trying to sleep, because I think of the transformers as I'm trying to sleep O.o (as ya do) so it just goes to show that I'm a transformers fanatic if you haven't read "100 ways to know that you're a transformers fanatic." I suggest you do because it's great lol. So anyway I couldn't get it off my mind until I had written up this chapter and part of the next on my ever faithful old laptop. Then at about four AM this morning I finally fell asleep. So basically this is just something I've decided to post and see how it works out.

"Come on Sunny! Just this last one, please?"


"Why not?" The red twin whined, optics pleading with his yellow twin to change his mind, but the returned look showed that the mech was not going to give in.

"Because, if you have already forgotten, you slag head, we just got out of the brig for your last prank." He growled turning back to his video game.

Sideswipe sighed dramatically and stood from the couch.

"Well then I'm going to go check out that new thingy that Wheeljack wanted to show every one."

"What ever."

It was a real bummer when your own twin didn't want to hang with you, because if Sunstreaker didn't want to hang with him then no one did.

Now he was stuck with dorky stuff the resident engineer had invented. It probably wasn't the fact that it was a great invention, but the fact that he had actually made something that didn't blow up in his face.

With one last sigh he entered the lab and sat in the far corner. Not many bots had shown up, only the nerds, like Preceptor and First Aid, and the ones who had to see if the invention was worth keeping or not, like Red Alert and Prowl.

They all turned and looked questionably at the red mech, he was the last bot they had expected to walk through the door.

Wheeljack even looked at him and quirked an optic ridge, (one of the few mechs on base who had the capability of facial expressions) though his explanation didn't falter. What was it? Was he not intelligent enough to be in there? He thought amused as he took a seat next to Bumblebee.

The young mech had come along way since the last he had seen him, Sideswipe had heard of the mission city battle and eyed the recently welded wounds on the scouts legs. He had a lot of respect for the yellow mech.

"… and when I pull this lever it should…" As soon as the lever was down the machine screeched loudly and started vibrating. The last thing Sideswipe saw was a blinding white light before pain ripped through his chest, sending him to the ground.

Sunstreaker was violently ripped from his video game when a pain tore through his chest. It throbbed spasmodically for a few astroseconds, then disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. For a brief moment he stood shocked, trying to comprehend what had just happened.

His optics widened suddenly as he realised that it had been emitted through the bond he shared with his twin.


Bluestreak was sent careering out of the yellow twins path as he barrelled out of his door and down the wide passage way to the lab, instinct guiding the way. The lab was worse for wear when Sunstreaker finally threw himself into the room. Boxes and tubes of primus only knows what, lay strewn about on the floor. It took all of three seconds to spot his twin amongst the debris and run to him.

"Sides?" he asked, gently shaking his shoulders, completely oblivious to the crowd gathered around him until Ratchet pushed him out of the way.

"Optimus, Sideswipe suffered the same effect." Ratchet shouted over his shoulder, a trace of disbelief and shock evident in his voice, this put Sunstreaker on edge.

"What do you mean suffered the same?!" he shouted indicating to his twin. "What's wrong wi…" He trailed off after looking down upon his 'brother' again.

Ratchet watched as the assassins optics flickered a few times before they offline and the yellow mech crashed to the floor like a slab of cement.

Sideswipe slowly activated his optics. Something felt funny, he didn't know what, there was just something off in his chest area. Groaning, the twin pushed himself up and rested on his elbows 'Must be the sedative.' The red bot gasped and sat up, why was he in the med bay? After a bit of thinking, a rare concept for the poor bot, he remembered, 'Fancy that, Wheeljacks experiment exploded.' He thought bitterly squinting around what looked like the main room of the med bay. Prowl lay beside him, there was definitely something different about him too, though through blurry optics he couldn't quite make out what.

"Sides! Your awake!" The red twin was startled out of his musings when his brother spoke from behind him. He spun around and discovered him sitting beside his bed, the look in his optics told him that something was definitely up. Waves of unease flooded their bond.

"Sunny what happened?" Sideswipe jumped again, "What the frag happened to my voice?!" He shouted sitting up in alarm, that, he decided, definitely was not good.

It was so high pitched and squeaky.

"Side's, uh…. Something happened when Wheeljacks invention exploded." He started, trying to put it in the most simplest form.

"Just tell me bro." He sighed rubbing his optics, he thought he would be able to handle anything his twin was going to say.

"Bro you're a sis."

Sideswipe just looked at him stupidly "What the frag is that supposed to mean?" He asked, CPU not functioning to well at the moment.

"You're a femme Sides."

"Sunny, are you going to tell me what's wrong or are you going to joke around? Cause if you are just go away." She, yes she, growled looking around for Ratchet or First Aid.

"Sides, I'm serious, you're a femme…" Sunstreaker started again but was cut off.

"Sunny stop! Its not funny." She growled, glaring daggers at the yellow mech.

"Side's, for frag sake I'm telling you! You're a femme! Just look down at your self you malfunction!" He shouted indicating to his, until now, brothers body.

Sideswipe glanced down, her optics widened.

Instead of boxy mech legs there were a small rounded pair of thighs, scrawny ankle and knee joints with sleek calves. Her feet weren't even the same! Instead of three fanned out balanced 'toes' she had small heels and flat, angled balancers.

She looked to her brother in bewilderment, "…The slag?" she whispered in complete and udder non-belief.

"You weren't the only one, everyone else in the lab at the time turned out the same." He stated gesturing to the rest of the room. The newly turned femme slowly followed his gaze and gasped.

A strangled sort of noise emitted from her vocals, this was all too much to take in at once. One moment she's a he and the next she's a she.

"Don't worry Sides as soon as Wheeljack wakes up he… I mean she will fix this and it will all be back to normal." The yellow bot offered as comfort, though it did little more then make her anxious.

"Well when is he going to wake up?" she asked swinging her legs over the side of the recharge berth and shakily getting to her feet. "Where's a mirror?"

"Over in the corner." he pointed. On the inside he swore and cursed, his new sister was a stunner. Part of him smirked and part of him was angry and frustrated, mechs are going to be eyeing off his recent brother! No body really knows how weird that is.

"Well at least I'm a sight for sore eyes." she smirked rubbing a hand down her side while turning to get a view from all angles.

"Yes Sideswipe you're a sight to behold," a deep, smooth voice came from behind "now stop admiring yourself and get the frag back on the berth, you don't even know how to work that body yet!" Deep and smooth turned to rough and grouchy in an astrosecond.

The twins turned to face the green/yellow medic who was currently walking toward them.

The newly turned femme smirked at the non-intended compliment and strutted back over to the med table.

"Now since you're the first one online I would like you to tell me everything that happened." Ratchet ordered taking a seat next to the red femme.

Sideswipe took a deep breath and began to relate the story to the CMO, "Well, there's not much to tell, but, I was bored so I went into the lab to watch Wheeljacks achievement speech thingy. He pulled this lever then 'boom'." she said, making the explosion movement with her hands.

The medic 'hmmd' and stood to walk away. Before he could turn fully Sunstreaker grabbed him by the arm.

"This is fixable isn't it?" He asked in a deadly tone . "Because some one will pay if it isn't." He growled sending a pointed glare in the recharging Wheeljacks direction.

"You will do no such thing. If this isn't fixable, which is a high chance, it was still and accident, there may be a small punishment appointed, but not by you." the medic replied with an equally dangerous growl.

The tension in the room built as the two mechs glared at each other for a long moment before being interrupted by a soft groan.

"What the frag?!" A feminine voice rang out around the med bay, Bee had woken and seen her reflection in the metal cabinet door beside her berth.

Ratchet made his way over to the femme and began explaining everything while trying to calm her.

Optimus sighed and rubbed his optics, trying to think of a way to deal with seven mechs turned femme. Ratchet had commed him and politely told him to 'Get your fagging aft down here!'

A straggled cry emitted from down the hall had the leader and the ever present Jazz jogging the rest of the way.

The sight that greeted them as they barged through the doors left them speechless.

It looked like the med bay had been through a tornado. Femmes ran around like headless cyber-chickens while Ratchet and a femme that could only be First Aid tried to calm them. Red Alert was jumping away, screaming about being in a dream, Bee sat hunched in a corner mumbling to herself, Prowl was sitting up in her berth in a stunned daze, Preceptor and wheeljack were slowly onlining at the commotion and the twins looked on from the far end of the room in amusement.

It took all of three seconds for Optimus to regain his composure.

"Enough!" The leader bellowed. Everyone but Red Alert stopped and faced him, The security bot made a break for the door leading to Wheeljacks lab.

With super fast assassin reflexes, Sunstreaker threw his leg in her path. Red Alert fell flat on her face and groaned in pain.

"Good job bro."

"Why thank you sis."

Sideswipe growled and slugged him in the arm.

"Wow! Is it just me or did you get weaker!" He smirked, squeezing her upper arm and continued to taunt her until Optimus interrupted them.

"Quiet!" he boomed before turning to Wheeljack, who was still looking around dopily and motioned for her to follow him. They disappeared out the main door into the waiting room.

It was then Ironhide decided to show up bursting through the doors and limping over to one of the berths while cursing the whole way. The mech was completely oblivious to the fact that the med bay was full of femmes until he realised that the berth he was heading to was already occupied and looked around to find an empty one. Stopping dead in his tracks, the black weapons specialist looked around with wide optics before they settled on Ratchet.

"Why are there so many femmes?" he asked bluntly, looking towards Sunstreaker and the red femme he was seated next to. Ratchet swore he could see the gears shifting until he gasped and squinted at the femme.

"Sideswipe?" he asked incredulously looking around at all the femmes in a new light and recognising them all. The femme growled when the large mech pointed at her and laughed.

"And he gets it." The medic rolled his optics sarcastically and clapped.

"I don't know!" Wheeljack cried as she was questioned about the accident. "The machine was supposed to filter Earths raw energy into energon quickly and efficiently."

Optimus sighed and covered his faceplates, "Is there anyway to turn them back?" he asked hopefully, peaking out between two spread fingers.

"Im not sure but I'll do my best." she answered getting up and heading back into the med bay, intent on passing straight through to her lab. Before the doors slid closed behind her, Prime caught sight of Red alert sitting on a metal chair that had been dragged to the middle of the room and Sunstreaker circling her and wrapping her in duct tape. The femme just looked around with pleading optics as it restricted her movements before the door swished shut.

The young leader just shook his head and stood, tempted to just go back to his quarters and recharge. That is until Red Alert exploded through the doorway, still wrapped in tape and attempted to hop down the hall as quick as she could, the chair stuck to her aft only made it harder and Sunstreaker, who had burst through the doors shortly after her was already catching up. Optimus quietly tried to sneak through a different door and take the long way back to his quarters, but something clung to his waist. Small yellow arms quivered and the small form of Bumblebee, who only came up to his waist, looked up.

"Optimus, help me."

Yeah so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this, but I rather enjoyed righting it so I'll most likely continue it.

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